Siem reap sights , lost beauty near Thailand

Siem reap is essentially a pristine village. A village that has been a city for several years. The city is located in the neighborhood of Thailand and Vietnam and next to Lake Tanel. It may seem a little unfamiliar, but it is one of the most pristine tourist destinations in Asia. Siem reap sights are much that you may confuse to visit all of them.

This city is one of the very cheap tourist destinations. The beautiful nature along with the history and architecture of the French period in this city are waiting for you.

This city, like most cities in the region, is located in rain forests. For this reason, rain can last for hours. So it is better not to go to this city during these seasons and preferably visit this city in spring.

Siem reap sights


Angkorwat  temples, one of the best Siem reap sights

Travel to the siem reap  will not be completed without visiting Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is a collection of temples built in the early 12th century for King Suryavarman. The temple was originally a Hindu temple, but later became a Buddhist shrine as Buddhism became popular.

Angkorwat  temples

This symbolic temple complex is officially the largest religious building in the world, where the spirit of ancient architecture is rippling. The spiritual spirit that reigns in this place will amaze you.

Today, Angkor Wat is the main tourist attraction of Cambodia and one of the best in the world that you should not miss. It is enough to visit it as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It takes about 2 days to visit this place, but the tranquility you get from this place is worth it.


Penum Cologne National Park

Penum Cologne National Park is perfect for those looking for an ideal place to explore the wildlife of Cambodia. The park is located just outside the city and is suitable for those who want to relax a bit outside the bustle of the city.

By visiting this park, you can expect to see pagodas, monks, beautiful waterfalls and mountains in a very spiritual environment. Since there are no natural and green places in this city, Penum Cologne National Park is a valuable treasure that can be spent a few hours in peace.


Grasshopper Adventures

Mountain biking is very popular with most people, especially if it is done in a beautiful and pristine nature. Touring in the heart of nature by bike is a very fun pastime and a great way to drain energy.

The Hudderson Adventure Center allows you to spend a lovely day in the beautiful nature, interesting village and lifestyle of Cambodia.

Siem Reap is a great city that, of course, is all about tourism. If you want to immerse yourself in the traditional culture of Cambodia, the best way is to visit the suburbs and away from the city. This tour allows you to see the area around the city by bike. A unique experience that you must experience.


The Happy Ranch Horse Farm, one of the best Siem reap sights

In the previous section, you discovered the beauty of the city by bicycle, and now it’s time to ride a horse. These tours will undoubtedly be more fun and memorable than the other two tours.

If you are comfortable riding a horse and you are not afraid, do not miss such an experience. There are also several tours that will teach you how to work.


Fly like a gibbons

Gibbons are a native species of monkey in Cambodia. If you want to experience flying between trees like gibbons, the best and least risky way is to use a zip line.

Here you can fly a zip line over the forests of Cambodia and create stressful and memorable moments for yourself. You can also be sure of the security of this work, so enjoy such entertainment with ease. Adrenaline is very good!


Ta Prohm  temple

Taprahm, also known as the Temple of Tom Reader, is more popular than all of Angkor’s temples and attracts more tourists. The temple has so far been inaccessible to archaeologists and is almost intertwined with nature, which is one of its main attractions.

The temple is a good reminder of the disturbing power of nature, which, despite the rise and fall of empires and the indifference to the display of human history, has found its way into this magnificent stone structure. This place is usually full of tourists and if you want to understand its beauty, go there in the morning and at sunrise.


Bird Sanctuary, one of the best Siem reap sights

Siem Reap Bird Sanctuary is one of the most important bird breeding centers in Southeast Asia. Located on the shores of Lake Sepp Tunnel, Prek Toal is an ideal place for a family outing;

you have to take a boat to visit the rare birds that are kept in a large protected area. English-speaking guides help you understand more about animal species and their differences.


Angkor Panorama Museum

The Angkor Panorama Museum has been donated by the North Korean government. This beautiful and modern building features stunning panoramic paintings 13 meters high and 123 meters long.

The details and elegance of this painting are astonishing, and it depicts countless characters, like Buddhist monks, very realistically. Admission to the museum is a bit more expensive than anywhere else in the city, but it’s worth the money for art and painting enthusiasts.

Siem Reap and Cambodia have many tourist attractions. They may not be very common alongside Thailand and Vietnam, but they are considered less expensive. If you want to have a similar but cheaper experience in Thailand, visit Siem Reap.

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