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how is naples italy to visit ? (full informations)

Naples is the third biggest city in Italy. This city is a port and it is located near the Mediterranean sea. Its urban population was estimated at around one million, but the whole province population is around four million.

 The population of Naples Italy 

In compare with the area of the city, Naples has one of the most condensed population in Europe. The area of city with its islands is around 1.171 km2. It’s smaller than Rome, the capital city of Italy with an area of 1.28 km2. This city is the center of the region Campania. Campania has eight cities but Naples is the largest and most populated in the region.

Less than 10 percent of Naples population is immigrants. These people are mostly from Sri Lanka, Ukraine, India, China, and Romania. Although the city is the third-largest in Italy, it is the second metropolitan city in Italy after Milan.


 Geographical location 

The city has been affected by a volcanic activity because of its geographical location. Most of the population in Campania region live in Naples but this city has occupied only around 14 percent of this region’s area.


This city is near the capital city Rome. It is located in the south of Rome and it takes 2 hours to get Naples from Rome by the train.


Weather of Naples Italy

The weather in Naples is the Mediterranean. It means that the temperature is not too cold in the winter but it’s too hot and dry in the summer. The best time to visit Naples is in fall and spring through the months of May, June, September, and October.

Some parts of the city have a subtropical climate. From June to September temperature is ranging from 26 to 30 C and from November to March temperature would be between 4 and 8 C.

Facts about Naples
  • Name of city : Naples
  • Country : Italy
  • currency: Euro
  • language : Italian
  • the second metropolitan city in Italy after Milan
  • weather : Mediterranean
  • Naples is a harbor

History of Naples

From a historical point of view, Naples has been considered as one of the first urban places to live. This city was also one of the first places to live on earth. In the second millennium BC, this city was chosen as an habitant by the Greek.

At that time, Naples played a significant role as a boundary between Greek and Roman culture. At the period of time in the past, Naples became a kingdom.

naples italy
Naples historic part is one of the oldest in Europe and it was one of the UNESCO world heritage. It contains huge historic and cultural places. There is a wide range of places on this site.

In the past, Naples has been divided into thirty neighborhoods. Today, there are only ten municipalities in Naples. Most of the old neighborhoods haven’t been used these days. There are just the crossroads to reach important parts of the city. The name Naples or Napoli came from the Greek word Neapolis, which means the New City.


In the way of the city development

In the time of Mussolini’s government, Naples was developed fast. But, during the world war second, the city of Naples was damaged intensely due to the several bomb explosions. In 1945, the project of reconstruction was initiated in Naples. Nowadays this harbor is so important not only for Italian, but also for all people in Europe, North Africa, and some parts of the Middle East.

In recent years, Naples has experienced great growth in the economy. Constructing a business center in the heart of the city and building a developed land and sea transportation has changed Naples to one of the notable economies in Italy. Currency in Naples is the euro. This currency belongs to most of the European countries.


Language in Naples

Most of the people in Naples speak Italian, but there is another language Napolitano which has had a few speakers in compare with Italian.

Some people believe Napolitano is an Italian dialect, and some others count it as a separate language. Although Napolitano doesn’t have a social status it has a great history.

naples italy

Napolitano has a great vocabulary and it is rich and wealthy in its own type. Napolitano is somehow a mixture of French, Italian, and Spanish. That’s because many local people can understand French and Spanish as well. This language is still used in different parts of Italy.


Transportation in the Naples Italy

this city as a port plays an important role in the region. It has been a suitable place for NATO forces to have dominance on North Africa and the Middle East.


It is also a joint for transportation through the sea between different countries in the region.


Natural beauties in the city

Naples is a harbor

Although the city has great historical importance, there are many beautiful natural places in this city. each year, These places attract so many tourists from all parts of the world. Naples is a harbor.


Mediterranean sea

It is located near the Mediterranean sea. This great sea makes this city an excellent place for water sports and activities. Riding boat, kayaking, watching families of dolphins, and many other water activities are suggested for the tourists.
There are also many islands near Naples which have been the great places to take a rest, have fun, and sunbathe. Sunshine in Italy is unique and it couldn’t be found in many other countries in Europe.


Cuisine in Naples (foods)

The worldly famous food, pizza, was made in the city for the first time. However, this city has great cuisine and you can find different kinds of tasty food here.

Mediterranean cooking has tasty food and it has been famous for being healthy and delicious around the world. This cuisine is also world inclusive.

List of Famous food in Napoli :

  • Pizza


The importance of soccer in the city

This city has a good soccer team. Its name is S.S.C Napoli. Napoli is a Serie A soccer club. This team plays in San Paolo stadium, which is famous in the region.


Some tourist attractions in the city

There are many tourist attractions such as landmarks, castles, cathedrals, beaches, and restaurants in this city. Some of these places are introduced in this part briefly; The ancient city of Pompeii is one of the historical attractions in the old district of this city.

The so-called and incredible story of this city motivates the tourists to have a wonderful visit from this national world heritage. Pompeii is a volcano which was active many years ago. Every year thousands of tourists come to this place and listen to the stories that tour leaders tell them.


Naples and the tourism industry

One of the primary factors in the Naples economy is tourist. Unlike many cities which keep history in the buildings and museums, in Naples, you can find historical items everywhere in the city. History bounds with people’s daily lives here. Folklore is an inseparable part of life in this city.
In recent years, the city has been considered as a great destination for the tourist because of its geographical location.


Naples Cathedral

Naples Cathedral is a famous and religious place for Christians to pray to God. This building was constructed in the 4th century. Only the baptistery part has remained from those days. The building has a Gothic style which has been common at that time.

why go to naples italy


Naples Sotterranea

Naples Sotteranea is an ancient city which has been located in the present city. This construction would take you to 2400 years ago when the city of Naples has been started to build.

This ancient city has lots of stories about the history of this city and keeps many secrets from the golden era of Romans and Greeks in its heart.

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National Archaeological

National Archaeological Museum has a rich collection of Roman history, but there are many other valuable things from Pompeii, Egyptian history, etc in this museum. It also contains works from the renaissance era. This place was built in the 17th century.

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Piazza del Plebiscito

Piazza del Plebiscito is a public square in the heart of this city. This square was built in the 19th century. It was named after the referendum in 1836 which joint Naples to Italy.
As it was mentioned at the beginning of the part, there are many places in Naples which everyone must visit them. This text only refers to a small part of all these attractions.

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What is naples italy known for ? (dark side)

Unlike all these beauties and attractions, this city has a bad reputation because of the Mafia. One of the worst issues in Naples was a trash crisis which has been already over.

Some neighborhoods in Naples are so dangerous but if you consider the cautions you can find an incredible and live city that is unique and unrepeatable for you. There are lots of things to do in this city. If Naples is your future destination to travel, you’re going to have busy and active days there.

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