Tourist attractions in Cologne, Germany

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Cologne Germany

Cologne is one of the oldest European city. It has lots of attractions for different tastes around the world. Here we introduce some of these attractions to discover the city better that every other time. Cologne is also the fourth largest city in Germany. This city is located near Rhine river.

Tourist attractions in Cologne

Cologne has a great collection of museums. There are also different enjoyable activities that everyone would like them a lot. Traveling to Cologne gives you the chance to visit the most iconic places, specially churches, in Europe. Most of the structure belong to Medieval ages, but there are many building with Gothic architecture too.

Cologne is an amazing city. There are lots of things in Cologne you can do them without paying any money. You can smell the perfumes at the exhibition or walking through the history for free. Cologne is also the most important culture center in Germany. That’s because the number of the museums and art galleries in the city.


History of the Cologne

This city has a history longer than 2000 years. The museums and cathedral are the perfect proof for this claim. At the beginning Romans governed in the city. The evidence of Romans’ presence is appeared in the buildings and structure.

In the Medieval age, Cologne was one of the most populated city in Europe and in Germany. This city was also the most important business city in Germany at that time. During the world war I the population of Cologne was around 700,000. That was a populated city because the industries have been growing those days.

History of the Cologne

In world war II, many of the residents were killed due to allied forces attacks to Cologne. 91 of the churches in Cologne were destroyed.  By the end of the world war II, Cologne population was reduced up to 95 percent. It happened because many people left the city to save their lives.


Economy in Cologne

Cologne is located in a strategic place beside the Rhine river. It makes the city to a perfect place for doing business through the water. Cologne is also an important center for banking activities. The first stock change center was established in Cologne.

Ford motors is in Cologne. This company changes Cologne to one of the most industrial cities in Germany and in the world. Inside Germany, Cologne is known as the capital city of media. It’s because the numerous TV channels and Radio Stations in Cologne.


Tourist attractions in Cologne


Cologne Cathedral

Cologne is the city of Cathedrals, but some of them are landmarks. They’re placed in UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE list. One of these cathedrals is Cologne Cathedral which is located on the left bank of Rhine river. This is also called cathedral of St Peter and St Mary. This building is so tall and big.

Cologne Cathedral

There are two high towers beside the cathedral. These towers are 157 meters high. There are 500 steps in one of the tower. If you go up all these stairs you can have an amazing panoramic view of the city. At the end of the stairs, the famous bell of the cathedral is put. This cathedral was built in 1248. It has Gothic structure.


The old town of Cologne

In the heart of the modern city, the visitors confront with a great old town of Cologne. This part of the city is a house for old museums and churches. Walking on the narrow ways of this town takes you to the rich history of Cologne. This town is right beside Rhine. Walking on the river bank or riding bikes is a pleasure for the tourists.

The old town of Cologne

The oldest building in Germany is also placed in old town of Cologne. This is the old city hall that is called Kolner Rathaus. This building has 900 years of history inside itself. Walking in the old town of Cologne would show you the effects of different eras on this part. it was one of the another Tourist attractions in Cologne.


zoological gardens

One of the oldest zoo gardens in Germany is placed in Cologne. There is a rich biodiversity of animals in this zoo. The building structure belongs to 19th century. One of the incredible matter about this zoo is mixing the old buildings with modern facilities.


Roman Germanic museum

This museum is located near the Cologne cathedral. It contains the items which discovered by the excavations in the city.


The history of the objects in the museum dates back to the 1st or 2nd century. One of the items is the 15 Meters monument which has been remained form the 1st century.


Augustusburg and Falkenlust Palaces

This palace is not inside the city, but it is located in south of Cologne in Bruhl. The architecture belongs to late Baroque and Rococo era. There are many amazing objects in the palace. This palace has a beautiful yard which has been designed by many flowers. This yard is so good for holding concerts or festivals.

Tourist attraction

This palace was built in 18th century. It was a home for Cologne’s Archbishop. There is also a park near the palace which has been constructed in 15th century.


Cologne Cable Car & Bird’s-Eye Views of Cologne

the another Tourist attractions in Cologne is Cable car. This vehicle gives the best view of Cologne to the people. Cable cars pass over the Rhine river and the amazing scenes of the city. People can also see the beautiful sky line of Cologne.

Tourist attractions in Cologne

The best time to get on the cable car is the end of the day. At this time the spectacular view of the sunset is amazing.


Cruise ships on Rhine river

One of the most important places in Cologne is the Rhine river which flows in the heart of the city. Visiting Cologne without having fun on the river is meaningless. Modern cruises are ready to take you to a short trip on Rhine, the beating heart of Cologne.

Tourist attractions in Cologne

In this short trip you can see most of the beautiful and famous places in Cologne. At nights, there is beautiful lightening in the city that does not exist in any other parts of the world. Take a trip on the river and have fun in the modern ships at night must be enjoyable for everyone.

 Cologne is a favorable city for many tourists around the world, because of the different entertainments and activities.

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