Tirana interesting unique places (tirana tourism attractions)+ Festivals

well, just like every other place on planet earth Tirana has some interesting unique places you can visit. In this section I’m planning to show you how to enjoy Tirana and where to go once you arrived there. So stay with me as I introduce all this places in details for you. follow us for introducing Tirana interesting unique places. follow us for tirana tourism attractions.

Tirana interesting unique places


 Skanderbeg Square

The Skanderbeg Square is considered the main symbol of Tirana. It’s basically a wide area (about 40 000 cubic meter) for residents to walk in and a statue of Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg on a horse who liberated Albania from ottoman empire or in other word, today’s Albania, North Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia combined.

Tirana interesting unique places

The Skanderbeg Square is the heart of Albania in one word. All of the important buildings are located around this square. Organizations like Tirana International Hotel, the Palace of Culture, the National Opera, the National Library, the National Bank, the Ethem Bey Mosque, the Clock Tower, the City Hall, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Energy, and the National Historical Museum are a few of them.

Tirana interesting unique places


Tirana interesting unique places – Et’hem Bey Mosque

First of all, a mosque is a place which Muslims do their prayers. A mosque is not specially referred to a building; it can be also a place which a Muslim pray. This mosque is one of the best places you can visit in Albania due to it’s amazing architectural designs.

Tirana interesting unique places

The one thing that will set aside this mosque from others is something called “motifs”. Motifs contain some sort of artistry on the inner side of the domes which are quite rare among mosques . its one the best Tirana interesting unique places.


Now you might ask when did it shaped and how it became the way it is today? Well I’d say if you are that much interested then it’s better to visit there yourselves. But for the sake of you dear readers and of course the article I will go on.

There is no exact record of when exactly they started building it but the history suggest that it started in 1791 or 1794 and was finished in 1819 or 1821. During the totalitarianism era of Albania, it was forced to be closed by communism parties. But On January 18, 1991, 10,000 people entered the mosque while holding Albania flags and forced the military to stand down. Not only this act was the milestone for destroying communism in Albania but also it came to be known as the ground floor for freedom of religious in this country.

Tirana tourism attractions – National Historical Museum (Tirana)

Just like any other museum, it’s all about the history of said nation. But I think you will find some of this museums contents quite interesting. As you already know one of the best places to visit is a mosque but this country is located in Europe.

Tirana interesting unique places

It’s the best combination you can find in the world. There are many exhibitions getting placed in this museum but I’m only going to focuses on important ones . its one of the best Tirana interesting unique palces.



There are plenty of remains exhibited in this museum which are dated back to 2600 years before crusification. Albania has a rich history and that’s exactly why I can’t get in to the details properly.

Tirana interesting unique places


Middle Ages

In this section you can see exactly what development has progressed in Albania throughout the middle ages. You will have access to information about ups and downs, economic, social, political and cultural situations of Albanians from the 6th to 15th century of this nation.



Most of this section’s contents are acquired from after 19th century which include objects, documents, books, photographs, national flags, weapons, banknotes, and other cultural objects. Of course many other show cases are available for you to choose from but one of the most important parts of this section is devoted to Sami Frasheri (1825-1904). He was one of the most influential ideologists of the Albania nation.



This section of the museum is all about the Declaration of Independence in 1912 until 1939. So unless you are a fan of drafting contracts, this section of the museum will not interest you as its creators have intended. there are some other tirana tourism attractions that we introduce them in continue.


Antifascist War

Basically Antifascist War section is all about how the world war 2 started in 1920 and how it all ended in 1945. This section of the museum contains 220 objects related to the war and how influential people of Albania reacted to this war.


Mother Teresa

Well we all know mother Teresa and although she wasn’t Albanian but she has a section in this museum. It’s all about how she lived and how she cared for other people enough to do charitable acts. She also met with a lot of high profile people during his life which can be studied in this very museum.


Tirana tourism attractions – Dajti

dajti is another Tirana interesting unique places. dajti is located at 1,613 meter above sea level. It’s just a Mountainous area that people can go and have fun. its another tirana tourism attractions.

It’s considered a protected National Park in which all kinds of hunting our banned. Although the place is quite a scene to gaze at but The area itself is not what we’re talking about here.


It’s actually the cable car that we’re talking about. There are actually two stations of cable cars, one at the bottom  of the mountain and one at the top Which are mission by moving people across the said destination.

It’s noteworthy to mention that these areas are covered in snow only in the coldest month of winter Which makes it The best and only opportunity residents have to see snow at least once a year.

interesting unique places

It’s not only cable car for sightseeing but also You can do activities like mountain climbing paragliding and of course hiking through the mountains and because dajti is The center of tourist attractions in this country you can find all sorts of activities and hobbies you desire at the top station. Over 29,000 Hectares of This mountain is specialized for this sole purpose and You can’t find anything man made in there but a radio tower.


Pyramid of Tirana Albania

one of the other tirana tourism attractions is the pyramid. The Pyramid of Tirana Was meant to be a communist Museum but it’s changed to become something else. at October 1988 the pyramid was created to demonstrate The acts that A longtime leader of Communism in Albania did for the country.


his name was Never Hoxha who died 3 years before the museum’s opening. It’s noteworthy that at the time the pyramid of Tirana was the most expensive structure that has ever built in Albania.

Tirana tourism attractions

After 1991 Followed by the destruction of communism in this country the museum Repurposed to be a conference room and a venue for the government political to discuss all the pressing matters of the country.


Rinia park

rinia Park Covers 3 hectares of the central Tirana And is considered The most famous park in all of Albania including some water dancing Programs and many more.

Tirana festivals

rinia in English means youth which makes this park called the “youth park” in English. This Park has been created in 1950 in the middle of communism era. And if you’re planning to visit their only for the fountains all you have to do is keep going to your or west side and then you’ll come across The Fountain and the water dancing programs which Are quite beautiful if you’re a fan of those sort of things.

unique places

now that you know enough about rinia Park Itself It’s time to go through some of its history as well. rinia or youth park has been created in 1950 after world war 2 As part of some of the most major developments of communism system in Albania.

At first it was just a playground for the kids and for families to bring their kids there to play What’s after revive it was more common among Youngsters and Teenagers.

It was only after 1999 the downfall of communism resulted some new constructions around this Park including restaurant, bars, Gift shops, chapels and so much more Which turn this place into a center of lowlifes and the underbelly people of Tirana City . but in the year 2000 City hall agreed to demolish all of this buildings (something about 45,000 cubic meters of the city surface) in order to bring back the old days of the youth Park.


Bunkart museum

its another tirana tourism attractions. bunkart is actually The name of an atomic project of Albania Which then was referred to The Concrete Constructions for this exact purposes. the bunkart Is referred to the concrete domes they created to protect people from possible atomic invasions.

Tirana interesting unique places

So Governors decided to change this domes into Museum Which we are going to discuss here today. It was in 1983 that 173000 concrete bunkers created throughout The country under the communism supervisions.  Of course not all of them got changed into a museum only one that Really matters.

unique places

so the bunkart Is actually dedicated to communism history in Albania and the daily Routine lives of Albanian people during these hard situations. Plus, it’s not only a communism Museum but also it’s got Modern history and art section for people to visit. here we finished the introducing of tirana tourism attractions.


festivals in Tirana Albania

Tirana is one of the best places you can visit if you are in to music or movies Because Most of its festivals is all about These type of entertainments. So I’m going to list some of them down for you to choose among them So pay attention as we go further.


TIFF or Tirana International Film Festival

It was the first International Film Festival in all of the Southern Europe It’s also goes by the name  Sarajevo Film festival. In one word this Festival is the most famous Festival occurring in all Albania which is Entirely about movies and series. People gather around at Cinema or movie preview sessions to discuss movie related matters with each other And of course play one or two new movies.

Tirana festivals

The first time the Tirana International Film Festival occurred was at the year 2003 which was a secretly a plan to unite some of the most popular directors of Albania together. The International Film Festival at Tirana takes place at fall and it’s the only known award giving Festival of all Albania .


TILF or Tirana International Literature Festival

If you are a fan of good literature This festival is the one to be Add the last weekend of October all of the literature writers or coming to Albania to discuss Their own point of view and writings and the books they have written over the past year.

Tirana festivals

It’s noteworthy to mention that attending to this particular festival is free for the students of this country. The whole system behind the international Literature Festival are the Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture which are also known by the “IDMC” and the Albanian Ministry of Culture of course.


Nyou Festival

Nyou Festivals annually celebrated festival which its objective is all about identifying new Jazz artists and making them compete which each other. This annual is celebrated Festival take place Every June for people to come and enjoy new music’s every year.

Tirana festivals

How safe is Tirana Albania ?

after introducing Tirana interesting unique places, in this part we want to speak about tirana safety. Okay by now you might be thinking that with such low standard is it safe to travel in Albania Well the short answer is yes of course Tirana has Petty crimes but they are not major and violent .

So if you’re planning to go to Albania There is nothing to be worried about because Do people and residents of the Toronto or quite hospitable and welcoming Yes pick-pocketing does happen in Albania but it’s so much rarer than other countries.

be warned of car thefts and make sure to park your rental car someplace safe and keep your valuables in the trunk that’s all times One more thing that you need to worry about in this country is credit card fraud for some reason is stealing your credit card information is common in this country but don’t worry as long as you use your credit cards at secure and known places there is no threat to be worried about. Yes, firearm exists between residence but it’s more like a protective aspect to it 4 Peoples home and Farms Of course.


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