All about Yekaterinburg ‘s sights in Russia

Yekaterinburg is a city in central Russia and is the administrative center of the Sverdlovsk Oblast. It is located on the eastern side of the Ural Mountains by the Izet River and there are several lakes on the outskirts of the city.

Yekaterinburg  in Russia

This city is located 1667 kilometers east of Moscow. The city is surrounded by plains covered with trees, which mainly used for agriculture.

Yekaterinburg  in Russia

Yekaterinburg is the natural border between Asia and Europe at the intersection of two continents. In addition, the geographical location of the city determines its political, economic and cultural characteristics.

Tourist attractions


Theater center

In Yekaterinburg you will see one of Russia’s oldest theaters. The theater center has nearly 40 professional exhibitions. Many of them have gained not only local but also international successes and are therefore well-known throughout Russia.

This theater and ballet center was opened in 1912. We have to call it one of Russia’s most famous theaters right now and people’s attention is drawn to it as well.

Yekaterinburg  in Russia

We must consider the greatest legends of Russian opera as the product of this theater center. Legends like Ivan Kozlowski, Sergei Lamesh Ho, Irina Arkifova, Irina Arkifova and more.

In addition, numerous music and art festival, are held at the theater center. Until now, many Russian or other international singers from other countries have gone on stage to sing their songs.


Nature of Yekaterinburg

one of the most beautiful attractions in the Ural area is its extraordinary nature. There are many exciting places near Yekaterinburg. Crystal clear lake is one of the obvious examples.

Yekaterinburg  in Russia

The Ural River is ideal for canoeing, with diverse local landscapes including rocks, taiga forests and caves that surprise even the most experienced of tourists. Hiking and cycling are very common in the area and are a popular tourist attraction.


Church on the blood

The Bloody Church, originally named Al Saints Church, is located at the site of the execution of the last Russian Tsar Nicolas II. There is a special reason for naming this church.

In addition to the tsar’s execution, there were other killings alongside it. Alongside the church, the king’s wife, five children and their servants were also killed.

Yekaterinburg  in Russia

For this reason it is known as the “Bloody Church”. This church is very important in the city. A commemoration event is held every year for its victims. In addition, Christians in Yekaterinburg also have commuting to the bloody church.


Victory Park

Victory Park is a large, weather-friendly forest park in central Yekaterinburg. As you enter the park, you will find some interesting amenities.

Yekaterinburg  in Russia

You will be given the key to a private lawn mower. You will also receive a disposable tablecloth and garbage bag. That’s why you won’t find a trash can anywhere in Victory Park. You can stroll around the park and enjoy the lush or lakeside atmosphere. If the weather is good enough, you will also be able to bike.

Beach volleyball is also one of the recreations that visitors to the Victory Park are pursuing here. If the weather is cold and snowy, you can ski in Victory Park.


Kirillov’s House

To see this amazing house, you have to go to a village called Kunara. This house has a strange appearance, as if it came from the heart of myths.

This house was built by Sergei Kirillov. He was a blacksmith who had learned his craft himself. It’s interesting to know that building this house has taken almost 15 years.

Yekaterinburg  in Russia

When you look at the house, you will find the orthodox architecture pattern. The use of blue painting, sculptures, paintings, etc. in the house design, makes it unique.


The mafia Cemetery

The Mafia Cemetery is the fourth largest cemetery in Yekaterinburg. But in terms of importance and fame, we should consider it the first in the city.

In this cemetery you can go to the grave of World War II victims. In addition, all the famous Ural area criminals are buried here. Another section of the Mafia cemetery is dedicated to the burial place of the city’s great artists and scientists.
The cemetery was opened in 1940 and is located on 46 acres of land.



Plotinka is one of the most historic monuments in all of Russia. One side of the building, you will find a river flowing, and on the other side of that, the city continues.

At any time of the year when you come to Plotinka, you’ll find some visitors here, and selfies never stop. Especially in warm season, boating is a boom here.

As well as feeding the ducks along the river, that will be incredibly sweet and attractive. In addition, if you come to Plotinka during holidays, food and music festivals are usually held there.

Other tourist attractions of the city are Ural Mineralogy Museum, Yekaterinburg’s Arboretum, Monestary Ganina Yama, Dendrological Park on Vosmogo Marta Street, Mayakovsky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Kharitonov Garden, Dendrological Exhibition Park on Pervomaskaya, etc.


The malls in Yekaterinburg

The best malls of the city are Komso Mall, Greenwich, Mega Mall, Fan Fan Mall, Yekaterininsky and etc. the best souvenirs you can buy from this city including stone products, Lucky boxes, beautiful pottery and ceramics, Khukloma (Painting on wood), Russian fur hats, etc.

Festivals of Yekaterinburg

The most famous festivals of the city are Holi festival of colours, Old New Rock festival, Barbecue festival, Stenograffia Street Art and Graffiti festival, Gastronom food festival, ural industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, Kolyada Plays festival of Modern Drama, etc.

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