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What are the tourist attractions in Turin in Italy ?

In the north of Italy there is a city called Turin. This city streets and architecture resembles Paris and Vienna, but it has unique features you never find them somewhere else. the city is located on northwestern of Italy near the French borders, that’s because it has some French characteristics.

About Turin

Turin was founded on the bank of Po river. Alpine mountains are also visible from the city. All you want to explore in a new city exist in Turin. Turin is a city of art and culture, same as many other cities in Italy. It is also developed in industry and technology as well.

About Turin

Turin is the city of natural beauties featured with art and history. Everyone enjoy visiting Turin, because it’s a package of all tourist attractions. the city has been a city for palaces and luxury houses for a long time.

Since World War II, most of these houses changed to the factories. Turin has a big difference with the other cities in Italy.

Turin is the only city in Italy which is famous for its fine chocolate and spectacular coffee shops. This city is also a home for the important brand in the car industry which is Fiat.

Fiat is so powerful in producing sport cars. The weather is great in the Turin, because of the river in the middle and Alpine mountains around it. Rainfall is fairly good. Temperature rarely goes higher than 25 degrees of Celsius.


History of the Turin

The city was first established in the 3rd century BC on the hills near the Po river.  At that time Turin was a village. In 11th century Roman established a city which has been civilized. 14th century was the starting point for Turin’s economic growth.  During the 16th century Turin was an important city in the region. Most of the landmarks and architectural masterpieces in Turin built in the 16th century.

Turin in Italy

In 17th century, the city became a political center in Italy. In 19th century, Turin was the starting point for some political movements against the church and pop to reform people’s social and political situation. Turin has one of the oldest universities in the world. The oldest university in Turin is the university of Turin which was constructed in 15th century.


Cuisine and Culinary in Turin

Turin is also called the gastronomic capital of Italy. Lot of delicious food are cooked in the famous restaurants in the city. You can find a wide ranges of food from appetizers to desserts in the menus of the restaurants all over the city.


Tourist attractions in Turin

In the recent years, the city has been changed to a popular tourist destination. Turin was the best tourist destination in 2019 up to now.


Mole Antonelliana

This tall tower is the symbol of Turin. It is located in the heart of the city at the Turin’s skyline.


From the top of this building, a panoramic view of the city and Alpines mountains is appeared. This religious structure was built in 19th century as a place to pray God for non-Catholics, but today it is used at the Italian National Museum of Cinema.


Egyptian Museum Turin

One of the best sights in Turin is Egyptian Museum Turin, which attracts so many tourists each year. There is one of the biggest collections of Egypt history in this museum that you shouldn’t miss them. There are many statues and mummies from the Egyptian kings here. As a tourist, you can learn a lot of things about the ancient civilizations.

Turin in Italy

The museum was established in 19th century after some excavations in Egypt. Today, there are more than 6000 items from ancient Egypt in the museum.


Porta Palatina

This amazing gate was built in 1st century and it remains from those days. This is the only city entrance which has been remained from the Roman era.

Porta Palatina

This gate is made of bricks and it has a polygonal tower. Some parts of the gate are covered by the Royal palace building.


Risorgimento Museum

This place was used as the Parliament house around 1861 to 1864. In 1861, independence of Italy government was announced.

Risorgimento Museum is now a museum which shows the history of Italian movements very well. Turin has had an important role in the movements those days. This museum is the largest of its kind and it’s organized very well.

history of Italy

In the tour you can facilitate of the exhibitions, films, and audio of the movement. It’s one of the most completed stories you’ve ever heard about the history of Italy.


Parco Del Valentino

This park is located on the river side. People can enjoy walking on the beautiful path along the river and watching the historical and artistic buildings in the region.

Turin is a mixture of natural beauties, history, and art that everyone can enjoy. This park has also Castello Del Valentino, which is one of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE in Turin.


Santuario Basilica La Consolata

This amazing church was built in 17th century. The architecture has been inspired by the Baroque and Italian Rococo style.

Among all the architectural masterpieces in Turin, this beautiful church shines as the diamond in the heart of the city. The building was made of silver, marble, and gilt.

Santuario Basilica La Consolata

Every June, people have a parade in front of the church showing respect to those who protected the church and city. There is a huge wall in the church that is full of spectacular drawings. The pictures were drawn by the people.


San Lorenzo

Outside of the church San Lorenzo is not so amazing, but please don’t judge it by its appearance. Come into the church, then you can see an incredible world you’ve never seen anywhere.

The architecture of this 17th century church was inspired by Baroque style.

San Lorenzo

This church has round roof. If you stand in the middle of it, the light that comes through the colorful windows changes the place to the kaleidoscope.


The historic coffee houses

When we talk of Turin, chocolate comes to our mind unconsciously. As it was said before, the city has fine chocolate. Different products are made of this chocolate that you should try them in the historic coffee houses in Turin.

The historic coffee houses in turin

There are also various kinds of coffee served in these coffee shops. Drinking a cup of coffee with a piece of fine chocolate in these iconic cafés takes you through the past centuries in Turin and Italy.


Palazzo Reale

This old palace was built in 17th century to be the house for Royalties. Today, the place is used as a museum to show the history of Italy. There are great collections of items in the museum.

Palazzo Reale

It takes several hours to discover all parts of this valuable historic treasure. If you come to Turin, it’s a must for you to visit this place.

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