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11 Top-rated tourism attractions in Normandy,France

France is one of the most important tourism countries in Europe, attracting many visitors from all over the world. Located on the west coast of France, Normandy has been a region colonized by the Vikings since the 9th century.

The Normandy name is derived from ancient Scandinavian men. Here you will find World War II memorials. You will also find magnificent medieval buildings and lush gardens. After all, Normandy’s restaurants serve great food.

The Battle of Normandy

If you’ve studied World War II history, you probably heard something about The Battle of Normandy. The Battle of Normandy is one of the World War II’s famous battles.


The battle was fatal in the form of war that caused the Nazis defeat against France. The allied forces landed on the coast of Normandy on June 6.

These forces were the ones who liberated France from the Nazis. It is interesting to note that this battle is one of the largest land and water operations in history.


Tourist Attractions in Normandy



When you enter Caen, you feel like you’re in a new city, but the truth is something else. The city was damaged in 1944, but was later rebuilt by Caen.


However, there are many historic buildings built during William and the conquerors’ rule. The Chateau de Caen is one of Caen’s attractions and is the largest medieval castle.

It was built in William’s time. The building is used as a museum in the present day.


Cherbourg in Normandy

Cherbourg was militarily important because of its strategic location. It is worth noting that Louis XVI and Napoleon also gave it special value.


Cherbourg is located off the coast of France and is a very important harbor for fishing and boating.



Rouen should be considered the capital of Normandy. The thing to note is that, this is the place where Joan of Arc was burned in 1431. Rouen played an important role during the war.

Many of Normandy’s major attractions are in this ancient city. Notre Dame Church is also located in the city.


The 151 meter high Rouen Cathedral, is one of the tallest churches in the world, and of course architecturally significant. This church is a magnificent structure and its style is Gothic.

Its tall building will knock any viewer. When you enter the main hall of the church, the ceiling and wall paintings look amazing. Paintings of angels with open wings can be seen everywhere on the ceilings. On the walls are images of Saint Mary and Jesus in her arms.


Honfleur in Normandy

It is located in the port of Seine, a town called Honfleur. In the medieval time, it was the most important maritime trading center. During your trip to Honfleur, be sure to visit St.


Catherine’s Wooden Church. St. Catherine remains from the 15th century to the present.



Giverny is where the painter Claude Monte has painted it. He fell in love with Giverny after drawing this painting and moved here.


Water lilies have been one of his most beautiful paintings, which is one of the reasons why tourists visit the area today. Monte is buried in the Sainte-Radegonde Church, a beautiful, historic 11th-century church.



Bayeux is one of Normandy’s most popular attractions. It is home to nearly 75 attacks from William to France.


900 years later, during World War II, Bayeux was the first French city to be liberated From Nazi Germans during a raid.



Etretat is a small town on the English Channel with white cliffs, natural arches and conical cliff, with 80 meters height near the beach. Two arches can be seen both sides of the high and white shores.


You can even surf parts of the beach where the tide is low. It is interesting to see the Notre Dame church from the top of the hill, which has a fascinating view.

The last time the white bird was seen in Etretat in 1927. The White Bird is a two-winged plane that is lost and its fate is unknown.


The Normandy Cemetery

The Normandy cemetery, is home to more than 9.000 soldiers tombs, as well as a World War II memorial museum of old warships, cars and motorcycles.

Normandy in France

Here you will find everything that has to do with World War II and its memories. Walking through the tombs of war soldiers, you will know the sound of cannon and tanks and the constant firing of gunpowder and blood.


Mont Saint Michel

Here is one of Normandy’s most famous sights. The construction of Monte Saint Michel dates back to the eighteenth century.

Saint Jean Baptiste cathedral

That is, when Archangel Michel’s heavenly militia commander ordered his troops to build a small church on a hill on the island. Of course, his intention to build this church at that time is unclear, and there are various accounts of it.


Le Mont Saint Michel

After three hundred years, a street called the Bentictine was built adjacent to the church. This is how the St Michel Collection became one of Normandy’s most famous sights.

During the Battle of the Hundred Years, a large wall was added to St Michel’s that distinguished it from other parts.


St. Michel’s Worship

Years ago, the sanctuary of St. Michel, located on a rocky island in Normandy, has become one of the tourist destinations of France because of its beautiful landscape and historic buildings, most of which have survived since the eighth century.

Normandy in France

It houses five large halls and one main monastery, which have been rebuilt over the years, and registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979.


D-Day Beaches

This is one of Normandy’s most sad sights. There is a brutal killing on this beach and it can be said that blood can still be seen.

In one of the biggest World War II attacks on June 6, tens of thousands of soldiers were killed. Something close to 160.000 soldiers began fighting in five different parts of the coast to liberate France. But more than 10.000 of them died. Of course, the death toll among the Nazis was not low.

Normandy in France

On this coastline, there are numerous cemeteries and museums related to World War II that continue to evoke the bitterness of war and its calamities.

Apart from these, the nature of Normandy is an example. Beautiful trees and vast fields can be seen in its various parts of it.

Normandy was very powerful throughout history, and the power of the Duke of Normandy was equal to that of the King of France.

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