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Colmar in France (tourism attractions and

Colmar is a medieval city in France that still retains its originality after centuries. Medieval architecture can be found in the back streets of this lovely little town. Colmar is one of the easternmost cities in France, shining like diamonds near the two countries of Germany and Switzerland in the Alsace region.

The town is located 64 kilometers southwest of the famous Strasbourg city, which crosses the Vosges and Rhine rivers. The presence of these two rivers has created a vibrant climate for this small historic town, which attracts many tourists each year.


Walking through the old, winding streets of the city, it’s exciting to see monuments and buildings with unique medieval-style architecture. On the other hand, the use of cheerful colors along with professional lighting has given this historic city a unique look. The presence of water channels has multiplied the city’s appearance. One of the amusements in this city is boating in the water canals where you can watch the city differently.

The colorful city of Colmar offers visitors an extraordinary legacy of Europe’s millennial history that will be as exciting and spectacular as stepping into a wonderful movie.


Best time to visit Colmar

Spring is the best opportunity to enjoy the first sunshine in Colmar and has been celebrating in Colmar for years. In the spring, the city squares are surrounded by colorful and beautiful flower baskets, and students and others decorate small houses with plants and flowers.

If you are interested in seasonal markets, we recommend visiting the Colmar seasonal markets in the main square of the city and do shopping.

Colmar in France


Tourist attractions of Colmar


Visit the Old Town

If you want to get to the best and most attractive part of Colmar, you have to start from the medieval Old Town. This landmark has many tourist attractions. Its popular part with enchanting houses on the banks of the river is called “Little Venice.”

On Tanners Street you can see very tall houses where people used to do tannery in the past. Quai of the fishermen and 14th-century Central Customs with colorful windows and tiled ceilings are among the attractions.

Visit the Old Town


Walking through the Old Town you can easily be attracted to its beauties, but there are a few unique buildings that should not be missed. Maison Pfister, built in 1537 on the corner of Merchands streets, has a spectacular view.


Visit the Old Town


The balcony is decorated with bright colors and is a great example of the Renaissance works in the Rhine area designed by Christian Vacksterffe. Another famous 17th-century building is the Maison de Têtes, home to thousands of animal faces.




This is what we expect from all cities in France and in other European countries of similar age: the numerous churches, each belonging to a specific period of European history. Colmar is no exception and has numerous religious monuments. One of the most fascinating is the 13th-century Dominican monastery with its church and covered porch. Dominicans played an important role in preserving the history of the city in middle Ages.

Here you will come across a wonderful painting that has created some of the charm of the church. You will find the famous painting of “Mary in the Rose Garden” by Martin Schongauer on the wall of the church. You will also see the Temple of Saint Mathieu in Colmar, the magnificent French church built in 1234 AD.



Another notable sightseeing is the Church of Saint Martin. The church was built in Gothic style. Also its color windows are unique and the top of its door is something magnificent. In the church altar you can see a valuable wooden cross. This cross is from 14th century and is one of the church symbols.


colmar Churches


Also the prominent sketch depicts a “Worship of three Mages”. This sketch tells the story of three people who came to visit Christ first, after his birth. Of course, the church suffered serious damage in the fire and part of it was completely destroyed. But later in 1536 AD, the damaged parts were restored and the church returned to its former state. Then for a while the church has been a place of worship for Protestants.



City best Museums

In Colmar, there are numerous museums where visiting each one can be fascinating. The best museum to visit here is Unterlinden Museum. The museum attracts many visitors each year and is the second largest museum of fine arts in France. The Unterlinden Museum is housed in the former Dominican Church, where you can see medieval statues and historical painting. There are several various artifacts in the museum, each may makes you astonished. Paintings such as Grunewald and the Isenheim Altarpiece are unique in this museum and are among the most outstanding.

City best Museums


Next one is Bartholdi Museum. The museum is actually the former home of August Bartholdi. Bartholdi was the one who built the famous Statue of Liberty. In this museum you can see Bartholdi’s personal belongings and get to know his lifestyle and some of his habits and hobbies.

City best Museums


If you’re looking for another fascinating museum in Colmar, the Toy Museum could be your next destination. In this museum you can visit various toys and see everything from the children toy world through the course of history.



Visiting the museum, is very enjoyable for children and teenagers and you will definitely enjoy watching the space and its toys.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes in Colmar, offering plenty of lunch and fast coffee options, plus traditional Alsatian dishes such as traditional sour cabbage, fleischnacka, boiled pasta, and specialty dishes.


This beautiful and old town is famous for its architecture, numerous museums, beautiful churches, and millions of tourists visit this dream city every year to see these amazing beauties. Because of the various waterways in the city, it has been dubbed Little Venice, and by traveling to it you can better understand the name for Colmar.

The architectural style in this city is quite rural, and its people do not seem to be keen on transforming the city’s image into industrialization. Colmar has a friendly people, and its small and large restaurants are great for tasting local and French cuisine. It is interesting to note that Colmar has been named one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and by looking at its pictures, and you will convince about its nickname.

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