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Tripoli is the largest city in Lebanon and one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The city, with a population of 200,000, is located in the northeast of the country, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. follow us for Tripoli sights and tourism attractions.

Tripoli sights

Due to its tourism features, this city is one of the most important tourist destinations in Lebanon. The city is very old and dates back to the 14th century, the first signs of human civilization.


Achaemenids, Romans, Seljuks, and Ottomans ruled the region, and archeological and historical artifacts from each period have survived. Follow us to find more about Tripoli sights here.

Tripoli al- jadeed bathroom

The Damascus bathhouse was donated to the city by the ruler of Damascus in July of this year and he did not receive any expenses for it, and this building has been one of the sights of Tripoli for many years.

Tripoli al- jadeed bathroom

Contrary to its name, Al-Jadeed Bath, which is also very old, was used until the 8th century AD and was considered one of the best and at the same time the largest baths in the city. This bath is very valuable historically and architecturally, and we suggest you visit it.

Tripoli sea sides, one of the best Tripoli sights

Enjoy the beach along with a hot drink and by the beach there are even comfortable chairs and tables. The old alleys of both Christian and Muslim neighborhoods, architecture, bright colors, are open to the public.

Tripoli sea sides

Restaurants in Tripoli, which include small seafood restaurants, which makes them preferable to large glamorous restaurants with fancy menus in the city. The public beaches of Tripoli are all protected and you can enjoy them safely.

Palm island nature

You probably remember the Palm Islands in Dubai right now. But Lebanese palm awards are also one of the natural and beautiful places in Tripoli that you must see.

Palm island nature

The consists of three uninhabited Mediterranean islands and 500m of surrounding sea. This marine ecosystem is of global significance, because it is one of the few remaining breeding grounds for the endangered  Turtle. The Islands are a resting place for 156 species of migratory bird.

The Islands are rich in beach flora and medicinal plants and their costal waters have an abundance of fish, sea sponges and other sea life.

Clock tower, one of the Tripoli sights

The Clock Tower is located in the center of Tripoli and is the center of all your travels. If you are in the Saheb Atal Grand Square in the Clock Tower, you will find restaurants and shops large and small, handicrafts, vendors selling instant food, taxis.

Clock tower

You have access to the old neighborhood of Tripoli in the eastern part of the square and the modern and modern part of the city in the western part of the square. In the same neighborhood, Fawad Chahab Street is full of new shops and restaurants that thrive every year and are one of the attractions of Tripoli.

Taynal mosque

More than 80 percent of Tripoli’s population is Muslim, so it’s unlikely that it will be one of the most beautiful mosques in Asia. Taynal Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Lebanon, located in the southern part of Tripoli.

Taynal mosque

The Taynal  Mosque was built in 736 AH on the ruins of a church. Because of its beautiful design and architecture, this mosque attracts many Muslims. One of the features of this mosque is that two people can go up and down inside its minaret at the same time. The mosque has four domes of different sizes.

Rachid Karami International Fair Center, one of the Tripoli sights

The Rachid Karami International Fair Center is a modern architectural marvel. The glass-walled building features an expanse of gardens around its perimeter, all waiting for you to explore.

There are various buildings strewn across the greenery, from a curiously fashioned hollow dome that works like an amphitheater to an arch that opens to a concert stage. this is one of the five biggest fairs in the world. it has been built just before the lebanese war started and was never finished.

however one could still see the amazing vision of the architect Oscar. you can easily spend 3 hours here visiting and exploring and taking amazing pics. The place to enjoy!


There are three festivals in Tripoli that are very popular and tourists coordinate their travels with these festivals. The Tripoli International Festival, held in September. In this happy festival, you will be lost in music, dance and happiness.


The Tripoli Film Festival is also a festival held every year in April and May. Most local films are seen and critiqued at the festival.

The Tripoli Film Festival

The Zambo Festival is a local festival where people in black wear black clothes and walk the streets. It may seem scary to you, but it’s very important to the locals.

The Zambo Festival

Lebanon is a unique country. And the city of Tripoli, with its natural beauty, history and delicious food, encourages everyone. Just remember not to go to the Libyan Tripoli instead of the Lebanese Tripoli when buying a ticket!

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