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Have this information before visiting Cork, Ireland !

Cork is a small city in the south west of Ireland. Unlike the city is small, but it has many beautiful places which worth visiting in the trip to Ireland.

About Cork

Cork is the second largest city in Ireland, however in this city people have local lives and it seems they live in a small town not a fairly big city.

Unfortunately, this kind of life has been affected by the recession, but it is going to rejuvenate again in the region.

Cork, Ireland

Cork is also the city of iconic coffee shops, spectacular cooking style, and striking buildings. Many people believe that Cork is one of the best cities in the world to spend a peaceful holiday.

There is a river in Cork which is called River Lee. This river has two main channels through the city. This two main channels join together at the end of the city.


History of Cork

Cork was founded in 6th century, but it became a city in the middle of 10th century. At the beginning Cork was like an island which was enclosed by the streams of River Lee. Cork is also known as one of the oldest city in Ireland and Europe.

In 12th century, Prince John has made lots of walls around the city. Some of the walls remain yet. The battles in 17th century confronted Cork economy with some problems. Again the city started to grow financially in the late 17th century. In the 18th century Cork flourished economically.


Economy of Cork

At the beginning, the economy of the city relied on exporting salted beef, butter and some farm products. Butter was the most important product in Cork which was known very well around the world. Most of the products were sent to India for the British navy. During a long time, Cork has been a major sea port for Britain.

Economy of Cork

The other famous product is Cork was textile those days. In 18th century, the biggest textile factory was in Cork. This industry help the economy grow so fast in Cork.


Climate and weather

Cork has oceanic climate like the most parts of Ireland. The amount of rainfall is so high in the city.

Climate and weather

 Weather is mild, but few days in a year have extreme decreases in temperature. Temperature rarely falls under 0 or above 20 degrees of Celsius.


Tourist attractions in Cork

If you decide to come to Ireland, there are so many beautiful places in these country you can visit. One of the Irish cities you shouldn’t miss is Cork.



Western coasts in Ireland are famous for the beautiful and iconic ocean. Large rocks and wild waves from the ocean makes this location attractive for many people in England and other parts of the world.



St Anne’s Church and Shandon Bells

The church was built in 13th century in the heart of Medieval age. The color is red and lime. The sport color of the Cork team is the same with cathedral because of people’s interest on this building. The church building has a four faced clock.


None of the faces show the right time. Locals call this clock- a four faced liar- because it neve tells the correct time. Visitors can ring the bell at the church. Today, the don’t need to pull the rope because the bell is automatic.

St. Patrick's Street

This street is the main shopping street in Cork which has been constructed by the businessmen. This street is used for shopping but it has a good atmosphere for those who want to spend great time together and have a friendly chat.


St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral

This large and old church was built in the middle of 16th century. It is located in only 10 minutes by St. Patrick street and it’s one of the most visited place in Cork.

St. Fin Barre's Cathedral

In the middle of 19th century the cathedral was rebuilt. The cost of this project was so high, but the result was perfect.


Blarney Castle and the Blarney Stone

This castle is the most famous and iconic place in Cork which is worth visiting. This building was built more than 6 centuries ago.


There are many stairs inside the castle to reach the top and have a great view of the city and the harbor. Have an adventure in the castle by looking for the gardens, wishing steps and other valuable items.


Cork Opera House

The structure of this Opera house is so spectacular. This place is located near the River Lee. The glasses on the building reflect the light of the river and makes a beautiful scene during the day.

Cork Opera House

This Opera house is a host for many artistic and cultural programs such as concerts, festivals, theaters, … in Cork.


The Father Mathew Statue

This famous statue is located in St Patrick street and it’s one of the Cork’s landmarks. This statue was built in respect of the Theobald Mathew, and Irish priest, who was the leader in temperance movement in the early 19th century.

The Father Mathew Statue

Father Mathew had also effective attempts on improving the epidemic cholera in Cork in the 19th century.


The English market

This market was established in the late 18th century in Ireland. This market is a place to taste the great Irish food specially the ones people cook in the city.


The market has been remained through the fire, war, and protests. In the late 20th, the mayor decided to make a public parking space instead of the market but people who valued the place as a landmark in Cork didn’t let them do the changes.

Today, The English market is counted as the most famous covered market in the UK and Ireland. There are many spectacular cafés and restaurants to taste the great cuisine in the city.


Huguenot Cemetery

This cemetery is located on one of the corners of St Patrick street. It seems that cemeteries are not good places to visit in a tour, but Huguenot Cemetery is a bit different with the same places.


The place was built in 18th century in order to be a resting place for people who came from France to Cork for living in this small city.

If you want to explore the city, there are many places you shouldn’t miss them. Tourists can do different activities according their tastes and wishes.

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