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7 Top Sousse Tourist attractions , Tunisia

The city of Sousse in Tunisia has many sights. Here you can visit the Arab market and get to know the culture of the people of North Africa better. In the following, we will deal with the most famous and top Sousse Tourist attractions .

Sousse Tourist attractions

Great Mosque

In the beautiful city of Sousse, you will find the great mosque in Sousse as one of its sights. The mosque was built in 851 AD. This building looks like a strong rock.

It is interesting to know that the mosque’s modeling was done by relying on the Aqaba mosque in Qirwan. The crescent walls and toothed arches of this mosque will never be forgotten.

Great Mosque

Crossing the mosque, exactly northwest of it, we reach the Ribat fort. This trench was built by the Achaemenid dynasty. It is one of the best Sousse Tourist attractions you may see.


Kasbah, one of Sousse Tourist attractions

The castle of Sousse is also one of its historical monuments. It was built in 859 AD. While visiting the Sousse Castle, be sure to visit the 30-meter tower. The tower carries the title of Africa’s oldest continent.

If you go to the highest points of the tower, you have a breathtaking view of the city and you can see a panoramic view of Sousse in Tunisia like a painting. If you still want to discover more historical sites in this city, we suggest visiting the Sousse Archaeological Museum.


Sousse Archaeological Museum

The museum holds many ancient artifacts from Tunisian history in a valuable collection. The Sousse Archaeological Museum of Tunisia holds archaeological finds, and you can find souvenirs from ancient Roman times and Phoenician wars here.

Sousse Archaeological Museum

Particularly in the hall of antiquity, valuable treasures have been found, and you may spend hours watching them.

Mosaic paintings from the Elm Amphitheater are also in the museum, and you must visit Rooms 2, 3 and 9 to see them. Here you can get a closer look at some of Tunisia’s history, culture and lifestyle.


Arabian Markets in Souk region

Another tourist attraction you will find in this city is Arabian Markets in Souk region. These markets are spread out on the sidewalk and sell everything you can think of.

You can buy different spices or foods in these markets or buy clothes, bags and shoes. You might want to buy artisans in the city or buy magic lights.

These markets will be a great place for those who love the spirit of shopping. The stands of the Arabian markets of Sousse are in a long row next to each other and appear irregularly.

If you love bargaining to shop, you will have the opportunity in these open markets. We recommend that you ignore the initial price the seller proposes to sell and bargain for a lower price.

This is the custom of Arabian markets and you will be amazed at the drop in prices after bargaining.


Zaouia Zakkak, one of Sousse Tourist attractions

It is a monument from the 17th century. This eight sided minaret reminiscent of Renaissance architecture. Zaouia Zakkak is one of the most valuable and finest examples of architecture from the Ottoman era and has well depicted the architectural style of that era in a vivid way.

There is a school, a mosque and a tomb in the minaret.

Zaouia Zakkak

There are also special rituals to enter it, and only Muslim people will be allowed to enter.

Other non-Muslims can only see the beauty of the exterior of the building and will not be allowed to enter the minaret and discover its internal secrets.


Port el Kantaoui

As we said, Sousse is a port city and has long been known as a Tunisian business center. You can now also see the best beach in Port el Kantaoui.

The beach, with its white sand, has created a dreamy landscape. In addition, for most of the year, the harbor is crowded and the spirit of life is always there. Launched in 1979, the harbor is something of a Moorish-style architecture.

If you look at the structure and design of this harbor, it reminds you the village of Seyed Bousaeed. A village where houses are blended with blue and white and everything looks fantastic. At port el Kantaoui you will find 300 docking stations, which is relatively high number.

There are also several restaurants and cafes that are among the best in Sousse. You can take advantage of the waterfront and seaside sports and leisure facilities here, or browse the shopping areas nearby.


Dar Essid Museum, one of Sousse Tourist attractions

The museum is located in the old part of Sousse and was the residence of an aristocrat. This small and personal museum showcases the lifestyle of the wealthy and aristocratic Tunisians in the 19th century.

Dar Essid Museum

The first thing that makes you fascinated by this museum will be its front door. This door and its ornamentation well represent the richness and elegance of the owner of the building and may indicate that you are in a place intertwined with riches and nobility.

You can see the luxury of Andalusian tiled interior and antiques in the house.

Sousse is a historical city of Africa and Tunisia where you can find much of the civilization and history of its people and learn about their lifestyle from centuries to the present.

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