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Minsk Belarus – everything about minsk

Everyone can enjoy visiting Minsk because they can do many types of activities here. Minsk seems to be a white spot in the European tourist map.

 History of Minsk 

Not many people travel to this city as tourists, but Minsk will probably surprise you with its beautiful and amazing sights. Most of the people think that only one or two days are enough to visit Minsk completely, but that’s not true. If you want to visit all the places in Minsk, you should travel twice.

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The early evidence of life in Minsk dated back to the 11th century. The first settlements lived near the rivers. In 1242 the city was a part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It became a town in 1499.

In the 16th century, Minsk was under the rule of Polish-Lithuania. In the 18th century, the city was governed by the Russian Empire. Between 1919 to 1991 the city was the capital city of Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. On June 2019, the city has hosted European Games.


 Language in Minsk

Minsk is the city of different languages. Most of the people in this city spoke Ruthenian in the past. This language was developed to Modern Belarusian. In the 16th century, the official language was Polish.

After Russian dominance in the 19th century, the Language of people has been altered to Russian. However, the official language of people between 1920s to 1930s was Belarusian. The Russian language has gained dominance again since the 1930s up to now.


 Geographical location 

the city is the capital city of Belarus. It’s one of the European cities which has experienced lots of thing during the years of world war I & II. Once this city was governed under the rules of the Soviet Union.

There exist two important rivers in this city, named Svislac and Nyamiha.


minsk weather

The best time to visit Minsk is in spring, especially in May. In spring, the weather is not so good or not so bad. But if you travel to Minsk in winter, don’t forget to bring enough warm clothes.

They’re really life-saving. Minsk has a warm summer, however, the temperature is unstable and it ranges from hot and dry to freezing in some months. That’s because the city is in the northern parts of Europe.


 Population and religion in Minsk 


The population of the city is around 2 million not including the population in the suburbs. the city is the 11th populated city in Europe. The area of Minsk is about 350 square kilometers.



The main religious group in Minsk belongs to Orthodox. The Orthodox Church in Belarus is related to the Russian Orthodox church. There is a small group of Roman Catholic in this city. They’re in minority. However, 30 religious groups have been distinguished in Minsk since 2006.


this city of Belarus is also the economic capital city in Belarus. Nearly 46 percent of Belarusian budget has been contributed in Minsk. the city is also powerful in the industry.

Many industrial activities in Belarus are in this city. There have been more than 250 factories in this city. Many factories in Minsk were destroyed during world war I & II in this city. After the last war, the city started to grow and this process has been continued up to now.


Transportation in Minsk Belarus

This city has extensive local transportation. There are more than 70 trolleybus lines, 8 tramway lines, 2 underground lines, and more than 100 bus lines in Minsk.

Tramway was the first public transportation in Minsk. it has been started since 1892. First, it was Horse tram then it has been changed to the electrical tram.

the city is the only city in Belarus that has an underground system. This is also called rapid transportation. Constructing the underground in the city was started in 1977.


minsk what to visit (tourism attractions)

You may think that Minsk is so small and unimportant, but that’s not true. If you are interested in history and iconic sites, the city is just for you.

Military Cemeter

The first cemetery was opened in 1840, but it was moved to another place in 1895. This cemetery contains dead bodies of people who killed in different war during the years. There are several bodies of Belarusian public figures in this cemetery. This place is valuable and has many visitors every year.


Independence Avenue

This street is about 15 km long. It’s one of the longest city crossways in Europe. This avenue is attractive, because of structural masterpieces and its architecture. Independence avenue connects the center of Minsk to the northeastern part of the city.

The style of the buildings dated back to 1950s. the avenue with all of its details such outdoor life and lighting is in UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE list. This avenue passes several main squares in Minsk.

There is also an Independence square in this city which is about 7 Hectares. This square was designed for military parades. Some important places in Minsk are located in this square.


Red church

Red churchThe red church is one of the oldest buildings in the city which has an amazing architectural style and striking color.

The architecture follows the neo-gothic style and it was built in 1910.


Underground city

At the beginning of the 21st century, a city was built in the city just for shopping activities and trading. There is something interesting about this city.

It is located under the Independence city and it’s called the underground city. This underground city contains all you need to have fun together. So many cafés, restaurants, shopping mall, and entertainment center help you to spend an amazing time in Minsk.


The historical center of Minsk

In this place, tourist can visit so many things about Belarusian history and religion. The magical temples and buildings are so eye-catching. 19th-century architecture has been used on the buildings.


Botanical garden at National Academy of Science

This garden is one of the largest gardens in Europe in which scientific researches have been done. The area is around 100 hectares. Plenty of plant species from all over the world are collected in this amazing garden. The number of the plant is more than 10,000.


 Museums in Minsk Belarus 

There are several museums in Minsk which is worth visiting for tourist travel to Belarus. The most important museums are situated in downtown. So, tourists can enjoy visiting them just by a walking tour.

The museums which have been located close to each other are National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, the Belarusian state museum of the history of the Great Patriotic War, and Yanka Kupala state Literature Museum.

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