Six top toulouse tourist attractions in France

Toulouse is a spectacular city in southwestern France. The city is about 700 kilometers from Paris and it is the fourth most populous city in France after Paris, Marseille and Lyon.

Toulouse in France

Toulouse is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in France. It is the sixth largest city in France, located between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Toulouse tourist attractions in France

People have lived in this beautiful city for centuries, and its culture and civilization are well worth studying. Toulouse is famous for a variety of industries, but  the most are aerospace companies, Airbus, CNES Toulouse, Space Centers and satellite systems located in the city.


It has airports, ports and train, taxi and bus stations. That means you can travel to this city in any way you can imagine. It is interesting to note that Toulouse is called red city (Ville rose), and this is due to the use of red bricks and clay in the construction of old city buildings.

Toulouse Tourist Attractions


Capitol de Toulouse

The Capitol du Toulouse is a large and famous square in the middle of Toulouse. You must visit this area and experience its nightlife in particular.

This is exactly the area where you will see the people of the city in the most cordial way and an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the citizens.

In this great square all the celebrations and events take place. For example, farmers markets, art exhibitions in indoor venues, and even weddings.

In addition, there are small shops in the market, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants for meals. You can also visit the Toulouse Opera House nearby which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city.

Basilica of Saint Sernin

It is the most famous church in Toulouse and is famous throughout France. Admission to the church is free and can be visited at any time of the year. It is only five minutes away from the main square of the city and you can even reach the monument by walking.

Toulouse tourist attractions

The stunning architecture of St. Sernin Basilica and it’s interior design are great. In addition, when the church is not crowded, you can take advantage the guides to hear its narratives and learn about the basilica’s construction history and related issues.

Muséum d’histoire Naturelle de Toulouse

The Museum of Natural History is one of the attractions of Toulouse France that is worth a visit. If you are interested in natural history or museums, go to this museum.

Toulouse tourist attractions

Toulouse is home of many French museums, most of them art and history of the city. The Museum of Natural History is the best place to learn about the relationship between nature and man, evolution and the earth. Follow human history at the Toulouse Museum of Natural History and look at what has happened in the past.

Musée des Augustins

The Museum of Augustine is actually working as a Museum of Fine Arts and exposing the works of many artists in the field. If you love art, this museum has all the artwork you can wish to see. Sculptures, paintings and valuable collections are in the museum.

tourist attractions
The art styles inside the museum can be found in the Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance styles of the various centuries, showing works of each styles and periods, and even works of modern art in the 20th century are also, there.

Pont Neuf

If you head to the River Garron, you’ll find Paul Pont Neuf. Located across the Garron River, the bridge is about 375 miles long and connects several cities.


The bridge is one of the oldest buildings in the city and dates back to the 16th century. Townspeople cross the bridge over and over again, but for tourists it is another feature.Whenever you come to the bridge, you will find people walking or cycling along it.

Toulouse tourist attractions

Next to the bridge are written historical facts about its construction that you can read on the board. There are also amusements here. You can entertain yourself by boarding electric boats or rowing boats. You can also enjoy bridge lighting at night. The lighting in the arches below the bridge has made the view of the bridge more beautiful.


Jardin Japonais

In the Japanese gardens of the city, there is a strange peace. Hike and enjoy the fragrance of beautiful flowers along with the crescent-shaped red bridge, rock garden, tea booth and many Japanese garden displays in this French city. In this garden, you will also be able to see various animals, including turtles, frogs, birds and aquatic animals.

Toulouse tourist attractions
As you move further into the heart of the garden, the trees become more dense and the shape of the flowers more attractive. The trails are like a paradise filled with silence and tranquility.


Foundation Bemberg

Located at the D’Assézat Hotel, you can find the foundation in a 16th-century building. It houses the personal collection of Georges Bemberg, a wealthy Argentinean living in France. This collection includes works and designs such as unique and historic paintings, designs and sculptures.
By visiting this place, you can enjoy both its unique architectural style and immerse yourself in the content of the building.

tourist attractions

Toulouse hotel construction is accompanied by French pattern and you will have different, yet attractive options to stay in. The five star hotels are of the highest standard of comfort and modernity, and the low star hotels have a cozy atmosphere close to the city’s civilization.
Walking the streets of Toulouse has its own charm and is the best thing you can do at a spring sunset.

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