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Cairo Egypt travelogue – 8 Top Cairo Tourist attractions

Cairo has many tourist attractions which most of them are historical monuments. Here you will hear the footsteps of pharaohs walking throughout history.

Cairo Tourist attractions

The top tourist attractions of Cairo are as follows:


Cairo museum (Egypt museum)

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, commonly known as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt, is home to a large collection of antiquities from ancient Egypt.

Cairo museum (Egypt museum)

This museum has 120,000 objects. The museum’s Royal Mummy Room, which includes 27 pharaonic mummies, was closed in 1981 by order of President Anwar Sadat. Papyrus, jewelry is full of delicate details and even toys from thousands of years ago.


Khan al khalili marketplace

A tour of Khan al-Khalili Bazaar is one of the most unique shopping experiences in the world. The market, in the style of Middle Eastern markets, is a labyrinth of narrow, winding passages founded in 1400 AD. Where the sound of metalworkers still working and hammering can still be heard.

Khan al khalili marketplace

The main streets are dedicated to selling more tourist products, but the side streets are dedicated to small workshops and shops where you can buy traditional Egyptian products and handicrafts.

From local handicraft textiles to old objects and beautiful metal objects such as lampshades, everything can be found in this market. Cairo’s most famous coffee shop is located in this market.Khan al khalili marketplace

This coffee shop serves the best Arabic coffees and teas and all kinds of hot drinks for sellers, buyers and high speed tourists.


Salahuddin Castle

One of hundreds of castles and historic buildings in Cairo that are several hundred years old.

Salahuddin Castle

Inside the castle, there is the Mohammad Ali Mosque, one of the symbols of Cairo. On the porch of this castle you can also see the beautiful view of the city.


Sultan Hassan Mosque

One of the buildings that beautifully displays Arabic architecture. The entrance to the mosque is in the form of ancient Egyptian temples.

Sultan Hassan Mosque

In the courtyard of this mosque, there is a beautiful pool for ablution. There is also a part of this mosque, the tomb of Sultan Hassan, which is not without grace.


Al-Azhar Park

If you think that Egypt has only desert and desert, you are wrong. There is a park in Cairo that has created a beautiful green view.

Al-Azhar Park

Flower gardens and beautiful trees that can keep you entertained for hours. In addition to entertainment, there are restaurants in the park for food lovers to enjoy. This park is one of the most suitable places in the city for families.


Cairo tower

A beautiful and spectacular tower in Cairo that has the name of the city behind it. it has an interesting architecture, so that the exterior of the building looks like a mat.

The tower is like a beautiful minaret, and above it is the lotus plant, which has been one of the symbols of the pharaonic government! The tower is located in Giza and is 187 meters long.

At the top of the tower there is a revolving restaurant. And a terrace to watch a 360-degree view of Cairo and even the Pyramids of Giza.


Zamalek and Nile river attractions

The island of Gezira on the Nile River hosts the Zamalek neighborhood and most of Cairo’s art boutiques and restaurants.

The neighborhood dates back to the 19th century, and the whole area has a more European atmosphere, from architecture to wide streets lined with Nora trees and old mansions, many of which now host various embassies.

This neighborhood can be called a tourist area that is the best place to eat in excellent and luxurious restaurants. There are many art galleries in this neighborhood that attract the attention of art lovers.

The Art Hall is one of the attractions of the region, which hosts numerous periodicals throughout the year.


Nile river cruise tour

Nile river has flourished many civilizations over the past thousands of years. The river runs through thousands of towns and villages. One of the hobbies that, despite being expensive, is worth the time and money you spend on sightseeing on this river.

Cairo Tourist attractions

There are plenty of cruise ships ready to serve on the Nile River and offer a delicious dinner or lunch. These tours usually last several hours and include programs such as traditional dance and music. Most importantly, a great meal that complements your experience of this type of tour. The Nile River has immense beauty and entertainment.

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