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Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and is located in eastern Argentina. Buenos Aires is also the largest city in Argentina with about 3 million people.

Buenos Aires

Argentina is a beautiful and historic country in South America and is the eighth largest country in the world. Buenos Aires is the capital of this country and due to its beautiful attractions, many tourists travel to this city every year.

The city has even earned the title of Paris in South America, and with its various cafes, it tries to keep its European shape and image alive and preserve this name and title.

buenos aires in map

But before traveling to any part of the world, having enough information about the attractions in that destination, as well as a view of restaurants and hotels and their facilities are among the needs that travelers should have.

Juan Díaz was a Spanish sailor and adventurer who entered the region in the 15th century but was killed by indigenous tribes. Later another Spanish coming for gold entered the area and Europeans officially entered the territory. That is why most of the people here  are descendants of Europeans who entered the country centuries ago.

Buenos Aires

But the most important historical event happened 140 years ago. When the city was out of Buenos Aires and under the command of the federal government. That is why it is called the city of Buenos Aires Autonomous State. The city’s people are often Catholic. But it should be noted that it is the largest Jewish city in Latin America.


Geographical location of Buenos Aires

This city is geographically located on the southeast coast of South America, opposite Sacramento and Uruguay.

Buenos Aires

According to the census conducted in 2010, the population of this city was about 3 million people, and this number must have changed by now.


Buenos Aires Climate

In terms of climate, due to the geographical conditions of Buenos Aires, this city has a subtropical climate and you can see all four seasons in it. The temperature in summer is very hot and humid and the hottest month is January. In winter, the city is accompanied by cold and dry winds.


The cost of living in Buenos Aires

To stay in this city or any other tourist city, you should first pay attention to the fact that you are often out of the hotel during the trip and only return to your place of residence to spend the night, so it is recommended. Choose cheap hotels, but that does not mean you should not choose luxury 5-star hotels.

To make your trip economical, you can even stay in hostels and shared rooms that are very common in this city. Buenos Aires is one of the busiest and most populated ports in the world. It is arguably the economic gateway to Argentina.

Buenos Aires

The city hosts a large number of tourists from all over the world annually. Apart from the tourism reasons for this attraction, geography and weather are also very effective. The city has a subtropical climate and is humid most of the year. It has hot summers and cool winters so you don’t have to buy a few clothes to travel to this 4 seasonal  country.


Best Buenos Aires Restaurants with Delicious Food

Buenos Aires is a real paradise for carnivores. If you want to experience the famous steaks and delicious Argentine cuisine in a great restaurant, this article will be ideal for you.

Argentina is famous for its steaks, and Buenos Aires is no exception: “Parrillas” or open-air steaks are very popular, but you will find more food options in this city. Here are the top 10 restaurants in Buenos Aires for you to try in the Argentine capital, such as steak and other delicacies.


Best Buenos Aires Restaurants

Ovido, one of the Best Buenos Aires Restaurants

Oviedo specializes in seafood and fish, and you can visit it if you want to diversify your Argentine meat dishes.


The ingredients of all the dishes are very fresh and you can usually order classic Spanish dishes such as goat cheese croquettes, Valencian paisley and small squid. The variety of grilled fish in a stylish dining hall will make you have a good dining experience.

La Cabrera

La Cabrera Restaurant is arguably Buenos Aires’ most famous steak house, offering large portions of grilled meat in Paris along with a considerable variety of side dishes. La Cabrera is always crowded and you must book your table in advance.

La Cabrera


La Bourgogne, one of the Best Buenos Aires Restaurants

La Bourgogne Restaurant is a chic restaurant at the Alvear Palace Hotel. The menu here consists of top French dishes and is completed with a list of amazing drinks. Those looking for a cheaper experience can head to the fixed menu, which also includes drinks with each meal.

La Bourgogne


El Obrero

El Obrero is building its reputation as one of the best places in the city for great steaks. Here, with its low prices and good quality, it also attracts many customers.

Best Buenos Aires Restaurants

In addition, there is a range of Italian cuisine on the El Oberro menu that pays homage to the history of the Italian migrant workers who entered the city. For non-natives who visit this restaurant at night, we recommend using a taxi.

NOLA, one of the Best Buenos Aires Restaurants

NOLA offers customers a distinctive sample of New Orleans great cuisine. Chef Liza Puglia recommends classic Creole cuisine combined with Mexican and Argentinean influences to restaurant guests. The fixed menu changes on a monthly basis to always use fresh seasonal ingredients in all foods.




Despite its Peruvian roots, Osaka is one of the best places to try Japanese food in Buenos Aires.

Best Buenos Aires Restaurants

This restaurant specializes in raw fish dishes, fresh sushi and sashimi, as well as Peruvian vegetable soup, which, of course, showcases a contrasting mix of Japanese and South American cuisine in an innovative way. These two cooking styles complement each other well.

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