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Lyon in France ( all data about city )

Lyon is the second largest city in France. This city is located beside the rivers Rhon and Saone. There is a fairly long distance between Lyon and the capital city Paris. the city is in eastern part of France. The population was around 500,000 in 2015.

There are many architectural masterpieces in this city. This city is also well known for its cuisine. Some of the historical buildings in Lyon are in UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. Lyon has been a significant center to produce silk for a long time.

Lyon has a notable role in the history of cinema. The device cinematogragh was invented in this city. Lyon has played an important role in every aspect of economy in France. There are so many significant bases such as Interpol, international agency for research in cancer, and Euronews in the city. In 2018, Lyon has been chosen as the second best city in France.


A brief history about Lyon

According to the historical evidence, the city was a settlement for those who were expelled from Vienna. At that time, the senate decided to encamp the refugees of the war beside the Rhon and Saone rivers. This was the first sign of the life in this region. All this story happened around 43 BC.

The city was under the Romans rules for a long time. The Christians were killed because of the cruel rules of Roman emperors at that time. Lyon was the capital city of Roman emperors some times.

At the end of 15th century, the Italian businessmen introduced Lyon as the economical center in France. There built an open air market in 1794 for this intention. Italians have had a major effect on the city. The architecture has been affected by Italian and Roman structure. Changing Lyon to an industrial city happened in 19th century. In this century some reforms have happened to have better working conditions and payment.


Climate and weather

There are two types of climates in the city. One of them is humid subtropical and the other is oceanic climate. The average temperature in the cold months is around 3 degrees of centigrade and in the warmest month is about 22 degrees of centigrade. The warmest month is July.



Lyon is the second richest city in France by its GDP. This city with its regions is one of the most important economies in Europe. One of the most notable industries in Lyon is high-tech industry. These industries such as software development, video game, bio technology, and internet services are growing so fast these days.

The other important source of money for Lyon is tourism industry. Most of the tourists in Lyon come to do business. Rest of the tourist come for fun and leisure activities.


Transportation system on lyon

There various types of transportation systems in the city. These systems are Metro, Tramway, Trolleybuses, and ferries on two rivers in the city. The city has 4 metro lines and five tram way line in Lyon.

Two major railways exist in Lyon. One of the railway is older than the other and it is used for regional services. These railways connect Lyon to important cities in France.


Tourist attractions in Lyon

Lyon is the second largest city in France, however it is not discovered by the tourists very well. There are many valuable things and place in Lyon which is worth spending a lot of time. The most historical places in France are in Lyon. Let’s look at this treasure in the heart of France.


Presqu’ile region

This place is a piece of historical land with lots of ancient buildings and great monuments on the river. There are so many masterpieces remain from the great artists here. There is also a huge and historical fountain in this place which is worth visiting. The architecture of the building is for renaissance era and it was built in 19th century. Near this region there is church which has been built in 14th and 15th century.




Musée des Tissus (museum of fabric)

In the 18th century mansion in Lyon there are two great museums. One of these museums is the museum of fabric which is called Musée des Tissus by French people. This museum consists of the devices that tell the story of the silk trade from the past to the present. It is so great to see the long history of one of the most important business of people in the city.




The other one is decorative museum which contains art work of different artists made from different materials such as wood, stone, paper… There are also different works from international artists from Japan, Italy and so on.


Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourviere in lyon

Near the river Saone, there is an old cathedral which is called Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourviere. This church is located in the height of 130 meters from the river. It was constructed in 19th century between 1872 to1884. The interior design in the church is so stunning and the style is a mixture of Gothic and Byzantine. From the top of the church, visitors can see an incredible landscape of the city of the city.

Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourviere



Saint Jean Baptiste cathedral

The architecture of this cathedral is so striking. This building was built in 12th and 13th century. There is a central window on the building which has different colors. This window has a function like a kaleidoscope. The architecture has been affected by Romans and the late Gothic style.


Saint Jean Baptiste cathedral


On the amazing part of the building is the astronomical clock which has been built in 16th century. This clock only works on catholic feast days.


Roman Theatre of Fourviére

This old building was built in 15th century BC. This theater is the oldest building in France. This was called the historical monument in 1905. This theater is valuable historically but the shape and architecture is also important and amazing.


Roman Theatre of Fourviére


How to visit Lyon

The best way to see the beauties of Lyon is walking tours. Many of the historical and beautiful places in Lyon are near together, so it’s a good time to walk on the street. Furthermore, the best way to see the old town of Lyon with its narrow street is walking tours. For the longer distances, there are bikes, buses and some special tourist vehicle in Lyon for the people who visit the city.

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