New York sights (Tourism Attractions), the city of Hip Hop in USA!

New York is the most populous city in New York State and the United States of America, consisting of five districts including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. This city is one of the cultural, political and economic hubs of the world.

New York sights

Some have called New York the capital of the world because of its unique political, economic, and cultural significance. New York sights may full weeks for you and still you can find more.

New York City is the largest city in the world with an area of ​​11,327 square kilometers. Among the world’s major cities, New York’s GDP is among the highest, which in terms of nominal value can be compared to a large country like Russia alone.

New York sights

With more than 53 skyscrapers over 200 meters high, New York City has the largest number of skyscrapers in the world. Freedom Tower is the first building to be built on the site of the New York World Trade Center. According to 2015 statistics, New York City has a population of about 8.5 million.

Opened in 1904, the New York City Train is the longest subway line in the world. The New York Stock Exchange is the world’s largest dollar-denominated stock exchange located on Wall Street.


Central Park, one of  the best New York sights

The park is about 342 acres in a rectangular shape located in the heart of the New York Business District. The park also has lakes with a total area of ​​7.60 hectares. 25 million people visit this park annually. Almost all of New York Central Park has been landscaped and designed and built by architects in the 18th century.

New York sights

The park has several seemingly natural lakes that are completely artificial and made by the park’s architects; These lakes, in addition to all the hiking trails, equestrian trails, two ice skating rinks, one of which is used as an outdoor pool in July and September, a zoo, a wildlife sanctuary, a small natural forest inside the park, playgrounds, grounds Specially for children’s play, it is a free amphitheater for concert parks and all the facilities of New York Central Park.  Ten kilometers from the park is dedicated to areas for running, cycling and skating.

Designers have also designated a tree-covered area as a ramble for those interested in birds. The park also has a wooden building that holds many boats and provides them to boaters.

Statue of Liberty National Monument

Very organized and quick trip to the island leaving battery park. The boat ride is around 20 minutes and you arrive first to liberty island.

Statue of Liberty National Monument

If you managed to reserve with a few months of anticipation you can get crown access for an additional fee but we only stayed at the foot of the statue. You get a great view of the Manhattan skyline and is a good visit on a sunny day.

The boat then takes you to Ellis island which has some nice buildings and information about the immigrants arriving to the city but is not worth a long stay. Their are no lines to get on the boats, so try to get as front as possible.


Empire State Building, one of  the best New York sights

We did this and the top of the Rock with our city pass. This place was awesome and I love how they have added so much to it to make it much more than just going up to see the skyline.

Empire State Building

There are a lot of educational museum type props there no as well that my husband said didn’t used to be. The line to get in is a struggle and patience is key but I would certainly recommend it over TOR if you had to chose! It was so beautiful GO AT NIGHT!!


Times Square

Fabulous place ever, This place always brings you back one of the best memories of my life.

Times Square

It is just magical. Sometimes, you just won’t know a spot that is special and worth remembering until few years later. Crowded but nice and enjoyable!


The Museum of Modern Art

Probably one of the favorite in the museum category of new york city. They have a meandering layout that you can walk through… although some of our party had trouble finding specific locations or areas so it may be best to just stroll through.

The Museum of Modern Art

It takes about 3 hours to get through the exhibits. Even the free, public exhibits are amazing! Some fun and interactive exhibits, art installations that make you feel both large and small. It’s a great place for enjoying your free time.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you didn’t go to this museum while you were in new york city, you didn’t visit this city. it is a monument of the city, a marvelous piece of art created to present arts from all around the world, from ancient Greece and Rome to the Egyptians mommies. Always cabs available out side to carry you to your hotel!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Brooklyn Bridge, one of  the best New York sights

I love architecture, photography, and walking so I decided to walk over Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn. Stay on the pedestrian side or you will get an earful from cyclists. Due to the pandemic there aren’t a lot of tourists out.

Those that were, were mostly wearing masks. I was pleasantly surprised to get pictures of the bridge architecture without people in them (thank you COVID). I walked down to Brooklyn Bridge Park for wonderful views of both Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge

There’s a small beach where you can sit and eat your takeaway food or have an ice-cream. Walk over to Jane’s carousel and take a ride (if open). On your way back there are some nice shops and restrooms. Then find your way to the pedestrian walkway over Manhattan Bridge.

It isn’t as populated as Brooklyn Bridge, but it’s definitely grungier. You’ll get some great views of Brooklyn Bridge through some cut-outs in the chain link fence. They were doing some fence replacements as I was walking over, which narrows the walkway in certain spans.

As you get to the end, you end up in Chinatown. Re-energize with some baked goods! I recommend having the NYC Subway app to assist you with nearby stations and routes. This ended up being about a 4-mile walk.


Rockefeller Center

Loved the view from the Top of the Rock. The open-air level makes it more fantastic. Advice: go up early morning with the first group usually it’s not so busy and you can enjoy the deck without crowd.

Rockefeller Center


The High Line

One of my favorite spots in NYC. Visiting this from bottom to top is a must after a walk through Chelsea market. Where else will you eat your taco?

The High Line

It’s beautiful and well kept, a true example of of what history and city transformations should aim to accomplish. It’s beautiful in all seasons you have to visit at least once in your life!


Grand Central Terminal, one of  the best New York sights

GCS has its ups and downs because of its many ins and outs. One must admit that, given the volume of people who cycle through this spot on a daily basis, it’s kept pretty clean, orderly and organized.

The center clock is the place we can all agree to meet at, if you happen to disagree with me. It’s a grand historic landmark that’s simultaneously practical and highly utilized. The lost and found here is a great place to go if you’re ever missing a black umbrella (pro-tip). The ceiling will break your neck.

Grand Central Terminal

The bathrooms will teach you new ways to wash. The food will make you question the taste of chicken. And the departure and arrival screens will make you question your deepest understandings of color-coding schematics.

If this joint isn’t an essentially embedded part of your travel, it probably eventually will be. Long live the mighty rumbling trains.


One World Trade Center

Standing as a shining beacon for the new Downtown, and a bold addition to the skyline, One World Trade Center is safe, sustainable, and artistically dynamic. Soaring to a symbolic 1,776 feet — it is the Western Hemisphere’s tallest building, and already an iconic New York landmark.

One World Trade Center

Downside, parking. Hard to find parking but public transportation is readily available. A must see if you are in New York City, nice pleasant atmosphere as well with good restaurants, salmon, steak is a must have. A total recommended experience. Enjoy the videos herein and the fast elevator ride up to the observation floor.


5th Avenue, one of  the best New York sights

Walk 5th Ave and make certain to see Lord and Taylor, Public library, Saks and more! The Saks light show is outstanding and is right across from the famous NY Christmas tree. Great window shopping. High end stores tend to be more toward the Central Park area.

5th Avenue



We visited the Majestic Theater off Broadway and saw the Fantastic Phantom of the Opera!! What a wonderful Production!! Loved every min. the music, costumes, awesome dance and acting and singing the special effects the historic theater itself. It was just so exciting!



9/11 Memorial & Museum

It was a great experience! A must see in New York. From my point of view, I suggest starting from the fourth floor, with the dinosaurs, which I think is the best part.

9/11 Memorial & Museum New York sights

Of course interests may be different for each person, but dinosaurs are the great attraction! The big animal area is also awesome! You need at least three hours to quickly see everything. For details, you’ll probably take a whole day!


Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, one of  the best New York sights

The Guggenheim is a good time. It features a variety of classic cultural artistic images and artifacts with some collectable cools. Every couple months they switch it up to provide an intellectual range of artsy representations with creative designs.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum New York sights

The structure of the building winds upwards as you explore each featured exposition. The staff aren’t nearly as friendly and helpful as they could be, taking off a star here because they gave me a hard time in the ticket line for no reason, but apart from that, coming here has usually been a very positive experience.


Chrysler Building

I’ve been walking through this building on my commutes for at least 10 years. I have become friends with the security guards and when I was little we called the entrance to the subway “the secret passage.”

Chrysler Building New York sights

This lauded secret passage is the quickest way to the train when traveling from the east side. Most people do not know about the entrance.


Bryant Park

Bryan Park is a family friendly destination with tons of options for everyone in your family.  Kiddie Park, Track, picnic area with tables, grills and restrooms.

Bryant Park New York sights

The Parks& Recreation Staff are super attentive and friendly.  There are staff members providing N95 masks in the morning free of charge.  There are tennis courts and an outdoor gym fully equipped to give you the summer body of your wildest dreams for free!

what more you know about New York sights which we miss here. Tell us about these city tourist attractions more.

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