Guilin in China – tourist attractions (full information)

Guilin is one of the best tourist friendly cities in China, a city that its visual charm is amazing. The beauty and eye-catching natural scenes here are really perfect.

Tourist attractions of Guilin

The city is perhaps one of the most historic cities in China. The reason is old rivers and tall trees that are high enough to adorn the city with the most beautiful scenery. This city literal meaning is “colorful trees”, a testament to the region’s diverse attractions.


Although it was not recognized as a city until BC and was only a rural area by the Li River, it is nowadays called Guilin.

Located in the city of Guilin, the Li River is undoubtedly considered by many to be the city’s most beautiful landscape. The value and status of this beautiful river is so great that its image is printed on their money.


Li River

As mentioned, the Li River can be considered as the largest and most attractive tourist area of the city.


Also there are places like “Elephant Rock” and “Cave of the canebrake” here, which attracts hundreds of people every year. They encourage tourists to visit various parts of the river by boats.


Yulong River

The Yulong River also known as “Little Li”, is a river that drives from the Great Li River and actually originates from it.

Guilin in China

Visiting the historic bridge along the river’s way, enhance the tourist attractions of the river. Cycling along the river can also be a great pleasure.


Elephant Rock by the Li River

When you look at the Elephant cliff, you may be able to see it like an elephant drinking water. The reason for naming this rock is also a reference of its appearance.

Elephant Rock by the Li River

This elephant like rock is precisely at the intersection of Lijiang and Taoha River and has a large hole, that local people calls it “moon gate”.

Because every night, the shadow and image of the moon is seen on the Li River water through this hole and creates something magical. This makes the river image attractive to tourists at nights as much as in the day time.


Longji Terraced Field in Guilin

The Longji District of Guilin has rice paddies that are famous for their breadth and beauty. These agricultural areas are known as “Longji” and can be considered as the first cultivation areas which are capable of attracting tourists.

Longji Terraced Field

Construction of these farms dates back to about the 14th century AD, which has a step by step structure and is estimated to be approximately 800 meters above the sea level.

Rice harvesting in the area occurs early in the fall. Farmers often collect and store rainwater in winter and in hot seasons they use the water to irrigate their farmland and grow their own rice.


Mural hill

Mural hill has spiritual value to city’s inhabitants in addition to its spectacular attractions. The people of this land regard the hill as a source of inspiration and they pay special respect to it.

Guilin in China

Many artists in the country have also blessed the hill with the content of their works. For example, there are many paintings depicting the theme of this hill.

People view and consider the hill as a horse that is of the Moral race and value it, perhaps because of its special appearance.


Yangshuo Street in Guilin

Yango area has a street known as Yangshuo in its western part. The city is as old as 1400 years, so such street and its neighborhoods and buildings can be considered ancient monuments.

Yangshuo Street

The street is lined with old houses and shops and the presence of cafes and restaurants makes it even brighter, allowing every tourist to walk the length and breadth of the street, viewing shops.

The vibrant people on these streets and the way they behave reflect China’s rich culture and can be appealing to visitors.


Shangri-La Park

The Shangri-La Park in Guilin, along with deep caves, tall mountains, warm and beautiful cottages and various bridges are also tourist attractions.

Boating on the river in this park and visiting the area covered by peach trees, can refresh and revitalize any spirit.

Shangri-La Park

In this beautiful park, you can stroll for hours or take a bike ride. Cycling is a perennial custom of the Guilin people, and this is probably one of the main reasons for the clean air in this city.

In the park you will also find several calm natural lakes. Their ecosystems are spectacular.


The Reed Flute Cave

This cave in Guilin is one of the most beautiful natural attractions that has evolved over time and is decorated with colorful lighting. In this cave, you will find kind of straw that can be used to make composite flutes.

Guilin in China

Inside the cave is full of amazing and extraordinary stalactities, stalagmites and stone columns. Every year countless tourists visit Guilin because of this strange cave and its stone columns.

In addition to discovering its tradition and culture, you will also find many luxurious and modern attractions in this city. You may see monuments on different streets, but there are also luxury towers. Big stores, wealthy banks and luxury hotels are all over the city.

The cuisines of the city also refer to rice noodles or other noodles. They are enough for tourists to try and enjoy a delicious and delectable meal. Rice noodles have been one of the city’s special dishes for nearly three hundred years up to now and tourists are now being welcomed by these dishes.

The rice strings, along with the lamb or beef, as well as the dumplings served alongside the bamboo leafy leaves, have a special flavor and are eaten with spicy sauces.

Guilin in China

Of course, the varieties of vegetable and greenery in the area also include the various types of herbs with many medicinal and therapeutic uses. By using these herbs, many locals deviate from chemical drugs and treat many of their diseases with the help of the therapeutic properties of these herbs.

Twelve million tourists from all over the world travel to China and the city of Guilin every year to see these pristine visual attractions, and their dream of seeing a piece of paradise comes true.

However, traveling to this area in the warm seasons and often in summer is highly recommended. What is clear is that traveling during these times can safeguard tourists from the damage caused by high winds and monsoon storms and various rainfalls.

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