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Belgium is literally one of the most beautiful European countries with a small population and a small area than many countries, but there are many famous cities in the country, you heard about them. Liege is one of these cities which have a valuable history and studying its history will reveal a part of European history.

About Liege Belgium

People in Belgium speak Dutch, French, or German. Its neighbors are the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Belgium is one of the richest countries in terms of natural attractions. The beautiful country has a population of about 11 million and is geographically divided into the Flanders, Wallonia and Broxel regions.

Liege is the capital of Liege province and is one of the most spectacular cities in Belgium.


Liege located in the Walloon region, where people speak French, Dutch and German. This city is located in an area of about 69 square kilometers, and it has population of 200.000.

Liege in Belgium

It is one of the economic hubs in Belgium and has a long history of culture and civilization. During the wars waged on Belgium, the Liege often played a pivotal role and suffered extensive damage. Hence, the buildings of the city have been reconstructed many times and the burden of historical changes on them is quite evident.
It is home to many European nations, and you will find many Germans in particular. The people of Liege are people with a culture of kindness and a friendly art that can be seen in the nature of their friendship.


Weather of Liege

Liege is a coastal city with a temperate climate. The best time to travel to this city is in May, July, August and September. The city has clean streets and beautiful alleys, with cool air flowing through it.


Tourist attractions of Liege

Montagne de Bueren

The historic Montagne de Bueren is actually 374 stairs. The stairs were erected as a memorial of 600 soldiers killed or missed in Duke of Burgundy war. Each of these stairs is reminiscent of one of the soldiers killed or missed, and the townspeople have great respect for them.

Montagne de Bueren

It is interesting to know that Montagne de Bueren was the one who fought to the last breath in that hard and heavy war and protected the city gates.

The people of the city have great respect for him and therefore named the historic Montagne de Bueren of Duke Burgundy martyrs, Bueren. Every year, at the anniversary of this war ending, a commemoration ceremony is held at the stairs to commemorate the war dead.


Aquarium et Musee de Zoologie

In this museum you can see strange fish and marine animals that are unique in the world. Here you will find strange species of marine animals and taxidermy skeletons that will surprise you with a huge amount of giant fish. You must pay a fee to enter the museum and you will have 3 hours to visit it.
If you are interested in the underwater world, you will find the best and most amazing examples in here.

Liege in Belgium


Eglise St-Jacques Liege

If you are looking for one of the oldest buildings in the Liege, you should go to St. Jacques Liege Church. This church has a beautiful and spectacular building and its style is Baroque.

Its long columns and crowns are remarkable. You will find the front door decorated with several icons and all of its windows are divided into small molds. As you come across this church, you will realize its glory.

Eglise St-Jacques Liege

Of course, the church is not free to enter any time and you can visit it only two hours a day. In addition after entering the church, you will not be allowed to visit all parts of it and you will probably only be able to visit the main courtyard and altar.


Palace of the Prince

The Prince’s Palace is located in St Lambert and in the center of Liege. This famous palace is located directly opposite the Cathedral of the City, which is why it is also called the Princess Bishop’s Palace.

The interesting thing about this monument is that it is located in one of the most ancient sites of the Liege and is still in existence.

Liege in Belgium

As we have said, the city has been repeatedly attacked by various ethnic groups, and its structure has been ravaged by horse poisoning and cannon fire. This is why the palace damaged many times.

The current façade of the building was rebuilt by a local bishop in the 5th century.


La Boverie

The museum is an old house that was rebuilt and turned into a museum. There are many stories about this house and its former occupants that look a bit like legend.

Visiting the Liege Museum of La Boverie helps you to find out more about the lifestyle of the Liege and get to know its culture.

La Boverie


What to eat in liege belgium ?

The most popular foods in the city are burgers, spaghetti and potatoes. People in Liege cook these three types of food with special skill and you taste them differently here.

Here you will try a variety of fries with different flavors, each with its own charm and taste. Liege’s hamburgers are also famous and you should try them at different restaurants.

Liege’s chocolates are Belgium’s most famous. It is interesting to know that you can go to chocolate bars and see for yourself the process of making chocolate. It has a fascinating process and you can buy really new chocolates.

Liege in Belgium


Public transportation

Liege’s public transport system includes metro, train and tram. But people in the city are more interested in using bicycles and scooters and you can rent a bike or scooter to visit the town.

There are also city taxied in Liege, of course, with higher rental rates.


liege belgium festivals

There are several festivals held in Liege. The city’s most famous festival is the Nocturne Music Festival. The festival will be held in the last week of June, with music fans and artists from all over the world attending.

During this festival the atmosphere of the city will change and the whole city seems to have new spirit. Apart from these, there are several food and song festivals in the city that are less important than the music festivals.

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