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Pretoria in South of Africa (full guide + video)

Pretoria located 50 km north of Johannesburg, is the administrative capital of South of Africa and hosts government departments, ministries, embassies and diplomatic units. The city also houses beautiful old buildings and unique museums including the Transvaal Museum and the Museum of Cultural History.

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Two Video about Pretoria
Tourist attractions

  • Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve
  • Freedom Park
  • Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre
  • Voortrekker Monument
  • Pretoria National Botanic Garden
University of Pretoria
Questions about Pretoria



But the tourist attractions of Pretoria are not limited to its buildings and museums, and its streets are among the beautiful elements of the city.

Pretoria map

Many of the streets of the city are covered by trees known as “Begonia” that create beautiful landscapes in October with their purple blossoms that make you never tire of walking. Together, Pretoria’s tourist attractions make it one of South Africa’s most touristy cities.

It can be said that 480 kilometers of city walking in streets are covered with begonia trees. Imagine what wonderful scenery you will find while Pretoria.



Video about Pretoria




In general, Pretoria has a favorable climate. The city usually has a moderate temperature. Especially from November to April, we will see the best temperature of the year.

pretpria weather


weather in south africa

As you know, South Africa is in the southern hemisphere, so summer and winter here are the opposite of northern hemisphere. Pretoria winters are coldest times of the year and temperatures can sometimes go below zero.



Tourist attractions


Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve

If you are looking for a wonderful park and natural area in this city, Pretoria offers you a paradise. Located 100 hectares near the city center, this park is known as a paradise for nature lovers. This area used to be a farm, but todays it’s a wonderful nature, with a restaurant replacing one of the old buildings giving you an unforgettable experience of eating in nature and also near the animals.

Pretoria tourism

In this natural park you will find various animals that each plays a role in making the area more beautiful. The rare animals you see in this area can be gazelles, impala, bushbuck, zebra and ostrich an etc.

There are other spectacular landscapes alongside the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve and the Groenkloof Nature Reserve. In the park you will find numerous pavilions with furniture and other amenities. The giraffe group movement is spectacular. At any moment you may see a giraffe stumbling into your lawn. It’s also great to watch the horned deer run. If you look a little further away, the zebra herd will also eye-catching.


Freedom Park

Freedom Park is one of Pretoria’s most popular attractions and the people of the city are particularly fond of it. The park features memorial statues of World War I and World War II victims. South Africa’s liberals, have also been buried there. Maybe that’s why it’s called Freedom Park, because it is a burial ground for freedom fighters which fought for their liberation in South Africa and lost their lives.

Freedom Park

Among the most prominent figures in the names of libertarians can be Steve Beuko, Oliver Tembo, Helen Joseph, Albert Lutoli and Bram Fischer as international leaders, as well as continental leaders such as Mozambique President and Amilkar. Cabral pointed out.

The park also has several fountains and artificial ponds. The fountains of Freedom Park are also illuminated in the name of freedom and in memory of the soldiers of past wars. In addition, Freedom Park has a live nature and beautiful greenery and visiting it will give you a great sense.


Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre

The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre is 45 minutes from the city. If you are interested in the wildlife world, this center is one of the best places to visit in South Africa. The chance to see wild Cheetahs here in this close view and watch their lifestyles is great.

Here’s a chance to see these animals up close and even reach out. If you’re a little brave, you can cuddle cheetahs and hug those that are smaller. What really separates this animal center or zoo from the other ones, is the ability to approach the animals and cuddle them.

Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre

It’s a place where animal lovers have the chance to get close to the animals and even cuddle them. Founded in 1971, as a cheetah conservation project, it has managed to protect and breed other animals such as wild dogs, slabs, hyenas and other animals. The important thing about this animal care center is that all its income is spent on animal care and the owner of the collection has made no personal profit for himself. In fact, this center is a place where animals are fully devoted to improving their environmental conditions.


Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekker Monument is a spectacular mansion on top of a hill in the south of downtown. It is one of the most famous buildings in the city. Not only is it a national heritage in South Africa, it is also one of the most visited monuments in the country.

The design of this magnificent monument was designed by a leading architect, Gerard Mardigic who believed that when a monument is built, it must tell its story for thousands of years.

Voortrekker Monument


The structure is located at a height of 40 meters and above, you can see a unique view of the city. The main points inside this structure are its historic and unique ornamental fringe that has an extraordinary appearance. So here you find tomb of the famed pretoria anonymous soldier.

In addition, the granite structure of it and stairs that are seen around it, have an impressive view. Here you can see 27 marble engravings. These are prominent motifs of Dutch settlers.


Pretoria National Botanic Garden

The Pretoria National Botanical Garden is one of South Africa’s most beautiful attractions. This national garden is located near the city and has an area of 76 hectares.

In this garden there are very diverse and rare plant species. Walking around the plants and flowers of this garden is like finding yourself in a strange land. Some of the flowers are amazingly large, and you can see the trees whose roots are scattered around.

Pretoria National Botanic Garden

It is interesting to know that the Pretoria Botanical Gardens is home to two parts of the tropical and the cold. As expected in each of these tropical or cold regions, there are plant species specific to them. In fact, in this botanical garden, you will enter two different environmental poles.

It is noteworthy that Pretoria itself does not have an international airport and is accessible through two Johannesburg airports. Tambo Airport is located 45 km from the center of Pretoria. Lanseria Airport is also about 35 kilometers southeast of the city.


University of Pretoria

It has more than 43,000 students. The university’s ranking is 551 as well. The University of Pretoria has more than 1,500 employees.. you can earn more data about this university in this link.

University of Pretoria



Questions about Pretoria

– What is the best time to travel to Pretoria?

  • you can go to the city in all of year but the best time is September and October


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