Sights and landmarks in Hakodate , Japan

Hakodate is a beautiful port city in Japan, located in the southern part of Hokkaido Island. The town of Hakodate was opened to the outside world in 1859, as one of the first treaty ports on the southern edge of Hokkaido. Many tourists travel to this city for food, history and sights todays. you can follow Sights and landmarks in Hakodate here.

From ancient times, Hakodate was well known as a natural harbor. It is interesting to know that the people of this city are very fond of fishing. At this place, squid is caught all year round and is a locally sourced food.

Hakodate is a lush city with a clean climate. Everywhere in the city, you will find greenery and natural parks. However, spring and summer are the best times to travel to Hakodate. Here you can see absolutely rainy days, and on some days the sun is in the sky with all it’s glory.

Sights and landmarks in Hakodate


This neighborhood is one of the most spectacular areas of the city. Here you will find many European building, some of which date back to the 1800s.


In addition, the Russian Orthodox Church is located in the same neighborhood, which is one of the tourist attractions of Hakodate. You will also find Chinese buildings in the area alongside European buildings.


Goryokaku Tower, one of the best landmarks in Hakodate

Goryokaku Tower has a view from Tsugaru straits. The stellar shape of the tower and its limited green area look great.

From the highest point of the tower, you can see the magnificent view of the city. Visiting this tower is available Sundays to Saturdays, from 8am to 7pm.

This is a large park with a building at the center. You can stroll for hours in the park and enjoy its natural and lush landscapes. Especially if you go to the park in the spring, a bunch of pink cherry blossoms will fascinate you.

It is interesting to know that there are 1600 cherry trees in Goryokaku Park and you will see amazing effects on every side. There is a river in the park which is very attractive for walking on the bridge. In addition, here you will find resorts that are great for dreamy hours. Goryokaku Park is open from 9am to 6pm.


Hachimanzaka, one of the best landmarks in Hakodate

This street is one of the most spectacular street of Hakodate. On Hachimanzaka you will find a gentle downhill that is very pleasant to walk.

Hachimanzaka, one of the best landmarks in Hakodate

When you reach the highest point of the street, you will see a magnificent view below your feet that eventually reaches the blue water. The row of trees on both sides of the street created a gentle breeze at dawn and conquered any nature-loving soul.


Hakodate Orthodox Church

This church is located in the upper part of Motomachi. The white building and its pistachio domes have a beautiful appearance and fascinate every viewer. As you go to this area, besides the Hakodate Orthodox Church, you will also find other churches that each have their own charm and reputation.

The time of construction of the Hakodate Orthodox church dates back to 1916. Near this church you will find other monuments including temples and religious sites of other world religions.


Trappistine Monasteries, one of the best landmarks in Hakodate

The butter of this monastery is very famous. Natural beauty here is to the extent that it is called the Garden of Angels. In addition, there are several shops to buy souvenirs from which you can find a variety of handicraft and other souvenirs from the city of Hakodate.

The Trappistine Monasteries was first built for eight French nuns and is therefore of European architectural structure. Of course, there are also nuns currently living in the monastery, which may number up to 70. Agriculture, especially butter production, is the main occupation of these nuns and has made here a tourist destination.

Of course, tourists will not be able to visit the monastery nuns because they are in a part of the monastery that is not allowed to enter. But you will have the chance to explore the monastery area and discover the blend of European architecture with Chinese garden structure.


The old public Hall of Hakodate Ward

After a major fire that destroyed the building and other surrounding building in 1907, a complete renovation took place in 1914.

On the second floor of this monument, there was a living room, a reception room and bedrooms designed for royal and aristocratic guests visiting the empire. The ballroom is now dedicated to the concert hall and is now the most popular part of the building.

Sights and landmarks in Hakodate

In addition from the second floor public lounge, you can see the beautiful harbor of Hakodate. It should be noted that following the earthquake on September 6th, 2018, the public hall of the building was closed and it was announced that it would remain closed for up to 3 years for necessary repairs.


Mount Hakodate

You can reach the highest point of this wooden mountain by hiking or using the cable car and enjoy the spectacular views of the city.

Upstairs everything has changed in a dreamlike way, and the flickering lights have created a magical landscape.


Hakodate Museum of Northern Peoples

To discover Ainu culture, you must visit Hakodate Museum of Northern Peoples. This museum is self-guided and is divided in to two separate floors.

Here is one of the best place to look back at Japan’s past history and learn about it’s culture. The lifestyle of people in Japan’s past, and what they used to be, is on display at the museum. It can be said that the museum is one of the destinations that every tourist in Hakodate pursues.



Seafood is the most popular in Hakodate city. The people of this city love everything that is caught from the sea. All kinds of Sushi, salmon, hot rice and soup, scallops and asparagus are found here.

Sights and landmarks in Hakodate : foods

Traveling to this beautiful Japanese city requires careful planning. To get this chance to visit all the tourist attractions of the city, it is better to get a map of the city first and take a look at the geographical location of your destinations.

The city’s transportation system includes city buses, subways and high-speed trains. You can also use taxies, which will cost you a lot more. Hakodate hotels are far cheaper than the ones we see in Tokyo or Osaka.

For examples, hotels such as Comfort hotel, Tokyo Inn Hakodate, Hakodate Hotel Ekimae and … have affordable facilities while also being affordable. In addition, the local houses are extremely special and dreamy for tourists.

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