Sabah sights in Malaysia + tourism attractions

Sabah is part of the island of Borneo, formerly called North Borneo. Borneo was formerly owned by the Chinese and used as a prison in World War II. The island is owned by three countries Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo. Sabah is located in eastern Malaysia and belongs to this country.

Since this beautiful island is one of the major tourist destinations, we try to introduce you to the sights of Sabah Island.

Sabah sights

The Sabah area is part of the island of Borneo and the beautiful Mount Kinabalu is in the area. The state of Malaysia, despite its extraordinary natural attractions, has attracted many tourists and every year many travelers travel to the area for recreation and relaxation. The Sabah is surrounded by the Chinese Sea in the West and the Solo Sea in the East.


The air temperature in the state of Sabah varies between 20 degrees Celsius in coastal areas and 32 degrees Celsius in hot sunny days, with seasonal and monsoon rains characteristic of the state.


The natural attractions of the Sabah, such as its particular ecosystem and the presence of animals such as crabs, carnivores, birds and native mammals, are one of the reasons that prompt many tourists to explore the tropical forests of the region each year. Other attractions in Sabah include the pristine beaches, beautiful islands, resorts, hiking, diving, diving, ballooning and more.


Public transportation such as buses, taxis and van are available here. To enter the state of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu International Airport is the main gateway.

A collection of nature’s attractions are gathered in Sabah. From the tallest mountain in south-east Asia, Kinabalu, to the diverse birds and mammals, you can find in Sabah.


Kinabatangan River

One of the attractions of Sabah is the Kinabatangan River, which is Malaysia’s second longest river and is 560 kilometers long. The Kinabatangan River originates in the southwestern mountains of Malaysia, and its outlet is the Solo Sea. One of the attractions of this river is its special ecosystem.

Kinabatangan River

If you’re lucky, you can meet a variety of animals, including elephants in the muddy water, and cute and happy snout monkeys in the area. Keep in mind, however, that floods occur in December and January, and it is advisable to avoid visiting the area.

Kinabalu Park, one of the best Sabah sights

The park was founded in 1996 and has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique beauty. To visit this beautiful and spectacular park, you must go to the western part of Sabah Beach.

Kinabalu Park

The park is about 754 square kilometers in size and has incredible trees and flowering throughout. In addition, the Kinabalu volcano is adjacent to the park. Of course, this volcanic mountain is inactive and you can enjoy its beauty and splendor.

Here you can see a large amount of Rafflesia arnoldii. This lily is the worst flower in the world and has gained fame because of its bad smell. In addition, you will find forests of oak and coniferous trees. Most importantly, various carnivorous plants are found in the area.


Sabah tea center

Other sightseeing on the island is the tea factory, which features a luxury hotel. Visiting the factory you can see the process of making tea step by step.

Sabah sights

In addition, you can buy native Malay tea here and take it as a souvenir. This tea is very fine and has a pleasant taste. It is important to note that it is prohibited to take photo from tea making procedures.

Danum Valley

The valley is one of the most spectacular areas of Sabah Island, with an area of 435 square kilometers. Tropical forests and vegetation layer here is one of the most spectacular areas of Sabah Island.

Danum Valley

In this area most of the time the weather is foggy and you will find damp leaves on trees.

Sipadan National Park, one of the best Sabah sights

Sipadan National Park is one of the most attractive attractions on the Island which can be very interesting for divers. The area has over 400 species of fish and coral reefs and has a natural ecosystem.

Sabah sights

This region is undoubtedly one of the richest and most beautiful marine habitats in the world, which has made it famous. So if you are also interested in seeing marine animals and diving in the area, you can visit and enjoy the area while traveling to Sabah.

Suspended Kota kinabalu bridges, a spectacular sight of Sabah

Suspended bridges in Kota kinabalu are one of the most exciting sights in Sabah that you should not miss. The suspended bridges are about 30 to 70 meters high and 15 to 60 meters long.


When you are on the bridge, you will experience the vibrations of these wooden bridges, which is very exciting. It is so beautiful to see the surrounding scenery from this height and you can experience this unforgettable sense here. Crossing the bridge and walking on it takes about 30 minutes, which is a very fun time in itself.

Turtle Island

As its name implies, the island is a nesting place for turtle and is known worldwide as a marine turtle conservation park. Turtle Island is located on the coast of the Solo Sea off the east coast of Sabah, taking about an hour by boat.

Turtle Island


Sabah festivals

In addition to the many attractions, the island of Sabah has many exciting festivals that can be fun and exciting for every traveler.Sabah sights

One of the island’s festivals is the Chinese New Year. The Chinese population of Sabah Island is a significant population. That’s why the Chinese neighborhood is so beautiful and spectacular during the New Year. The Chinese celebrate the New Year by decorating the streets and their homes and baking a variety of local cuisine, which is a very interesting and exciting occasion.


Another popular festival of the Sabah is Coconut Feast. The festival hosts exciting and entertaining events. It is interesting to know that all the fixtures used in the contest are made of coconut. Visitors can also enjoy drinks and foods cooked from coconut.


The Kaamatan Harvest Festival is also one of the other festivals in the area. The festival is held on the first week of May. In fact, the people of Sabah believe that rice is a gift from God. You can see local dances in the area.

The Sago and Corn Festival is also well-known in the region, with corn and sago cooked to this day. If you love activities like scuba diving, boating, mountaineering and so on, we recommend Sabah Island.

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