Didim amazing sights in Turkey + Full Description

Didim is one of the most spectacular cities in Turkey. It is located on the Aegean coast and is one of the relatively inexpensive tourist destinations in Turkey. Originally a seaside town, it is part of Aydin state and is located in western Turkey. Read about Didim amazing sights here.

Should Know about Didim Turkey

Didim is a city of 333 square kilometers and obeys the laws of Turkey. Many tourists who have traveled to Antalya, Kusadasi and other cities in Turkey, wish to find a new way to Turkey and change the perpetual journey to an exciting one: Didim is that way and that city.

Tourism is the main source of income in the region, especially in summer, although agriculture is also an important factor in the livelihoods of the people and the economy of the region. The blue sea, beautiful sandy beach, Mediterranean climate and warm winters make this area very suitable.

There are plenty of activities to do in the city so that if you are tired of relaxing on the beach you can have a vibrant day. The town Didim, was composed of several small districts called Altinkum (golden sand), Gümüşkum (silver sand) and Sarıkum (yellow sand).


Didim amazing sights

Baths of Faustina, on of the best Didim amazing sights

It was built in the second century AD. It was also built in honor of Queen Faivistina, wife of Roman Emperor Marcus Ariel. It should be noted, however, that the building was rebuilt once in the third century.
The bathroom consists of a rectangular basin. Around this pond you will see several statues that look like lion. It is as if the sculptures are designed around the bathroom as guardians of the bath.

Bathroom walls are also made of stone and tall. To get to the pond you have to go down two steps and then a little lower than the ground level, you enter the water. This bath is considered one of the historical monuments of the city and is very attractive to visit.


Didim Aqua Park

This Aqua Park is the only water park in Didim. Its facilities include a large pool, with several water slides. Of course, you will not find such amusement like other Aqua park in cities such as Istanbul or Antalya, but it has a unique and excellent characteristic;

Didim amazing sights

it’s Privacy! If you’ve noticed, aqua parks in major cities, like Istanbul or Antalya are always crowded, but we’ve seen this water park often secluded and you can have more fun here without any disturb. Especially in this park, there is a good play area for kids to have fun.


Miletus ancient city, one of the best Didim amazing sights

The city dates back to many years. At a time when seawater had risen sharply, the city had been submerged and could not be reached. But as the seawater subsided, the dormant city came out of the water and its remains became a tourist attraction.

Its history dates back to the thirteenth century BC. That is, when people moved here from Anatolia. 750 years before Christ, the city was thriving and was one of the most prominent cities in the world. It is interesting to note that Thales, a great sixth century BC scientist, also studied there.

Today the ancient city is well preserved and it is one of the Didim attractions. Also in this ancient city are the remains of a historic theater that you should definitely visit.

Sandy Beaches

The beaches of golden sands and calm waters that can turn you into a dream paradise, especially in summer, become one of your most memorable trips.

Didim amazing sights

The beaches of golden sands and calm waters that can turn you into a dream paradise, especially in summer, become one of your most memorable trips. There is also a variety of waterfront and leisure activities along the coast. Walking on the beach nights also has a different and unique feeling.


The seaside is a great place for diving. Beaches like Altinkom, Yesilkent, Akbuk are wonderful places to explore the underwater world. You can also embark on a yacht, and enjoy the endless cruise along the endless water and forests and mountains surrounding the pristine bay, where you can swim or dive, which will be an unforgettable experience.

Some boats have the necessary amenities, food and drink, and others do not. So be careful when choosing the boat, to fits your budget and circumstances.

The Aegean Sea is calm and ideal for diving, with no tide or flow on its shores. Off the coast we saw, there are many interesting spots for experienced divers and beginners who can enjoy the attractions of the city.

There is a wide range of marine life in the area, including fish parrots, group migrants, sea salmon, Tigris mora, octopus, tuna, amber, spear, and more. Be a little lucky, you might be able to see a Mediterranean jaw up close.

Apollo Monument, one of the Didim amazing sights

Upon arriving here, you will see famous Apollo monument. Apollo is known for his healing power and that is why Apollo has become one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Didim amazing sights

If you love seeing ancient ruins, be sure to visit this one. There are many monuments in the world named after the mythical god Apollo and one of the stone monuments in Didim.

Ancient City of Priene

Ancient city of Priene was built at the foot of Mycale Hills, about 6 meters north of Maender. The date of this ancient city dates back to about 400 years before Christ.

As you walking through this ancient city, you can find historical aspect of it, which are some of the earth’s heritage. Must say, part of the relics of this ancient city have been moved to the Berlin Museum and can be visited here.

How to stay in Didim?

Accommodate in the city, also depends on the budget and expectations you have of your accommodation. Hostels and inns can also be a good option for staying in the city, but you have to deal with their security and facilities as well, and the expectations you have from the hotel cannot be met in such accommodation.

The famous hotels of the city are D-Marin Didim Marina, Ramada Resort Akbuk, Tuntas Suites Altlnkum and etc.

Didim amazing sights

There are plenty of beautiful and exciting restaurants and cafes in the city serving varied and delectable dishes. The menu of restaurants ranges from traditional Turkish cuisine to a Chinese tray. Of course, one of the most special and popular foods in the city is seafood.

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