Top Sarawak tourist attractions in Malaysia

Sarawak is a lush and beautiful state in Malaysia, that attracts  tourists every year. Located in eastern Malaysia and northwest of Borneo, this is a wonderful city. Kuching should be known as the center of this city. follow us for Sarawak tourist attractions.


Interesting attractions along with rich culture and history make it possible to experience a world of excitement while traveling to this region.

But before traveling to any part of the world, having enough information about the attractions in that destination, as well as a look at the restaurants and hotels and their amenities are among the requirements travelers must have.

Sarawak tourist attractions

According to a census conducted in year 2017, the city has a population of about 2 million and covers an area of about 124.000 square kilometers. The people in this city speak Malay and its official currency is ringgit, like other Malaysian cities.


Sarawak tourist attractions


Cat Museum

Malaysians are very fond of animals. In Kuala lumpur, monkeys maneuver, and here in Sarawak, cats are the people’s favorite.

The cat is a very popular and well-liked animal for the Malaysian people, so there is a museum called cat museum in Kuching. Of course, this museum is about cat’s world. The museum has about 2000 exhibitions featuring artwork and sculptures about cats around the world.

Sarawak tourist attractions

Among the responsibilities of the Cat Museum are research, collecting, presenting, obtain documents, promoting, propagating, educating and raising awareness of historical heritage, cultures and the natural environment. To get to the museum, you have to go through a cat head, which is charm itself.

The pinnacles Trail

one of the Sarawak tourist attractions is The pinnacles Trail.  Another must-see tourist attraction in Sarawak is The Pinnacles Trail. This tourist attraction has mountains that have strange shape and in order to reach these peaks, you have to go long away.

tourist attractions

The path of these peaks is also remarkably spectacular. A rich, green nature that goes on to the end. The cliffs of these mountains are like hands up to the sky and they are all pointed and sharp.

Lambir Hills National Park

The famous Lambir Hills National Park is located along the Miri-Bintulu Road, 36 kilometers southwest of Miri City in Sarawak, east of Malaysia. This site was listed as National Parks year 1975 and has an area of 6.952 hectares.


There are about 1.173 different species of trees with 286 generations and 81 tree families in the park that make Lambir one of the Malaysia’s most diverse forests.

If you stop along the path in the forest to see amazing wildlife and plants, it will take longer to get there. This park is one of Malaysia’s most important tourist attractions and is famous all among the country.

Gunung Mulu National Park

Have you ever seen giant plants and flowers in movies? Gunung Mulu National Park is where you will be able to see them in real life. One of the longest cave networks in the world lies in the Mulu Cave National Park.


The park has the largest underground room in the world, the Sarawak room which can accommodate 40 Boeing 747.

Bako National Park

Bako National Park in one of the oldest Kuching parks which established in 1957. The park is about 27 km and has natural landscapes and beautiful habitats. This park is also famous for wildlife.

Inside the park, waterfalls pour into the pools of fresh water in a quiet, wooded environment. In Bako, there are many different types of vegetation which is one of the main attractions of the park. You can see all the vegetation of Borneo in Bako Park.

Sarawak tourist attractions

There are many natural lakes besides enjoying the greenery. If the weather is favorable, you can also enjoy the pleasure of boating in these calm waters.

Sarawak tourist attractions – Kuching Mosque

There is a mosque in the Kuching city of Sarawak that has a very long-standing architecture. The mosque is now one of the state’s major tourist attractions.

Sarawak tourist attractions

The pink building and the golden domes of the mosque, give it a unique look. Also in front of the mosque, you will find a small cemetery that is set in a lush area. The Kuching mosque is one of the most spectacular monuments in the area and is particularly attractive for taking pictures.

Other tourist attractions are The old Courthouse, Tua Pek Kong, Chinese Museum, Niah Caves, Fairy Caves, Wind Show Caves, etc.


Sarawak Shopping Malls

There are several shopping malls in the city and you will have the opportunity to spend some time shopping. The prices in these shopping malls start with cheap goods and end up with expensive and luxury brands. If you are going to buy souvenirs at Sarawak Shopping Centers, City One will be the best for you. In this shopping center, you can buy special and attractive goods with best prices.


City One Megamall

At this multi-store shopping center, you’ll find a variety of affordable and luxury brands in separate boutiques. You may spend hours at City One Shopping Center and after that, you can taste a great meal there.

This shopping mall is one of the most popular and busy Sarawak Shopping Centers. There is also an indoor children’s playground where you can entertain your children for an hour.

Pasar Serikin

You will also find special prices here. This shopping mall is a favorite of the townspeople and they make lots of their purchases here. This shopping mall is located on Serikin Street of Sarawak.


Plaza Merdeka

This is the most stylish and modern Sarawak Shopping Center. Here you will find luxurious boutiques. All kinds of clothes, bags and shoes and cosmetics are found in this mall and you can buy the best global brands in it.


Sarawak City Festivals

There are several street festivals in the city, which take place in January and February. Thaipusam, Vesak festival and Chinese New Year are the best and famous festivals in this city. Music and light have a special place in these festivals and you may enjoy street art.

During World War II, Sarawak was occupied by Japanese forces for three years, and after the war, it became a royal colony of England. In 1963, England handed over the state to Sarawak itself and Sarawak formed the Malaysian Federation along with a number of other states.

Sarawak has tropical climate and most tourists are attracted to the climate. Any moment, here, you can expect raining. Of course, heavy and hot rains. The air temperature varies from 23 ° C to 32 ° C. Also the average annual rainfall in the state reaches 4.6 thousands mm.

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