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Full description about Patras’s tourist attractions in Greece

Patras is the third largest city in Greece and many tourists visit this city every year because of its tourist attractions.

About Patras

The city’s diverse tourist attractions include Patras Fortress, Agios Andreas Church, the Odeum Ancient Theater, the Museum of Science and Technology and the Museum of Archeology. The city can be divided in to two general sections that each of them is a large neighborhood.

The new town is close to shopping malls and the old town is next to the castle. Greece is located in the European continent and Patras is also located in central Greece.

Patras is in the northern part of the peninsula called the Peloponnese and is about 215 kilometers west of Athens. The area of Greece’s third largest city is 738 km and it has population of 260000 people.

Patras in Greece

The Greek Revolution began in Patras and it was under siege by the Ottoman forces for many years. Eventually, the French cleared the city from the Ottomans and after leaved nothing behind the old city of Patras. Of course a new city was built there after that.

The patras people speak Greek and most people of this city are Christian. Also some of them are Orthodox and Catholic.


It is the central government of Greece that manages and heads the city of Patras and other cities of Greece, and it is a totalitarian government.

The gubernatorial government of Greece has a prime minister who, along with other ministers, forms the cabinet of ministers, and the head of the gubernatorial government is also elected by members of parliament.


Tourist attractions


Patras Archaeological Museum in Greece

This archaeological museum, built in Patras, Greece, is one of the most spectacular places in this beautiful city. Statistics show that many tourists are interested in seeing it.

The ancient museum, which identifies various eras of Greece, was inaugurated on July 24, 2009 AD. The museum has an area of about 28000 square meters and its internal structure is 8000 square meters which makes it the second largest museum in Greece. Next to the museum is a lush land that has turned it into a cultural park.

Patras Archaeological Museum in Greece

In this museum, the city’s history has been exhibited from the earliest to the end of ancient Roman times, and we can get acquainted with the culture of this historic city and learn more about its past by visiting the artifacts of this museum.

The museum also has four sections each expressing a particular theme. One of these sections deals with different cultural subjects thematically and seasonally, but the other three are based on a permanent basis.


Patras Museum of Science and Technology

Built in 2001, the museum is known as the Laboratory of the Patras University School of Science. In this science museum, important studies and research are carried out and various discoveries and inventions are investigated. Documents related to science and technology are also preserved and used in this science museum.

Patras Museum of Science and Technology

Students at the Patras University of Science conduct their research in this laboratory and receive training in the laboratory. The museum hosts exhibitions on earth science, flight science, astronomy and life sciences. The white building of the museum multiplies its beauty and adds to its visual appeal.


Ancient Odeum Patras Theater

This ancient theater has an attractive and special structure and is beautifully located in Patras, where Greek theaters are played.

The ancient theater looks circular and part of its structure is made of stone or brick, and various metals have been used to fortify the building.

Ancient Odeum Patras Theater

The ancient audiovisual theater was built in the western part of the Acropolis area of ​​Anopolis. This ancient theater has various visual parts such as theater and audio parts such as orchestra.


Agios Andreas Patras Church

This church is called Andreas or Andrew. This spectacular monument is a large, beautiful church in the western part of Patras. This church is perhaps one of the prettiest European churches in the Christian religion and the Orthodox branch.

Agios Andreas Patras Church

The church was built around 1908 by Anastasius Meksas in the style of Greek architecture. In the south of Patras, there is a coastal area, where Andrew died.

There are two churches built in this area that belong to the Sunnis. One of them is the Hyacinth of the city and the other is one of the largest churches built in the Balkans.


Ancient castle

Above the ruins of the ancient Acropolis, there is the ancient castle of Patras, built in the mid-sixth century. For this reason, this castle is considered to be one of the ancient monuments of Greece.

It may be said that the city of Patras owes its historical value to this ancient castle. The old Patras Fortress is close to the Yanachiko Mountains and is 800 meters above sea level.

It should be noted that the first successor of the empire that ruled during the Byzantine period ordered the construction of this building.

Ancient castle

Araxos Airport is a public and military airport in Patras and its code is IATA GPA. This military airport is about 14 meters from the sea and has a large space with a beautiful and modern building with advanced equipment.

Patras gained the title of European Capital of Culture in 2006 and since then it has attracted more attentions. Patras has a Mediterranean climate and is warm and dry in summer and humid in winter.

The existing railway line in Patras connects it with cities such as Athens, Kalamata and Empia. Airlines are also linked to Brussels, Munich, Moscow and Vienna. Public transport in the city includes city taxis, buses and subways.

The city’s souvenirs are beautiful pottery and leather crafts that can be found at local Patras markets. The leather industry of this city is highly diversified and ranks among its luxury goods.


In this town you will find a variety of delicious local pastries and dishes, especially Greek breads, But olive and olive oil are very famous in this city.

Baklava is a Greek dessert of Patras that uses noodles, sugar and butter in a layered way and is served before lunch. Dolmabakia is another delicious food found in abundance in the city.


You will find this dish at the Patras Luxury Restaurants and you can also get it from street food stalls. Grape leaves are used to cook this dish. In addition, a variety of meats and rice are used inside this leaf. The people of the city eat it with lemon as a condiment.

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