Fort Collins in Colorado

Fort Collins is a large city in the US state of Colorado. The city lies on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and has a relatively temperate and mountainous climate. This city is the fourth largest city in the state of Colorado in terms of population.

The people of this city are multi-ethnic and in different neighborhoods you will find different human races.

fort collins

Most of the residents are white, also blacks in some neighborhoods. Most people in Fort Collins speak English, and in some area Irish and Italian are common. This also comes from the fact that different ethnicities live in Fort Collins.

The city’s climate is extremely clean and free of pollution most of the year. If you look at the city’s air pollution index, you will find it green most of the year.

Except for regional conditions, the tendency of people to use public transport services, has reduce the level of air pollution. The bus system in Fort Collins is quite extensive, with bus stops on most of the city’s streets.

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Tourism in Fort Collins

You can experience bright nights in the city and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of its nights. If you are interested in canoeing, here near Rocky Mountain, you will get the best experience of this fun and sport.

After all, the great zoo of Fort Collins is also something unique, all around the united states.

Here you will find luxury hotels, numerous leisure centers and tourist attractions suitable for children. In general, regardless of the almost high crime rate in Fort Collins, it can be considered one of the best tourist destinations in the state of Colorado.

fort collins

Coyote Ridge Natural Area is one of the best areas to explore the city pristine nature. If you are looking for wildlife, this natural park is one of the best in the area.

Desert foxes, prairie dogs, owls and … are abundant in this area. Keep in mind that dogs are prohibited from accompanying dogs to this Collins Natural Park. Hiking, cycling and horseback riding are common recreations in Coyote Ridge Natural Area.

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