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Top 9 Tourist attractions of Shiraz , Iran

Shiraz is one of the cities in Iran that has many tourist attractions and to discover each of them, you must consider special time. Shiraz tourist attractions include a, b and so on.

Tourist attractions of Shiraz


1. Vakil Bath

Vakil bath was built in the Zandieh period in central Shiraz, near the Vakil market. The most advanced architecture of its time was used in the construction of the bathroom.

Vakil Bath, Shiraz Tourist Attractions

The warm house is covered with paving and under the pavements there are narrow corridors to allow hot air and steam to flow and to warm the floor of the bathroom.

To prevent cold air from entering the bathroom, the front door is made smaller and the entrance to the dressing room angled.


2. Tomb of Saadi

Saadiyeh is where Saadi lived in his late life and was buried there after his death. The tomb of this great poet has a turquoise dome that stands on 4 different pillars, its walls are marble and Saadi’s tomb is in the middle.

Tomb of Saadi


3. Tomb of Hafez

Eighth-century poet Hafez’s tomb is located in Shiraz, and is one of the city’s historic attractions. The tomb was built six years after Hafiz’s death by the then ruling minister in Shiraz and has been rebuilt and repaired over the years.

Tomb of Hafez, Shiraz Tourist Attractions

Tomb of Hafez has two northern and southern courtyards, and a hall of 2 meters and 2 meters wide separates the two courtyards. This magnificent hall has 2 stone pillars at a height of 2 meters.


4. Qur’an Gate

As you enter Shiraz, the first building you see is the Quran Gate.

Qur'an Gate: Shiraz tourists attractions

During the Zandiyeh period they rebuilt the gate and placed two exquisite Qur’an on it. Later the gate was demolished at Reza Khan’s command, and many years later rebuilt another gate.


5. Arg of Karim Khan

Karim Khan Citadel is located in the city center of Shiraz, near the municipality square.

Arg of Karim Khan

As the name suggests, the citadel was built during the Zandieh period, between the ages of 5 and 5, as a place to live by Karim Khan Zand. During the Pahlavi dynasty, this place was turned into a prison, which caused damage to it.


6. Nasir-ol-molk Mosque

Nasir al-Molk is one of the old mosques in Shiraz, located near Shah Cheragh. This mosque is the most valuable mosque in Iran in terms of tiling and Mogharnas.

Nasir-ol-molk Mosque: Shiraz tourist attractions

The use of colored glass in this mosque has given it the nickname of the Pink Mosque of Iran, when the sun shines on the mosque’s colored glass. Built in the Qajar dynasty in the 2nd year, the mosque consists of a house, a hall of mirrors, a mosque, water storage and a bath.


7. Qawam Al-Saltan’s house

Qavam or Orange House Qavam Shiraz is one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran which, as its name implies, has a courtyard with orange trees.

Qawam Al-Saltan's house

This home was the property of Khandam Qavam and Haj Ibrahim Khan, the sheriff during the Qajar era, who had great influence because of their wealth. There are many mansions and gardens left in this house, but this house fascinates you because of its beautiful and perspective garden.

The porch is beautifully decorated with mirrors, mosaics, plaster and tiles. Downstairs there is a museum of objects of the famous Iranian Pope Professor in the lower floor.


8. Qawam Al-Saltan’s house

This beautiful Persian garden was built for the Safavid kings during the Safavid era.

Qawam Al-Saltan's house: shiraz tourist attractions

It was later purchased and rebuilt by Mirza Ali Khan Qavam al-Molk during the Qajar era. Today, this Iranian garden has been turned into a museum garden, with the Museum, the Army Museum and the Museum of Military Weapons set up there. The middle building of the garden was built by Mirza Ali Khan Qavam al-Molk.


9. Vakil Bazaar

Vakil Market is located near the municipal square near the Arg Karim Khan. This beautiful traditional market was built in Zandieh with plaster and brick and is still the economic center of Shiraz.

Vakil Bazaar

By walking in this city and following the tourist attractions of Shiraz you will understand the spirit and civilization of Iran as one of the greatest Eastern civilizations.

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