Complete travel guide to Dubrovnik Croatia

The city of Dubrovnik is one of the tourist cities in the world. The city is located in the country of Croatia. The city is famous in the world for its spectacular coastal scenery and various festivals and monuments. this article is about Complete travel guide to Dubrovnik Croatia.

Introduction of Dubrovnik Croatia

The city of Dubrovnik is one of the cities in the world, whose name is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 42641 people live in this city and the area of ​​this city is 21.35 square kilometers. It is the 13th largest city in Croatia in terms of area.

Dubrovnik city in Croatia

The people of Dubrovnik speak Croatian. Don’t worry though, most locals are somewhat fluent in English and you can ask them any questions you may have. Do not worry even if you have learned some Croatian language but still do not have enough fluency! The people of this city warmly welcome you and help you to express your meaning.

Known in Italian as Ragusa, it was officially renamed Deobernik after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later joined the Republic of Croatia.

Geography of the Dubrovnik city

This historic and elegant city, placed in the southernmost part of Croatia, is located on the Adriatic coast and at the end of the Dubrovnik Strait. The city is then a coastal strip and part of the Alps and the Pelješac Peninsula, Ston, and is located at 42 ° 38′25 ″ North 18 ° 06′30 ″ East.

Dubrovnik Croatia

Due to its geographical location and proximity to the sea, this city has always been one of the cities where maritime trade has been common.

Food & Drink in Dubrovnik Croatia

Just like any other city with history, the city of Dubrovnik has created special food recipes during times that are known all over the world.

So if you ever had a trip to this city, be sure to enjoy its pleasant and famous cuisine. Although the food in Dubrovnik may be a little expensive, it is well worth it. But if you want, with a little searching you can also find restaurants that have cheaper food. so let’s see what is on Dubrovnik’s menu.

  • Pašticada

This food is also known as Dalmatinska pašticada because it was first invented in a city with the same name. This food is one of the oldest dishes in the city of Dubrovnik because the evidence shows that the recipe is from the 15th century.

The preparation time for this delicious dish is very long. Beef should be flavored at least one night with various herbs and vinegar, and the next day cooked for hours with pasta or gnocchi. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

  • Rožata

Rožata is one of the most famous desserts in Dubrovnik, which has a texture similar to caramel, but its special ingredients completely distinguish its taste. As this dessert is very popular, you can find it in most restaurants in Dubrovnik and enjoy it.

  • Black Risotto

As Dubrovnik is one of the world’s coastal cities and has a long history of maritime trade, it has some of the best kinds of seafood in the world. The high quality of these foods is due to the quality of the sea ingredients that the fishermen hunt from the sea every day and provide them to the restaurants of the city.

This dish, as its name suggests, has a black color and is also called Crni rižot in the local language. Its black color is due to the use of octopus ink in it. In different restaurants in the city, this food may be served with different ingredients such as oysters.

  • Zelena Menestra

Zelena Menestra is also one of the old and popular dishes of Dubrovnik. The recipe for this dish was written in the 15th century. This food uses different types of meat products such as bacon sausages etc.

The famous drinks of Dubrovnik Croatia

Each city in the world has its own famous drinks. Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Although Dubrovnik’s beers are not that well-known these days, in the past the beers of Dubrovnik were one of the most famous beers in the world.

Today there are good quality handmade beers served in Dubrovnik, the most famous of which are Zmajska Pale Ale and Križevačko Tamno Pivo.


  • Pošip Wine

If you want to try Dubrovnik seafood, be sure to use Pošip Wine with it. This white wine is made on the island of Korčula and served in various restaurants in the city of Dubrovnik. If you like to try it with something other than seafood, you can enjoy it with cheeses like feta cheese.


It is true that the city of Dubrovnik does not have many crowded markets or hypermarkets, but there are several shops that you can visit and buy souvenirs and different things from this city. In these shops, you can buy handicrafts and silk ties and other hand craft items. You can even buy the famous edible things of the city such as olive oil and wine.

  • Zlatarska Street

If you are interested in jewelry, you can visit Zlatarska Street and visit its jewelry stores. You can find jewelry at different prices in these shops. From simple and cheap jewelry to luxury and expensive ones.

  • Gruž

One of the famous shops of this city is Gruž, which is a center for selling high quality food ingredients. In this store you can find fresh seafood such as oysters and fish and homemade wines. If you visit the city in summer, you can also get fresh fruits and vegetables from Gruž.

  • Stradun

Since Stradun is the most famous street in the city of Dubrovnik, in addition to walking on this street and enjoying its beauty, you can see its various shops that sell different goods at different prices.

In this street you can find various works of art and accessories to decorate your house. I’m sure you won’t regret walking down this street and having a look around.

Souvenirs of the city of Dubrovnik

Usually, people who travel to a new city like to have something to remember from that city so that when they return home, they will remember their trip every time they look at it. The city of Dubrovnik, with its natural beauty and interesting architecture, is no exception. So let’s take a look at the famous souvenirs of the city.

  • Cravat

One of the beautiful souvenirs of this city is its various and colorful cravats. You may be interested to know that the cravat was used before the bow tie or scarf and is one of the oldest men’s accessories.


  • Lavender

One of the most beautiful and purple colored flowers that can be found a lot in the city of Dubrovnik is the beautiful Lavender flower and its fragrant.

You can buy dried lavender flowers and leave them anywhere in your home, with the scent reminding you of an interesting trip you had to the city of Dubrovnik, or if you want to give it as a gift to your friends or family, be sure that this souvenir is a great gift with a great smell.

In addition to dried flowers, another popular lavender product is its oil. not only it has a pleasant smell, but this oil has many healing features, such as healing burns, especially sunburns, or enhancing insect bites, which you can use.

  • Wine

When it comes to wine, Dubrovnik is one of the experts in this field because it has been engaged in this industry for more than 2500 years. That’s why Dubrovnik’s red and white wines are so delicious.

  • Olive oil

Croatia is one of the leading countries in the field of olive cultivation. So as a result Dubrovnik is not an exception.

You may encounter many people in this city whose family business is growing olives and producing olive oil. You can be sure that the olive oils of this city are one of the highest quality olive oils in the world.

  • Artworks

Certainly, in most cities of the world, artists are found with the skill to paint attractive paintings of their city. In Dubrovnik, you can also find shops selling beautiful artworks by local artists.

  • Cookbook

If you liked Dubrovnik’s food and wished you could make it yourself, your wish has come true! One of the most popular souvenirs of this city are cookbooks that provide you recipes for different delicious dishes of this city and even different dishes from the country of Croatia.

Other souvenirs of the city of Dubrovnik include the following:

  • Honey
  • Face Cream
  • Lace
  • Coral Jewelry
  • Hand-Stitched Linens
  • Konavle Earrings


Transportation in the city of Dubrovnik Croatia

One of the easiest ways to get around the city is by bus. Transportation in the city of Dubrovnik is very regular. All areas of the city of Dubrovnik and the city’s sights are connected by bus stops, and the buses arrive at the bus stop every ten minutes. Buses in Dubrovnik start working at 5 am and the last bus leaves at midnight.

You can buy Dubrovnik bus tickets from different parts of the city, such as the hotel where you stay, the newsstands. Each ticket you buy is valid for about 1 hour and will be canceled after that.

There is no metro or train in Dubrovnik and the only way to go around the city is by bus or taxi. You can even rent a car or a bicycle from special places and use them to go around Dubrovnik.

Bus ticket costs in Dubrovnik:

  • 12 HRK ($ 1.80) if you purchase them from the kiosks.
  • 15 HRK ($ 2.20) if you purchase them from the driver.

Universities of Dubrovnik Croatia

There are not many universities in the city of Dubrovnik, but there is a very good university which, in addition to being the best university in the city, is also one of the best universities in Croatia. I’m talking about the University of Dubrovnik, where many students from all around the world apply, every year.

Universities of Dubrovnik

The university offers a variety of study programs in various fields of study, including engineering, economics, communications, etc.

Other universities in Dubrovnik include:

  • Dubrovnik International University
  • Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia

Around the Dubrovnik Croatia

The people of Dubrovnik are very respectful to tourists and will be happy to guide you if you have any questions.

The city of Dubrovnik at night

This city, like many cities in the world, does not stop moving at night. There are many things you can do and enjoy at night just like in the daytime.

The city of Dubrovnik at night

One of the most popular activities at night is going to different bars in this city and tasting different wines. Since the city of Dubrovnik produces high-quality wines, you can enjoy tasting its different wines. Some of the city’s bars have more than 30 different types of wine!

Interesting facts about the city of Dubrovnik

  • The city of Dubrovnik has an average of 7 hours of sunshine a day.
  • It was one of the first cities to end the slave trade in the 15th century.
  • It has covered about 2 km of walls around this city.


The city of Dubrovnik is one of the safest cities in Europe. You can walk in this city easily and without worries and enjoy the beauties of the city.

Festivals of Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik, like all cities in the world, has interesting festivals that if you like, you can travel to this city during these festivals and participate in them.

  • New Year Festival

One of the beautiful places to start the new year is Stradun. All the people gather in this street during the New Year time and start the new year together in this beautiful street.

  • Feast of St Blaise

St Blaise is one of the most notable figures in the city of Doburnik, this festival is celebrated every year on the 3rd of February and people celebrate the whole day.


People wear colorful clothes and perform beautiful dances at this festival, even various concerts are performed on this day.

  • Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Every year in the summer, people look forward to the Dubernick Summer Festival. Various events are held at this festival. From concerts and shows to beach competitions. If you travel to this city in the summer. You will definitely enjoy this festival.

Dubrovnik festivals


Economy of Dubrovnik Croatia

Most of the income of the city of Dubrovnik comes from tourism and related industries such as handicrafts, etc. The unemployment rate in this country has recently reached 9.9 percent.

It can be said that in general, the country of Croatia and the city of Dubrovnik are high-income and are developing more every year. Most of the city’s exports are seafood and handicrafts.

Weather of Dubrovnik Croatia

Since Dubrovnik is a coastal city, its climate is generally humid. The summers of this city are balanced and not very hot, and the winters are mild and cool.

Dubrovnik weather


The climate of each season in the city of Dubrovnik Croatia

  • The climate of the city of Dubrovnik in the spring

Spring in the city of Dubrovnik begins in March. The weather is cool in spring and at the end of this season, the degree of humidity weather reaches its highest level of 67%.

  • The weather in the city of Dubrovnik Croatia in summer

Summer is the best time to visit this city, the weather is dry and cool in this season and it is the best time for water activities and going in nature.

  • Weather in the city of Dubrovnik in autumn

In this season, the air is a little cooler than in summer, and the closer we get to the end of this season, the more rainfall there is, and the cooler the air, the average rainfall in this season is 120 ml.

  • Winter climate of the city of Dubrovnik Croatia

The weather in Dubrovnik reaches its coldest level in the winter, but Dubrovnik does not have very cold winters. The lowest temperature in winter is reported to be 1 ° C at night.

The best season to travel to the city of Dubrovnik

In general, Dubrovnik has a balanced climate. And considering that the average temperature in summer reaches more than 25 degrees Celsius, the best time to visit this city is the summer. However, Dubrovnik has moderate winters and the weather is not too cold in winter, and if you are a fan of cooler weather, you can travel to this city in winter as well.


According to the annually published statistics, there is an average of 1021.1 mm of rainfall in the city of Dubrovnik, so it can be said that it is an average of 109 rainy days every year in Dubrovnik.  However, snowfall rarely occurs in this city because the temperature does not get too cold.

Dubrovnik weather

The coldest month of the year

The coldest month of the year in Dubrovnik is January, with temperatures reaching 11 ° C.

The hottest month of the year

The hottest month of the year in Dubrovnik is July, when the average temperature reaches 28 degrees Celsius, according to published statistics on the temperature of different months in the city.

Dubrovnik weather


The rainiest month of the year

The wettest month of the year in Dubrovnik is November. If you like rain, be sure to schedule your trip in November.

The driest month of the year

Just as rain has its fans, there are those who do not enjoy it and prefer not to encounter it on their journey. If you are one of these people, you can set your travel time for the month of July. Because this is the driest month of the year in the city of Dubrovnik.

The table below shows the average temperature in each month of the year in Dubrovnik.

Question and answer about Dubrovnik Croatia


  • How is the weather in Dubrovnik Croatia?

In general, the city of Dubrovnik has a Mediterranean climate, which means that it does not have very hot summers or very cold winters, and you can travel to this city and enjoy it almost all year round.

  • What things can I do in Dubrovnik Croatia?

Dubrovnik is one of the cities in the world that has a very interesting face. There are about 2 kilometers of walls around this city and the fact that this city is located near the sea is another one of its beauty. You can visit and enjoy the natural attractions of this city and its ancient attractions. click here for Dubrovnik tourism attractions.

  • Does Dubrovnik Croatia have an airport?

The city of Dubrovnik has an international airport about 15 km outside the city center. This airport, Dubernick Airport, is also known as ipilipi Airport. You can use the bus or taxi after getting off the plane and go to your accommodation.

Dubrovnik Croatia airport map


  • what are Dubrovnik Croatia events?

There are wonderful events held every year in Dubrovnik city

Examples include:

  • Dubrovnik carnival
  • Dubrovnik half marathon
  • Dubrovnik musical spring
  • Festivity of ST.Blase
  • How is the weather in Dubrovnik Croatia in January?

In January, the highest average temperature is 12 ° C and the lowest average temperature is 7 ° C. An average of 9 days of rain is forecast this month.

  • How is the weather in Dubrovnik Croatia in July?

In January, the highest average temperature is 30 ° C and the lowest average temperature is 12 ° C. An average of 2 days of rain is forecast this month.

  • How is the weather in Dubrovnik Croatia in June?

In January, the highest average temperature is 27 ° C and the lowest average temperature is 21 ° C. An average of 4 days of rain is forecast this month.

  • what are the places in Dubrovnik Croatia to visit?

Dubrovnik has many attractions. The most famous sights of Dubrovnik include the following:

  • Walls of Dubrovnik
  • Stradun
  • Rector’s palace
  • Srđ
  • Lovrijenac
  • Tvrđava Minčeta
  • Dubrovnik Croatia shopping

In Croatia and the city of Dubrovnik, you can find many shops that offer high quality goods from the best world brands. Shopping in Dubrovnik, especially on its historic streets, is an exciting experience that will stay in your mind forever.

Dubrovnik Croatia airport

  • How safe is Dubrovnik Croatia?

The city of Dubrovnik is one of the safest cities in the world and its people are patient and polite to tourists. You can read the necessary security tips before traveling to this city to enjoy your stay in this city without any problems.

  • Why should we visit Dubrovnik Croatia?

Since Dubrovnik is one of the most historic cities in the world, it is definitely worth a visit. Besides, you can enjoy the islands around the city and visit them as well, each of which is interesting in some way. click here for Dubrovnik tourism attractions.

  • When did Dubrovnik become part of Croatia?

In 1991, shortly after the end of World War I, the city of Dubrovnik became part of Croatia.

  • Does Dubrovnik have a beach?

Yes, Dubrovnik is one of the seaside cities in the world, which is a good place to spend the summer and do beach and water activities.

Dubrovnik Croatia

  • Does Dubrovnik  Croatia have Uber?

Yes, the city of Dubrovnik has Uber and it costs about $ 1.4 per kilometer.

  • Does Dubrovnik have sandy beaches?

Yes, Sunj beach, which is one of the sandy beaches in the southern part of the city of Dubrovnik and is very popular. Another place near the town of Dubrovnik with sandy beaches is Lopud Island, about 20 minutes away from Dubrovnik.

  • Does Dubrovnik have good nightlife?

Yes, Dubrovnik has great bars and clubs that serve high quality wines. Although the number of clubs in this city is relatively low, but it is worth going to one of these clubs and make a memorable night for yourself.

  • Is traveling to Dubrovnik expensive?

Yes, traveling to Dubrovnik is somewhat expensive. But the beautiful scenery is worth it. A week trip to Dubrovnik usually costs about $ 550 per person.


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