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Grodno Belarus | the most beautiful Belarusian city

Grodno Belarus – a city that is located in the Western Belarus, close to the Polish and Lithuanian borders the shores of the river called the Neman.

Grodno – one of the oldest towns in the country (it appeared in 1005, although the official founding date is considered 1128), moreover, it is – the most beautiful Belarusian city. Currently Grodno actively developed and is of great interest from the point of view of history and culture.

Grodno , Belarus

The city is one of the most important historical and cultural centers of Belarus, as one of the oldest cities of the country, which has preserved the unique historical buildings.

At various times, the city was part of the various countries, imitating and preserving their culture. Is the second largest city of ON, and for some time the residence of the Grand Duke of the area.

Grodno Belarus is a major point of tourist routes. There are plans to restore Vytautas Faro, Romer, and some locks in order to develop the industry. Temporary accommodation of the city provides 6 hotel complexes.

Grodno , Belarus

Among the main and the most popular attractions of the city of Grodno can be identified Old and New Castles, the church to receive the Holy Cross, Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Angels, the Franciscan Monastery and the Monastery brigitok, Kalozhskuyu church, St. Vladimir’s Church and St. Basil Cathedral.

If you pay attention to the interesting places that are not related to religion, it is necessary to visit the merchant’s house Kosovo, fire tower, Neman quay, several museums, including the country’s only teratological museum, as well as the Augustow Canal.

Grodno , Belarus

Finally, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus, which has been very successful in attracting tourists in recent years and decades. We recommend that you do not neglect food tourism when traveling to this city.

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