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Montpellier France (full abou tourism of city)

Montpellier is a coastal city due to its geographical location near the Mediterranean Sea. (About 10 Km). Another gem of southern France is the beautiful city of Montpellier. Join us for exploring the many attractions here, from museum and hiking to charming restaurants.

This city is economically advanced and also offers first-class tourism services. There are luxury hotels, stylish restaurants and more. It is a historic city with historic landmarks and a seaside climate with immense tourist attractions that fascinate every tourist.

Montpellier, France


There are many museum in this city for culture lovers, including; Acropolis museum, the museum of Science and Society, which attracts many tourists throughout the year. It is good to know that culture in this city is ancient because of its history.

The city is a mixture of modern arts and crafts with many concerts held throughout the year, where the art lovers gathered.

Montpellier France




The city has a sunny and pleasant climate most of the year. In additions, its proximity to the Mediterranean makes the Mediterranean climate and warmth year-round dominant. Air humidity also flows in these areas and there is always great amount of oxygen in the air.


Tourist attractions of Montpellier


Mediterranean coast in Montpellier

Walking on the beach is one of the most fascinating recreations in the city. You can use different vehicles to reach the beach. You can also use the tram line to reach the best beach spot.
You can take a stroll along the leisure resort of Montpellier. Cycling is also very attractive. The warm sand and sun-drenched Montpellier beaches are excellent on the Mediterranean coast. The sun caresses you with its warm and golden lights.

Mediterranean coast



Fabre Museum

The Fabre Museum is one of the most spectacular museums in the city. The museum is located in the area of ​​Splendor. In this museum you will find various works of art from different eras. Part of it is dedicated to the works of contemporary artists. In addition, most of the time, exhibitions of contemporary artists’ works of art are held at the Faber Museum. If you’re lucky enough, you will be here at the fair.


Fabre Museum

The museum building is a very beautiful structure. But more importantly, it’s the museum’s interior lounges, which, with its red walls and exquisite panels, hang a dreamlike and magnificent look. It is interesting to know that the museum is free one day per month for public viewing. If you visit the Fabre Museum on the first Sunday of every month, you will not be charged a fee for visiting and visiting the museum.


St. Pierre Cathedral

It is one of the city’s most precious monuments. The construction of St. Pierre Cathedral dates back to 1364. Of course, the church became the city’s cathedral two centuries later, in the sixteen century.


St. Pierre Cathedral

The style of the church is Gothic and all elements of this style, have been adhered to its architecture. Looking at the church, you will see two tall parallel towers on either side of the main mansion and two shorter columns are in front of them in parallel. The entrance arch is crescent like and the building is drawn along the left path. In the interior of the church, you will find the same style of Gothic architecture. The altar of St. Pierre Cathedral looks spectacular and spiritual. In some places, the wall panels also show off. Must say, visiting this church is free.


Comédie Square

If you ask the people of the city, they will show you the Comédie square as the most important point of the city. This square is the most important point of the city and has good access to main attractions. Near Comédie square, you will find train station of Montpellier. There are also several tram lines near here. In addition, you can use taxies here. At Comedy City Square, you will find several famous French restaurants and some great cafés. Believe that each of these restaurants is unique in its own way and you should definitely discover the pleasure of eating in each.


Comédie Square


Also, if you want to savor the true taste of French coffee or a lean chocolate cake, don’t miss the Comédie bars. If you’re a movie lover, Comedy Square Cinema is also tempting to watch a great movie from today’s world bests.
If you’re into shopping, there’s also Esplanade Shopping Mall. This multi-store mall is great for shopping from world-renowned brands. Even if you don’t plan on shopping, be sure to turn around the Esplanade.


Montpellier Zoo

This zoo has a completely different space. In this zoo animals are kept from different geographical regions of the world. In addition you will find beautiful and spectacular greenery in this zoo. Any animal is kept in an environment appropriate to the geographical area of its habitat. African elephants, for example, are kept in an environment similar to their habitat in the African forests.


Montpellier Zoo


Entrance to Montpellier zoo is completely free and you can surf as much as you like. But since Amazon forest of this zoo is perfectly maintained in a different way, you need to buy a ticket and pay for it.



Flaugergues Palace

Flaugergues palace has been the residence of French noblemen for many years. It is one of the most beautiful and important mansions, you will find in this French city. Entering the garden area, a row of pine trees can be seen on both sides and a large pond in the middle.

Going further, two rows of stairs on both sides lead to a large porch. Then, you will see the palace’s main mansion. It has simple but original architecture.




Montpellier Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is a place where you can see all kinds of rare plants from all over the world. In addition to the cultivation and maintenance of special plants, there is a research center on rare and medicinal plants in this garden. Walking through the botanical garden, you will find yourself among the plants that depict the glory of creation at the height of beauty. In addition, you will find several strange structures in this garden that are very spectacular.

Montpellier Botanical Garden


This city is full of interesting museums, cobblestone streets and tempting restaurants. Anyway, don’t miss the pleasure of tasting French cuisine while traveling to various French cities. There are French restaurants in every part of the city, and every street and alley is filled with the smell of French cuisine.

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