Samara best attractions , Russia’s Golden Treasures

There are lots of places in the world where people can travel to and have great times in there. Russia is a country with beautiful places and cities and especially great attractions. Here we are about to introduce you a beautiful city named Samara. Follow us to know more about Samara best attractions.

Where is Samara?

In the southeastern part of Russia’s European country and in the Volga Federal District, there is a town called Samara, which is Russia’s sixth largest city.

Traveling to this city for tourists who are keen on history and nature can be attractive as it is rich in culture and history and has many natural attractions. The city was founded in 1586 and a castle was built near the Volga River in that year that made it more charming to visit.


What are the Samara best attractions?


Ploshchad Slavy Landscape in the city of Samara

Among the attractions of the tourist town of Samara are the landscapes of Ploshchad Slavy that reflects the view of the Volga River.

The yachts in the water are among the areas which tourists are keen to see the angles of the place.  Walking in the area and seeing the beauty of the Volga River is relaxing and soothing for people.

Volga River Beach in the city of Samara

Samara best attractions

The Great Volga River is perhaps the most prominent sightseeing spot in the city of Samara, as the role of the river and its beach can be seen on the postcards of the city.

Walking along the river and its beautiful beach will bring fun for the tourists and townspeople. Undoubtedly the tourists will visit this beautiful river and its impressive beach every year to seek peace.

The coast of the Samarra River has been recognized as a recreational area for about a year, and steps have been taken to beautify it by giving it an appropriate location and high quality sidewalks to enhance the river and beach environment.

Prior to that, however, from 1930, the Volga River shoreline was a suburb of various factories, with niches and warehouses of varying productions built on the shore, where stalls and woodworking industries were observed.

After the city officials made a positive change in the area and turned it into a recreational area, the area is now considered one of the most fascinating places in Samara. To commemorate the city’s 400th anniversary, a large yacht statue has been erected in part of the coast.

The monument to King George, the first king of the city of Samara, was also built on this beach in the year 2014, and the monument itself is one of the sights of Samara. In addition to various cafes and restaurants on the Volga River shore, bike lanes, small skating rinks, soccer and volleyball and basketball courts and pools, there are more other places where people can entertain and enjoy themselves.


Stella Yacht in Samara

As noted, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the formation of the city of Samara, Galakhov and Yankin (two famous Russian architects) built a symbol for the city on the beautiful Volga River shore called the Stella Yacht. This is a place for people’s entertainment which beautifies the landscape of the Volga River.

Samara best attractions

In addition, there are great celebrations and various sporting events aboard the boat held alongside the river, where townspeople and tourists will come together and have fun.


Leningradskaya Street in the city of Samara

This street can be considered the center of Samara’s economy and culture. Until the year 1856, it was a suburban street on the outskirts of the city, but when the city’s big market moved from one area to another, owners of shops considered the street to run their business.

Samara best attractions

They bought the land in the area, and it turned out to be the largest and most prestigious shopping center on the street, turning it into a busy street.

You can still see the houses of the old businessmen of Samara who were active in the 9th century. Famous shops and popular restaurants can be found on this street which attracts many people every day to walk and shop.


Bomber Memorial Structure No. 2 in Samara

The building that marks the end of World War II and the Soviet Red Army’s defeat of the Hitler army in Nazi Germany is a memorial made of bomber No. 2 and is a symbol of the city’s lavender.

Samara best attractions

The location of the bomber is in Samara, a spike that represents Russian authority is a military construct. The bomber was transferred to the city from the Kula in year 1970, and after repairing and restoring the Russian war bomber. After that it was moved to Samara in 1974 so people can celebrate the Victory Day next to the memorial.

Along with traveling to different parts of this beautiful city, the experience of tasting local food and foodstuffs can also add to the great experience of tourists.


Food is Samara

There are many restaurants and cafes in the city, some of which are world-renowned. For example, Benjamin’s restaurant was built on the basis of Benjamin Franklin, who once served as president of the United States. The restaurant serves a variety of Russian and international cuisine and desserts which are very popular dishes.

Food is Samara

The entertainment programs held at the restaurant also have a large audience and are very attractive. But the interesting thing is that all the proceeds from these programs are spent on charity and donated to charities to handle the disadvantaged status of children with disabilities.

Samara best attractions were those we followed above. At the end it should be noted that this city is a place for people who loves to see historical attraction and beautiful landscapes. Samara is the home to tourists who are seeking for a different peaceful place, and you can be sure that visiting it would not be timewasting.

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