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Travel guide to Grodno and places to see, Belarus

Grodno is one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus and has a variety of tourist attractions. The city has a tourist nature and receives many tourists annually.

Grodno Attractions

Here are some of Grodno’s top tourist attractions:

Boris and Gleb Church, one of the best Grodno attractions

It is located in Grodno on the right bank of the river Niemen, near Castle Hill, close to the old castle. This building is built in the 2nd half of the 12th century.

In the same year the city of Pohorje DCL and stone churches from the shining of the lightning and thunder shibeniya. The name of this Church, probably associated with the names of its founders Boris and Gleb Vsevolodovich princes. It was restored in the early 16th century.

Boris and Gleb Church

Architect Bogush Bagutovicham (Baguvitsinavicham) after it has been destroyed crusaders. At the church there was a monastery, where the Grand Duke Alexander Yagelonchik in 1500 donated the estate Cheshchevlyany out of respect to the ancient monastery.

The following donations to the monastery did King Sigismund I the Old in | 1508 and 1538 in an engraving M. Tsyundta 1568 visible church after reconstruction – Lost features a cross-domed church, built high above the roof of the tent gable apse.


Grodno zoo

It is the first, largest, and at one time the only zoo in Belarus. The founding year considered of one thousand nine hundred twenty-seven when the botanical garden gymnasium opened zoological department.

Currently, the zoo has more than 3 thousand 317 animal species. The zoo is located in the Oktyabrsky district of Grodno near the railway station and occupies an area of ​​5.35 hectares.

Grodno zoo

The history of Grodno Zoo started with a group of enthusiasts from the Society led by nature lovers in Jan Kokhanovsky – Biology teacher gymnasium Adam Mickiewicz.

On his initiative in 1926 to charitable funds in the park (now them Gilbert Park) Botanical garden was created for educational purposes.

For the academic year 1927-1928 to the garden was added among the other zoological departments, which originally contained 17 species of local fauna .


The palace and park complex Vollovichey

It is a monument of architecture and landscape art of the 2nd half of the XVIII – nach, XIX century, Situated in the village. Svyatsk now Grodno district, the former estate of Volovich, a picturesque hilly terrain.

The palace and park complex Vollovichey

Italian architect, designed by George Sacco at Grodno leader Yuriy Volovich and his son Anthony. It was formed in two stages: the first in 1779 – Construction and interior decoration of the palace in ranneklasitsystychnym style, the second at the beginning of the XIX century.

In the interwar period, the palace was a boarding house for drug addicts, which by marfinavay and other dependence have been treated among other representatives of the artistic circles of Grodno. During the 1930s the palace was renovated by the architect A. Sosnowski.


Grodno Regional Drama Theater

Theater of Grodno professional, it was established in September 1947 based on the troupe of the Bobruisk Regional Drama Theater, which at that time was transferred to Grodno.

Grodno Regional Drama Theater

He became the chief director M. Kavyazin. Theater opened October 20, 1947 the play by Alexander Ostrovsky “Truth is well, but happiness is better.


Great Choral Synagogue

Great Choral Synagogue, Grodno – functioning synagogue in the center of the city of Grodno, Belarus, dates back to the XVI century.

The first stone synagogue in Grodno was built in 1575-1580 gg. by Italian architect Santi Gucci, a visiting rabbi Mardehay Jaffe, a native of Prague, shortly before that – in 1572 – arrived in Grodno.

Great Choral Synagogue

A fire in 1617 the synagogue was completely destroyed, but soon after the fire, the Polish King Sigismund III allowed the Jews to build a new synagogue on the site of the old one. The second synagogue lasted longer, but the same fate as its predecessor and was burned in 1899.

The present building of the Great Choral Synagogue was built in 1902-1905 by Ilya Frunkinym years. The first stone synagogue in Grodno was built in 1575-1580 gg. by Italian architect Santi Gucci, a visiting rabbi Mardehay Jaffe, a native of Prague, shortly before that – in 1572 – arrived in Grodno.

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