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8 places to see in Trabzon, Turkey (tourist attractions)

Trabzon is a very beautiful city where you can see a unique effect of green space. The city has many tourist attractions and tourism has an extraordinary flow in it. follow us to introduce trabzon tourist attractions.

Tourist attractions


Boztepe Park, Trabzon tourist attractions

As you can see from the photos, the city is full of lush greenery, and Boztepe Park is one of those places that is located at the top of the city and by the Black Sea. This is one of the best places to have a relaxing break in Trabzon as well as a landmark for taking souvenir photos.

Boztepe Park

Boztepe is one of Trabzon’s most spectacular natural attractions, located 3 km southeast of Trabzon.

In addition to the natural and tourism aspect of the hill, this hill is also of great religious importance, with several mosques and churches surrounding it, as well as four sacred springs in the area. Over Boztepe hill you can enjoy a full view of the city, drink tea and enjoy the scenery.


Castle of Trabzon

Situated in the center of Trabzon, it is one of the oldest remains of the Roman Empire. Trabzon Castle is a historic monument, located in lush green grassland.

Castle of Trabzon

It is interesting to know that the castle wall and the back wall of the building were used as military buildings. On some of the castle walls, you can see the vegetation growing and somehow you will find the fortified complex in the embrace of grass and vegetation.


Trabzon Ayasofya Camii

The building of Ayasofya Museum was built on the direct order of Emperor Constantine I. Ruling in the sixth century AD, he ordered the construction of the building.

The exact date of construction of this building dates back to 532 AD. Then for almost 1000 years, the building was used as a church. But when Sultan Muhammad Fateh, conquered Turkey in 1453, the Ayasofya church became a muslim mosque.

trabzon tourist attractions

It was a mosque for something about five centuries and it was Ataturk who eventually turned it into a museum. Ataturk issued the order in 1935.

Since then, many tourists come to the Ayasofya Museum every year and it can be considered one of the major tourist attractions of Trabzon. The museum building is layered, and its red roofs still reflect ancient Turkish architecture.


Uzungol Lake, Trabzon tourist attractions

This lake is one of the best natural attractions of the city. Around it you will find untouched forests that continue for kilometers.

Uzungol Lake

If you take a walk around these forests, you will encounter several mosques and monuments along the way. These forest mosques form part of the city’s identity and it is wonderful to visit them.
You may be watching the forest trees by raising your head, but you will suddenly see the minaret of the forest mosques.
This is a fascinating thing, and you will feel great watching the magnificence of nature and its blend with the lake view.


Sumela Monastery

This monastery is located in a strange place. You have to travel about 17 kilometers from Macka to visit it. That is, where you have to rise 250 meters above the ground and reach the monastery building among the mountain cliffs.

trabzon tourist attractions

The way to this monastery is very exciting and of course winding. When you get into the Sumela Monastery, you will find yourself in an amazing building.

It seems that the monastery was built in accordance with its geographical environment and became part of the mountain.


Trabzon Ataturk Kosku

Ataturk is highly respected by people across Turkey. Since the people of Turkey have a special devotion to Ataturk, you can see Ataturk’s photo at any place, home or shop.

Trabzon Ataturk Kosku

The Ataturk Palace is also a monument that remains in Turkey and is revered by the people of Turkey. This place is located on the north side of Trabzon. Ataturk palace has two floors and you’ll find luxurious carpets on each floor.


Zagnos Park, Trabzon tourist attractions

If you are looking for natural and leisure attractions in Trabzon, you can choose this park. Also luxurious restaurants and cafes have been built around the area for the convenience of tourists.

trabzon tourist attractions

The park has beautiful landscapes and its hiking and biking trails are great for a great sunset.


Shopping Mall of Trabzon

Also you can go shopping in different malls here. Trabzon Cevahir Outlet, CarrefourSa Shopping Center, Varlibas Shopping and Lifestyle Center, Forum Shopping Center are the best mall of Trabzon city. In these shopping malls, you will find all sorts of Turkish and international brands offered in a variety of prices.

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