Tirana Albania – Everything you need to know before travelling

Well obviously there are a lot of information to cover in such a short article but I’m going to do my best in order to introduce this city as best as i can. This article contains history of the Tirana Albania , sources of attractions, foods and drinks you can try as a Tourist, Shopping centers, Details on transportation, Safety procedures, Known festivals and the time of their occurrence, Economy situation. And these are only a few of the topics that we are going to discuss.

About Tirana Albania

So before we Dive right back into the whole Tourist situation, let’s get to know Albania a little better. The most important thing that Albania is famous for is the birth place of Mother Teresa but keep in mind that currently the city that Mother Teresa Was born in is located at today’s Macedonia. Fun fact about Albania, Mother Teresa is the Only Albanian that has won The Nobel Prize Throughout this country’s history.

about tirana albania

 The first thing you must know about Tirana is that it’s the capital state for Albania Also its known to be the largest county in this country. Here is a shot of Tirana city to give you a better perspective of what kind of place it is . obviously the city has its own council which its flag has originated by.

facts about tirana albania

Tirana’s flag is simply a shield under a castle which is severed in half, the left side of the shield contains a clock tower on a red background while the right side is a lion on a blue background .

weather at tirana

Tirana is placed at the center of Albania and due to this geographical positioning it’s been known to be the trade center of Albania also its known for its good quality and modern day transportation systems including roads and rails.

Albania is located in south-east of the Europe and its neighbors with Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro in the north. If you ever plan to identify its flag, it looks like this.


Cultural background of  Tirana Albania

There are a lot of cultural background that you Need to learn before travel to Tirana. Don’t be alarmed they are quite simple and you can get them down easily.

After all this article is all about a tutorial or some sort of help guide for those of you who Are thinking of Traveling there as a tourist so I’m attempting to list some of the most important behaviors that you should expect when you visit Tirana.

  • National drink of Albania is a moonshine called “Raki” which will be served in every bar in Tirana city. It’s quiet strong so if you found yourself in Tirana and they served you this moonshine make sure to know your limits or you might lose the way back home

tirana from above

  • It’s customary for Tirana people to go for a walk after dinner in order to stretch their legs as well as catching up with the neighbors while doing so.
  • If in Tirana you noticed someone is shaking his or her head to the sides , that means that he or she is agreeing with what you are saying but if he or she starts to nod That’s means that He or she is disagree with your statement. In other words, yes means no and no means yes.
  • Tirana people believe that Neighbors can put a damper on their progress So in order to nullify such a bad influence they use a scarecrow. For example, if they are building a new Apartment They put a Scarecrow in the building in order to avoid Their Neighbors Influence on their progress. Also it’s known to bring good luck too.
  • Tirana city’s drivers are known to be the worst drivers on the planet so if you’re attempting to cross the street make sure to check both sides.


Tirana Albania History

Due to the limitations of this article, I’m just going to scratch of the surface of this section. Because historical backgrounds are not something you can explain in superficial methods. But I’m going to do my best regardless.

First let’s learn about the Albanian History and then after that we will head on over to explaining Tirana in specific. The first thing you must know is that Albanian government has been through a lot from the start till the way it is today.

tirana after earthquake

The very first time Albania declared independence was from the Ottoman Empire at the year 1912. Then in 1939 This country has been invaded by Italy and shortly after that The communism parties took over the nation in 1944.The communism Governor’s align themselves with Russia until 1960 and then China until 1978.

It was only after 1991 that the Albanian People Declared independence once again by using a multi-party Democracy system to rule Multi-party democracy system over their country. The change wasn’t easy and the government had to put up with it Poverty unemployment and Corruption in order to survive but we cannot oversee the progress they have made over the past few years .

November 1912 was the first time that a national symbol or flag rose in this place. It was a temporarily title created by the Serbian army which resided in these parts at the mentioned time. August 1916 was the first time a map of this regain compiled.

tirana named after tehran

By February 1920 the congress of lushnje (a few of the most influential politics of the country) made Tirana the capital of Albania nation and by the year 1925 Tirana gained a permanent status as a city. It was only after 1928 that the zog of Albania climbed his way to the status of the Albanian king.

He was the ruler of Albania from 1922 to 1939. He started as prime minister of Albania (1922–1924), then as a president (1925–1928) and finally declared himself as the king of Albania nation. He ruled over this country for 11 years (1928 to 1939) as “zog the first” .


What is typical Albanian food ?

There are infinite types of food you can order in Tirana so it’s best that that we know about their traditional dishes before visiting there.



Qumështor is a traditional breakfast of south-east Tirana. It’s some sort of custard created by a combination of the eggs, sugar, milk, melted butter and flour.


The recipe is quiet simple and you are probably able to make it yourselves. First beat the eggs and then mix them with sugar, butter and flour, then carefully add some milk to it and then add your favorite flavor to it and after that just put it in the oven until it turns color to golden brown .



Yes, it’s been known to be a Turkish cousin but it’s also a national dish of Tirana city And of course these similarities are rooted in history that the both country used to share. Anyhow this dish is a little harder to cook than previous one but that’s not going to stop us.

albania cities

All you have to do is to mix these items together (minced meat, rice or bulgur, various herbs, seasonings, red pepper, paprika, ground sumac, or tomato sauce) and then use a leave it wraps it around the combination, then just put it in a pot and let it be cooked properly. Usually the conventional drink for this dish is wine but feel free to drink as you please.


Jani me fasule

Jani me fasule Is a traditional Tirana cuisine. It’s some sort of soup that contain white bean in it and is usually served with bread on the side. The most interesting fact about this dish is that there are all sorts of recipes to create such a dish I’m even more interesting that even the names are different in different parts of Albania So as I Explain the recipes I’m going to do the same for this dish too So bear with me as I get this done.


Okay first you need to Soak divide beans for about 12 hours Then You need to Rinse Them and then put it in a pot in order to boil Meanwhile as this process take place you need to dice onions and then fry them in olive oil and then add tomato sauce into the combination keep mixing them on the stove until they are thickened.

No make sure that the beans are fast enough in order to be mixed with the sauce you Cooked separately now all you have to do is mix them together and put it in a bowl It’s noteworthy to mention that this dish is usually served with salad and alcoholic drinks which we offer to be the raki of the Albania Due to the choice of Place.


Shopping in Tirana Albania

After all the most important part of Traveling is to get something as a souvenir for people who are not with us which makes this section of our article quite important for those people. first we are going to tell you about all different sorts of souvenirs you can acquire and then we’re going to attempt to introduce all the important shopping centers in Tirana, Albania Which makes the process of choosing very simple for you.



Okay the first thing you must know about Tirana is that it Has a lot of different Souvenirs to choose from. So If you want to know more about the tirana’s souvenirs in order to make the best decisions for your loved ones please keep on reading because I’m going to Introduce all of them or at least the most important ones amongst them for you.

  • HOMEMADE CERAMICS: Well one of the best things you can acquire in Tirana is homemade ceramics Of course there are a lot of places on the planet that has Ceramics for souvenir but the special patterns and drawings on the surface of this Homemade Ceramics Are very unique to Tirana in Albania which makes it one of the best Choices you can make in order to decorate your apartment .


  • ÇIFTELI: It’s some sort of traditional Musical device which is a lot similar to the guitar but it needs a Very different set of skills in order to play. It’s noteworthy to mention that all these devices are created by hand and has Amazing quality to begin with .


  • OLIVE OIL: Of course the olive oil is created in this country both by hand and by Corporations but If you are Trying to get a souvenir from this country and a reminder of the place you went to We recommend to choose the handmade olive oil it’s one of the tastiest Olive oils you can find on planet earth.

Tirana Albania

The interesting points about the olive oil is almost every Tirana family creates their own Olive oil and they will sell them in the Local supermarkets which makes it so easy to buy for you.

Note: there are plenty of Souvenirs you can choose from in this city but I just mentioned to most popular ones in here. Some other Souvenirs are included QILIM, DRAWINGS, PUPA, BUNKER ASHTRAY, COGNAC and RAKI of course.


Tirana shopping center

Tirana East Gate which also goes by the name “TEG” is the largest shopping center in Tirana and it was created in October 2011. Tirana East Gate contains 180 shops, 5 restaurants, 10 bars, 20 cafes and Approximately 4,200 parking spaces with 2,000 people employee.

around tirana

Toptani Shopping Center is a corporation whom has multiple shopping malls across the nation and the most important one is located at Tirana’s center. It was created at 2017 with 12,790 m2 area which contains 80 shops, 2 restaurants, 5 cafes and approximately 600 parking spaces.

Tirana Albania

City park of Tirana is another mall you can visit while you are spending time in Tirana. It’s the second largest mall in the whole Albania which contains 180 shops, a supermarket, a food court, a hotel, an ice-skating ring, Cartoon land. As a whole it’s more of entertainment center for you and your family.

nature around tirana

Getting around  Tirana Albania

As we mentioned these parts before Tirana is one of the best cities in transportation regards although all other aspects are not that much evolved as you want it to be but since the transportation Play an important role in people’s routine life then that’s why It’s Better than you’d expect it to be.


Airport in Tirana

Since Tirana’s airport is considered an international airport, it contains the best quality that you would expect from an airport. Just like any other place when you arrive at your destination in Albania, first you have to go through the gate and then it’s time to check out your luggage.

Tirana Albania

After that on your way out you will see different companies that would rent you all sorts of cars you need. But if you are not going to drive yourself around, just out of the lobby dozens of taxies are waiting for you to get you to your destination. So in one word, do not be worried because it’s completely safe and there is no need to panic or anything like that.



Well first Let’s get to the public transportation  The first thing you must know about public transportation in Tirana is that you most likely are not going to use them because the city center is compact enough for you to walk to your destination.

beautiful tirana at night

but if you ever wanted to use the public transportation like bus then You need to check their destination first which is quite visible on the sides of a bus. The rides won’t take more than 10 minutes and The cost is quite cheap so it would be rude to complain.



Taxies in Tirana are known by the term “Go taxis” You can use them at any time of the day or night you like but you must keep in mind that the day fee is different with the night fee in this city.

Tirana Albania

It means that after 10 p.m. you need to pay even more for them to Get you to your destination And as I mentioned this before Tirana is not a large city so if you don’t like to get to your destination by taxi we recommend walking or even using a bicycle With cautious of course.

Keep in mind that not all of the taxi drivers speak English so it’s better to write down your destination on a piece of paper or call somebody who can explain your destination to your driver .


Tirana Albania economy

Let’s get to the economic part, you might be thinking that how exactly this city gets all the stuff she needs for her people and residents? Well the answer to that question is just like any other place in the world by producing and selling it to other nations and companies.

The most rated production of Tirana includes fruits, tobacco, oranges, figs, lemons, grapes, vegetables such as olives, wheat, potatoes, beets, honey, meat, dairy products, traditional medicine and of course Albanian wine because Tirana city has one of the largest grape farms in southern Europe.

tirana economy

Now you know how Tirana city pay for it’s needs. Pay attention all the products created in this place  are about farming because this city is not much of industrial city. But another question remains and that is are the people of Tirana rich or not?

Well the first thing you must know about people’s income in this city is that the world bank classified Tirana, Albania as an… (and I’m going to use the actual term that the bank used) upper-middle-income state.

That means not a lot of profession and mostly are farmers and majority of employee population are considered low income people and are mostly living in poverty. Statistics show us that a high percentage of tirana people are living on less than 6 dollars per day. So the answer to your question is no, tirana people are not rich but the situation is almost normal for them.


Weather at Tirana Albania

So we have talked about transportation Economy Shopping Places to visit but the most important one comes now The weather is one of the most important indicators of if or even Should you travel to a place or not? The destination’s weather will be agreeing with you or not?

So we have prepared this article for you to better understand if Tirana Is the place for you to visit or not? So stay with me as I introduce all four seasons and will clarify which season is the best for you to travel there. well as you all know The climate are dependent on three important indicators Those indicators are temperature, rainfall and daylight So in order to understand how the weather is in a certain Area you need to combine all this informational factors together to have an average view of how the weather is going to be throughout a year in that certain area.


Tirana’s climate

Tirana city is known to have a short summer but they are very hot and dry and its best to stay away of direct sunlight on these circumstances because the sky is mostly clear too due to the proximity of place to the equator line of the earth planet.

Instead the winters can be very long and very cold of course but keep in mind the snowing can rarely happen so if you ever went to Tirana in winter you can’t see snow unless you hike to the top of the mountain which is located in the city itself.



The rising aspect of temperature starts in January and ends in July, after that it’s all about decreasing until the end of the year.

Tirana Albania
image from

Average temperature in the first month starts from 6 degrees centigrade and goes up to 25 degrees centigrade in July and then all the way back 6 degrees at the end of the year.


The second indicator of climate is the rain fall, meaning how much rain does that part of earth’s surface receive? Well the amount of rain in January is high and goes even higher in the 2 next months and then the decrease starts until July.

weather in albania

image from

Now the increasing rate is back and goes even higher at the next few months. You should know that the rainiest month is known to be November in Albania.


Well the daylight situation is almost like the temperatures in January the daylight is about 10 hours and then goes higher and higher until the month of July and after diet the decreasing aspect will start to kick in as the longest days we have 15 hours of daylight in Albania which is in the middle of the summer and its considered to be the warmest month of the year in Albania.

weather in albania

image from

When is the best time for travel to Tirana ?

Now with all this knowledge the real question is when is the best time of the year for travelling to Tirana, Albania? Since it’s near the water the coastal sun can put a damper on your plans but also due to existence of the mountains it can be cold in winter so the best time to travel is April-June and Sep-Oct.

these two are the best situation for travelling because they are not so warm that you so sweat and neither too cold so you’ll freeze. This way you can enjoy the beach as well as the mountains on your visit there.


FAQ about Tirana

In this section we are going to attempt to answer some of the most frequent questions that you all had about Tirana.


  • Does Tirana have uber ?

Ok now let’s imagine that you are in urgent need of a taxi, unfortunately as of 2019 Albania does not allow any sort of uber drivers but don’t worry there is no shortage of taxi you can use in the city.


  • How far is Tirana from the beach ?

The nearest beach to Tirana is called Durres and with 37 kilometer it takes you about 45 minutes to get there. So if you planning to go to the beach you have to options available, first is to use the bus and the second is the taxi. It’s your choice.


  • Is Tirana dangerous ?

We have stablished this before. No Tirana is not dangerous because the violent crime rate is excessively low but it doesn’t mean that petty criminals do not exist in this country.


  • Is Tirana cheap to travel ?

Tirana  Albania is known to be the cheapest destination in Europe so the answer to your question is yes its cheap to travel there. In other word it’s a dream come true for those who wish to travel with low expenses.


  • What is Tirana known for ?

Well Albanian people have a lot of interesting behaviors but if I was forced to choose amongst them, it would be the way they drive. It’s almost like every individual has him or her own rule to drive by.


  • Where is Tirana’s international airport ?

The address is Rruga Regjimentit 33, Nikël Tirana, 1504, Albania.


  • How far is Tirana Istanbul ?

Well there are two options right? Either you want to travel there with airplane or cars. The Arial distance is 765 kilometers and the road by road distance is 1091 kilometer and it takes about 12 hours to drive yourself there.


  • How far is Munich Tirana ?

Its 1341 kilometer if you use cars but its only 991 kilometer if you use airplane. It takes roughly 16 hours for you to drive and about 2 hours if you attempt to fly up there.


  • How much is time zone difference between Tirana and London ?

Tirana is only one hour ahead of London.


  • How in Tirana in November ?

The most important issue that comes to mind is its rainy and cold of course, actually it’s the only time of the year that its possible for you to witness snow in this city.


tirana tourism attractions is a full article about the festivals and safety in that city. we introduce Tirana tourism attractions in below link:

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