What do we know about Shiraz , Iran?

According to legend, Shiraz founded by the son of Tahmores, kings of the Pishdadian dynasty and named it after him. On the other hand, based on historical literature, the city of Shiraz was founded in the 6th century AH.

If you have a question as to why the city was name Shiraz, we have to serve you the people who founded the city, naming it from a castle around the city that was built before Islam and the same name.


Post-Islamic history books indicate that Shiraz was an irregular circle in ancient times, around which there were various fences and towers and its interior was divided into four sections.

The city of Shiraz was never empty of elders and relatives, which is why it was also called the Religious Tower. In the 5th and 6th centuries AH, the Al-Bouwy dynasty in Fars chose Shiraz as their capital and built mosques, palaces, libraries, and fences there.


During the Mongol invasion of Genghis Khan, the city was spared distruction and slaughter because local rulers were satisfied with paying taxes to the Mongols. In the 6th century, the city of Shiraz became famous for its prosperity in science, culture and art.

As you may be aware, there are many famous Iranian poets, Sufis and philosophers born in this city who have played an important role in making Shiraz famous, includding  Saadi, Hafez and Mulla Sadra.


Geographical location of Shiraz

Shiraz is the capital of Fars province and is located in southwestern Iran.


This city is bounded on the north by Marvdasht and Ardakan, on the west by Mamasani and Kazeroon, on the south by Farashband, Firouzabad, Jahrom and Fasa, and on the east by Estahban, Nairiz and Arsanjan.


City climate

Average annual temperature of this city is 18 ° C, annual precipitation is 337 mm and the number of frost days is 29 days.

Shiraz is located in the temperate northern part of the country and the climate is cold but much cooler due to its high altitude than its adjacent parts, such as Kazeroon and Genoa.

shiraz climate

It is raining in autumn, winter and early spring. Traditionally geographers have divided Fars into two parts: tropical and cold. Remember that the best time to travel to this city is May. This month there is no news about the bustle of Nowruz or the heat of July and August.


Food culture in Shiraz

Food in this city, like other Iranian cities, is highly diverse. Food culture is often consists of vegetable soup for each meal, special at breakfast. Yogurt and dates are always on their table.

If you look at their recipes, you will find that rice is often a staple of their diet and uses sliced meat instead of sliced meat. In the fall, most lemons have fresh lemons next to food, and evenings enjoy snacks such as lettuce and pickles.

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