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The island of Bali or the Island of the Gods is one of a number of Indonesian islands located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Bali has had a very difficult and complex past today, despite the calm situation. Here you can follow tourist attractions of Bali and enjoy a virtual tour.

Tourist Attractions of Bali


Exciting fun auyung river

Boating in the roaring Bali rivers is one of the most exciting things to do on a trip to the island.  The numerous small and large waterfalls and the ever-roaring waters and waters that make for memorable moments.

Tourist Attractions of Bali


 Jalan monkey jungle

If you like to spend time with the monkeys and have a good time, you should visit this forest.  The forest is protected and many animals are kept there, but various monkeys are free and climb trees.

Jalan monkey jungle

These animals will not harm you, but they may steal your food.


Temple  Besakin

 Prepare yourself to see the most beautiful monument on the island.  The Besakin temple, located east of Bali, is known as the painting of God.

Tourist Attractions of Bali

Situated in the middle of the lush rice fields and its beautiful architecture has made it one of the island’s most beloved tourist destinations.


Gianyar  forest park

  If you like the rare and unique animals you see in the documentation, you should experience the Bali Forest Safari Tour.  Seeing rare animals, such as zebra and other wild animals, can be of interest to all tourists.

Tourist Attractions of Bali


Elephant  Cave

  Elephant Cave is one of the most famous and ancient historical attractions of Bali, built due to the importance of the elephant in the Hindu and Buddhist religions.  Formerly used as a residence, it is full of old paintings and paintings.

Elephant  Cave


Bali National Zoo (tree walks)

 Do the most thrilling and exiting  activity possible in Bali.  This national zoo is where you can climb trees.  Hang ropes between the trees and play Tarzan role !

Tourist Attractions of Bali

Feed the apes and enjoy the forest of God without limit.  If you are excited in exiting activities, do not miss it at all.


Ulun danu beratan temple, one of the best Tourist Attractions of Bali

 This image will probably be the most familiar of all the images and articles.  A photo in the gallery of all photographers.

Tourist Attractions of Bali

You will see a stunning scene at any time of the day.  The entrance to this place is a bit expensive for non-natives, but it’s worth it to hear from me.


 Water Boom Water Park

  One of the best and largest water parks in the world is located in Bali.  The beautiful water park in the middle of the city and one of the safest and most standard water parks in the world.  One of the best tourism destinations for families.

Tourist Attractions of Bali


Various sports tours

 Bali is also a favorite among nature lovers, as well as athletes.  There are endless sports activities you can experience in this city.

Tourist Attractions of Bali

From ATV motorcycles to cycling and even off-roading in the woods.  Even here there is a unique diving experience where you can enjoy Bali’s coral beaches.  Don’t worry about sharks either. It’s safe here.


Sanur beach, one of the best Tourist Attractions of Bali

Sunur Beach is one of the southern coasts of Bali.  One of the best places for relaxation.  Maybe it is because of this quietness and noisy crowd that the beach is called Old Men beach.

Sanur beach


Batur green shine

 One of the greenest parts of Bali is definitely Mount Batur.  Located at an altitude of 1,700 meters, the mountain also has a semi-active volcano.

Tourist Attractions of Bali

The high mountainous climate along with the pristine nature will make for a unique experience of adventure in Bali.


Tanah, one of the best Tourist Attractions of Bali

Tanah is one of seven Bali chain temples built on a rock near the beach.  The stone building that has been the Buddhist temple for centuries.  There are other features that you won’t go into until we tell you.

Tourist Attractions


Munduk area

If you like beautiful, (almost) non-touristic places, then Munduk and the brother Lakes are the place to go for you in Bali.

Tourist Attractions of Bali

The small town is hidden between the mountains, nestled between forest and rice terraces. The place that definitely is one of the most places in world.

the Twin Lake Festival is a famous festival which held in summer. It’s a multi-day festival with dancing and a lot of music.


Bedugul lakes, one of the best Tourist Attractions of Bali

Bedugul, with its misty mountains, crystal shining lakes, and lush green fields, is another pristine site in bali island.

Add to all of this a gorgeous-looking temple and you have the perfect holiday destination. At maybe you think this village is far from city, but fortunately its not and is accessible from every place of Bali in one hour.

Bedugul is located about 50kms north of Denpasar at an altitude of more than 700 meters. It is home to three stunning crater lakes: Bratan, Buyan, and Tamblingan and can get pretty chilly at times. So much so that it is often referred to as the coolest place in Bali because its mounting in mountains!!!

Bedugul is a great place to visit if you wish to spend some time in the lap of nature with your family and have a great vacation.

At the end, we should claim that

Bali is the one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s a kind of heaven in this world. Amazing nature,  stunning places for camping and hiking and everything helps us to have a great time, great holidays and at the end, happier life.

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