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Full introduction of 8 Verona’s tourist attractions, Italy

In the Veneto part of Italy, there is a city called Verona, which is interpreted as the land of love in the world, believed to belong to Romeo and Juliet, two lovable and enchanted personalities whose mythological love is famous all around the world.

About Verona

Thanks to the Shakespeare’s poems about the pure love and affection of these two lovers, it is known as capital of love in the world.


Verona is located 80 Km from Venice and the Adriatic Sea. This city connects Central Europe to the Italian territory. In other words, this beautiful city is located in the vicinity of the “Adige” River and in the northern part of Italy, thus connecting Central Europe to Italy.


We may not be able to compare the city of Verona in terms of visual attraction and enthusiasm for travel with cities such as Rome, Venice and Milan, but because of its different attractions, it encourages many tourists to visit annually.

According to history, about 89 years BC, ancient Rome occupied the city. That is why it was considered one of the most important cities at the time, and today we see prominent historical monuments such as the Roman Amphitheater here.


Tourist attractions

Piazza delle Erbe in Verona

In short, this field is called Erbe Square. The scenery of the square, surrounded by ancient and long-standing buildings and large parasols to shield the sun, is one of the city’s tourist attractions.

A statue of Saint Mary is located among the fountain in the northern part of the city and its construction dates back to 1368 AD. On Saturdays and Sundays, here converted to a mall welcomes people who want to buy variety of fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables, because these days this square plays a full market.

Various beautiful sites such as the Metzanti House, the Lamberti Tower and the Palazzo Maffei can be found around the square, giving the attraction a hundred more.

Piazza delle Erbe in Verona

There are many allegories and statues in the area of ​​the gods of Greek myths, sculptures of Venus, Jupiter, and Apollo that have given the area great prominence due to its magnificence.


Piazza dei Signori square in Verona

A statue of the famous Italian poet Dante can be clearly seen in the center of the square. When the poet was expelled from Florence, he moved to Verona, and that is probably why we see the statue in the middle of the square.

Piazza dei Signori square

Lots of magnificent monuments can be seen around the square, some of which are traces of Renaissance-style architecture, such as the “Loggia del Consiglio” that has greatly enhanced the square.

Numerous ancient monuments and structures can be seen in the square and these places are interconnected by archways.


Romeo House and Juliet House in Verona

The house of Romeo and Juliet may be the reason for Verona’s reputation. There is a bronze statue of Juliet on the terrace of this house. The interesting thing about the house is that people consider Juliet’s personality to be a real, tangible one, so much that they continue writing to her.

Romeo House and Juliet House

Of course, the homeowner has assigned a team to respond to these letters. Romeo’s house is located near Juliet’s house, which has attracted many romantic and art-loving tourists to these beautiful homes.


Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore

This basilica is one of the most prominent examples of Romanesque architecture. Historians attribute this precious monument to around the year 12 AD and painting on the wall of the church dates back to 13th to 15th centuries.

Verona in Italy

The Italians also have a legend about this church, and that the waters of the Adige River are flowing and eventually stop behind the doors of the church.


Santa Maria Antica & Scaliger Tombs

In the 13th and 14th centuries, the Scaliger dynasty was the ruler of the city and lived in the church of Santa Maria Antica, which was built in 12th century.

Santa Maria Antica & Scaliger Tombs

The armored kinds have a statue at the tip of the tombs that looks magnificent. Also at the top of the main door of the church, you can see a statue of these horse men riding on horseback with their coffins and giving the environment beauty and grandeur.


Castel Vecchio in Verona

The Castel of Vecchio was built on the orders of the Scaliger family. They built the structure as a shelter in the event of a riot and to protect their family members.

Their escape line was also provided by a bridge called the Scaliger Bridge, which clings to the castle of Vecchio, would take them from the castle to an area out of the city in order to make their escape plan easier and faster.


Castel Vecchio

Over the tall towers of this historic castle you can easily see the city of Verona and its bridges and hills. The castle’s interior was designed with Carlo Sparka’s overwhelming taste to prevent the slightest damage to the historical elegance and cohesion of its various components.

The castle has two main sections: a parade ground and a large courtyard overlooking the right of Vecchio Castle. An aristocratic monument to the Scaliger family, built on the left, where aristocrats and kings lived. Here you can find sculptures, engravings and paintings of Tintoretto and Bisano. Of course some of the art paintings are in the Castle Museum which will amaze every viewer.


Roman amphitheater

This amphitheater is located in Piazza Bra.And in ancient times it was the site of gladiatorial struggles. Gladiators have repeatedly fought each other in this amphitheater and come out of the field bloody.

Too many humans were prey to predatory animals here and have been a source of entertainment for kings.

Roman amphitheater

This is one of the biggest Roman amphitheaters in the world. This amphitheater has 44 rows of chair with 22.000 seats. The famous Opera Festival will take place in July and August each year.


Giardino Giusti

This is a beautiful and impressive garden who has a different style gardening. Trees are arranged together in a special order and have similar shapes. Everything in this garden is incredibly quiet, clean, and well-equipped.

Everywhere you can see lush plants and scarce flowers that will awaken the spirit of life in you. In particular, the entrance to the garden and its delicate stone columns are impressive.

Giardino Giusti

The use of cheerful colors in this city, make it looks warm and vibrant. In addition to rural alleys and monuments, this city also boasts luxurious buildings and its stylish and elegant hotels host a significant number of tourists each year who want to see the city of Love.

Italian cuisine is prevalent in the city, but we recommend to eat and to taste local dairy which will be great.

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