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Bergen is the second largest city in Norway which is located on the west coast. Population of the city is around 300000 in the area around 456 square kilometers. Bergen is known as the seven mountains city. All around this city is surrounded by the mountains. Because the city is located on the coast of Norway some parts of the suburbs are located on the islands. follow us for more information about Bergen Norway.

Bergen Norway

One of the most amazing things that has happened in few countries such as Norway is midnight sun. the weather doesn’t get dark completely in summer.

Bergen Norway

Sometimes, sunrise happen at midnight. It’s so incredible. It happens in Bergen, too. Bergen is a mixture of nature and history. It can satisfy different types of tastes around the world.


History of Bergen

The city was established in 1070 for the first time. It was the capital city of Norway in 13th century. Since 18th century has been a mediation for international trades in Norway. This city had been the biggest city in Norway up to 1830 before the title was occupied by Christiania. (former name for Oslo)

history of bergen

In the middle ages, Bergen was one of the most important sea ports in Europe. This city is somewhat old and it has beautiful and valuable architecture. There are also places in Bergen you can find them in UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE list.

In the late 14th century, Bergen became the trade center in Norway and Europe. In the middle of 13th century, Black Death was brought to Bergen by English sailors. This disease took lots of lives at that time. When Bergen was an important port, it was attacked by different armies in Europe so many times. Bergen municipality was founded in 1838.


At the beginning of World War II, Bergen was dominated by the German forces. In 1970, a dead body of a woman was found in ice valley near Bergen. This woman didn’t have identity and it has been one of the most mysterious story happened in Bergen.


Geography and Climate of Bergen norway

Bergen is located in the peninsula of river Bergenshalvøyen. Many parts of the suburb in Bergen are on the water. It is also surrounded by the mountains.

Geography and Climate

Because of the mountain and the river in the city, Bergen has oceanic climate. It has a lot of rainfall each year. Average rainfall in Bergen is more than 2000 mm.  the hottest month in Bergen is July. Travelling in this month is not recommended.

Temperature is a bit warmer than the other cities in the same latitude. Summer has mild weather and there are few days with more than 30 degrees of Celsius each year.


Transportation system in Bergen

The most important way to transport in Bergen is through the water. The city is an important port, so transportation on the water is usual and highly developed.


Unlike the city is so small but there is an extensive transportation line in Bergen. It has both trams and trolley buses. There are also bus lines to take people from one part of the city to the other parts. Trolley buses in Norway only exist in Bergen. There are only two trolley buses system in northern Europe.


Economy of bergen Norway

Many business activities are done in Bergen. Most of the activities are related to water businesses and aquaculture. The second largest ocean institute in Europe is based in Bergen.

Bergen is a beautiful and incredible city. So, tourism is a good financial source for the city. The climate and the history together attract many visitors from different parts of the world to Bergen.

Some people believe that Bergen is the unofficial capital city of Norway. There is a huge shopping mall in Bergen which has around 6 million visitors each year.


Tourist attractions in Bergen

The ideal location of Bergen makes it attractive for many tourists around the world. This city is a business port but it’s also one of the busiest ports in Europe for cruise ships. People who like travelling by the sea will prefer the cruise ships to reach Bergen.


Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf

This colorful district is one of the most famous and favorable parts of Bergen for tourists. Narrow ways and wooden buildings attract everyone who comes to Bergen.

Bergen Norway

This beautiful region tells you lots of stories about people of medieval ages in Bergen.


Mount Floyen

There is an amazing view of the city from this 319 m mountain near Bergen. The best time to be here is early in the morning.


There are two choices to reach the top, Walking or getting on the funicular. If you wish to have a panoramic view of Bergen, you can climb the other mountain which is 551 m high.


Bergenhus Fortress

Since the late 16th century, this old castle is the only way to enter harbor. This building is one of the spectacular structures in northern Europe.

Bergen Norway

There is also a museum in which you can see many items related to the Bergenhus Fortress. This fortress was built in the late 16th century on the remains of the old castle which dated back to 12th century.


Go back in the past at The Hanseatic Museum

This museum is the most ancient building in Bergen. Hanseatic museum consists the items related to the lives of German business people who lived in Norway and specially in Bergen.

This building has been survived from different fires through the centuries.


In the heart of Fjord of Norway

Bergen has a perfect location in the center of Fjord of Norway. This is the initiating point to start a trip to one of the most iconic natural places which is called fjord.


Fjord is a narrow line of water which was made between the huge rocks in a valley million years ago. Fjord is natural and it’s usual in Norway more than any other parts of the world.


Bergen is a real historic city

A short walk among the old and fantastic building with the striking architecture takes you to the middle ages in Europe and specially Scandinavia. There are also several famous museums. Walking among their items is perfect history class for the visitors.

Bergen is also known as one of the culture cities in Europe. Since 1300s, when the German business people came to Bergen, culture has gained a great importance in the city. Several famous artists were born and lived in Bergen. There is also one of the most well-known orchestra in Bergen.

It has the first theater in Norway. Bergen is so rich culturally. It can be a great destination for those who are interested in culture and history.

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