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What do they know about Turin in Italy? (weather, tourism …)

It is in northwestern Italy and the center of the province of Piedmont. The city of Turin, Italy, is located by the river Po.

About Turin

The Po River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. You will see a beautiful park on the banks of the Po River in Turin. The squirrels climbing the oak trees in this park, can clearly be seen.


It is interesting to note that Turin was the first capital of Italy between the years 1861 and 1865. Turin is a major cultural and economic center with strong financial flows. Indeed, although it is less well known, a significant part of the Italian economy depends on its production and trade.

Fiat’s huge automobile factories are a major industrial symbol of the city. Turin has many tourist attractions and one of them is Italy’s most famous chocolate factories.

Like many others, you may know this city by Juventus, one of the most prominent and popular football teams in the world.


But this beautiful city has many other elements and attractions that are really worth a visit and you should keep in mind when traveling to Turin.
The streets, shops, cafes and restaurants of Turin are all Mediterranean-like in other parts of Italy, but you can experience the Mediterranean air with the breeze of the Alps.



Turin is a city that can accommodate you in all seasons. You can enjoy Italian espresso or hot chocolates during the cold winter, while the town welcomes you in the hot summer with famous Italian ice cream.


Tourist attractions of turin


Turin Museum of Egyptology

Here is a collection of the best antiquities of Egyptian civilization. Some of the artifacts in the museum are the result of many years of excavations by Italian archaeologists. This multi-year effort has resulted in the creation of a very valuable collection of mummies, sculptures, dishes, photographs and other valuable Egyptian artifacts.

Turin Museum of Egyptology

The museum is actually the second largest museum of Egyptology in the world, and was opened in 1824. Descriptions of the museum’s works are in both Italian and English.

During the occupation of Egypt, Bernardino Drovetti collected more than 8000 statues, mummies, coffins, papyrus writings, jewels, and various spells. Carlo Felice bought the collection in 1824, and this was the starting point for the Turin Museum of Ethnology.

The museum is one of the most important collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts outside Egypt. The museum displays ancient Egyptian history and civilization.


La Mole Antonelliana in turin

The symbol of the city is a sharp dome and a large cone with several columns, which is actually the tallest building in the region and one of the strangest of them.
It was first a synagogue, but many changes took place, eventually becoming the National Museum of Film and dedicated to the history of film.

La Mole Antonelliana

Inside this large building is a sea of ​​red chairs for viewers to sit on and watch a movie. In the hall of the building, there are various films, and in the middle, there is an elevator that takes visitors upstairs.

On the upper floors you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the Po River, and if you are lucky and the weather is clear, you can also watch the Alps.


Galleria Sabauda

This museum / gallery houses a unique collection of paintings by European masters.

Galleria Sabauda

Some of the artists whose works are in the museum: Jan van Eyck, Botticelli, Tiepolo, Giovanni Bellini, Titian, Tintoretto, and Pieter Paul Rubens.


Palazzo Madama

Here is a large palace located on the main square of the city. Its name comes from two royal ladies who lived in the building.

The building is unusual in appearance and combines ancient Roman gates with medieval architecture and Baroque style in its architecture.

Palazzo Madama

The palace was used as a guest house for some time, but in 1637, a Frenchman named Christine Marie, who represented the Duke of Charles II, chose the palace as his residence.

Since then, many repairs and changes have been made to the house. At present no one lives in this palace and it is used as a civil museum of ancient art.

On the upper floors of the building are valuable statues, paintings and tiles. For example, the painting “Anonymous Man Portrait” by fifteen-century painter, Antonella da Messina is in the building.


Duomo in San Giovanni

The main church of Turin, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, was built in the late fifteenth century alongside an ancient Roman theater.

This building is actually the only monument left from the Renaissance. But the main reason for its popularity is due to the famous work of “Shroud of Turin”.

Duomo in San Giovanni

This linen cloth is said to contain the body of Christ. The shrine is presently housed inside the church but rarely exhibited. Of course, a replica of this shrine is kept in the Shrine Museum where you can visit and read about its history and scientific research.


Palazzo Reale in turin

Near Palazzo Madama, there is a castle that was once home to the nobility, such as the first king of united Italy, Victor Emmanuel II.

Palazzo Reale

Every half hour a tourist tour takes a group of tourists into the building to visit its beautiful interior decoration and design. There is an exceptional atmosphere here and you will understand part of Italian history.


Walking areas

One of Turin’s best and most popular attractions is hiking in the city. In this city, there are kilometers of sidewalks with open arches, which are generally roofed.

Along the way there are various shops that you can watch while hiking or spending time in the cafes here.


Car Museum

because of Fiat, a global automotive giant based in Turin, it is natural for a museum to be located in the city.

Car Museum

Although not located in downtown Turin, the museum is easy to access and definitely worth a visit. Visiting this exhibition / museum will be interesting for any age.

University of Turin

The University of Turin has been the center of rising great scientists. Most of them have a sculpture on campus and you may have the chance to see them.

University of Turin

Traveling to Turin, you will travel to one of Europe’s historic cities with a wealth of continental history and civilization.

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