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Bremen in Germany (Attractions and Tourism, weather)

Bremen is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. This city become a tourist destination with the wealth of beauty within it.

About Bremen in Germany

It has a significant population and is ranked eleventh in the whole of Germany. the city is located in the northern part of Germany. It’s not that much big to wander around, not too much small to be boring. In any case, it is a great place for lucky tourists.


Bremen is one of the most important cultural and economic cities in northern Germany. The people of this city are strong in culture and very economical.

In addition, the city’s short distance from Weser Cape, has made it a commercial communications bridge. That is, most commercial cargo arriving from Weser Cape, must pass through Bremen.


Weather of Germany

This German City’s weather is mostly oceanic during most of the year. In summer, the air temperature is very mild and temperate, and not too cold in winter. The best time to travel here, is spring and summer.

Bremen in Germany

Bremen nights are very pleasant and enchanting, and strolling through the beautiful streets of this city will give you a unique feeling and unique atmosphere.

Bremen Attractions and Tourism

Bremen has many historical and natural attractions. These attractions attract anyone and some of them can be listed as World Heritage Sites.
Given the tourist attractions of Bremen, it is not surprising that a large number of tourists visit the land every year. Most of the year you will see many tourists here.

Here are some of the most important tourist attractions of this German city:

Shepherd and Pig Sculpture in Bremen

One of the most famous sights in Bremen, it attracts every traveler. This may not be the first thing you’ll see in Bremen, but it’s definitely one you will never forget.

Bremen in Germany


Musical Theater

Musical Theater is one of the other landmarks in Bremen.

Musical Theater

This musical theater is part of the artistic heritage of the German city of Bremen and has a special place among artists all over Europe.


Stephanie Bridge in Bremen

This bridge is one of the most visited and spectacular areas in the city and you should definitely visit it. Indeed, we must recognize this bridge as one of the symbols of Bremen.

It is hard to say that there is no tourist who comes to this city and does not visit this famous bridge. Remember to bring your camera or smartphone while visiting the bridge.


Weser River

The Weser River is caused by the intersection of the Vera River with a length of 2 kilometers and the Fulda River with a length of 2 kilometers.

Weser River

Many people do not differentiate between the Weser River and the city of Bremen, and they find the two together.


Bremen Freimarkt

In addition to having an important industrial and commercial center of Bremen, it is also an important cultural center. Key events in the city’s cultural calendar include the well-known framerate. Framarket is a free light fair that gives the city a stunning beauty.

Bremen Freimarkt

This day is bright and colorful and beautiful everywhere. The show was first held in 1035. The show has been on and off for many years due to the welcoming of locals and travelers. The show has been on and off for many years due to the welcoming of locals and travelers.


Techno Parade Music Festival in Bremen

Other highlights of the city of Bremen include the Techno Parade Music Festival. The parade uses vehicles equipped with powerful speakers and music amplifiers along with electronic dance. In some cases it is like a parade of different carnivals.
But vehicles are usually less decorated, and the only thing that matters in this street show is the variety of fun music. This festival is incredibly happy and it can be very exciting and engaging.

Techno Parade Music Festival

The people of Bremen are very fond of music and art, and they hold the festival with a special thrill. In general, these carnivals are for dance and fun. An absolutely lovely environment full of dancing and joy that you must experience.


Roland statue

One of the must-see attractions of Bremen’s pride is the Roland statue. This magnificent statue was built in 1404. The Roland statue is located in the center of Bremen Market in front of the Cathedral. That is, it is exactly where it should be and takes its greatest glory.

This Paladin statue depicts the first Holy Roman emperor and hero of the Battle of Roncuyux. The statue symbolizes the city’s protectorate. Seeing the statue, you can hear the knights’ footsteps again and imagine yourself centuries ago.

Roland statue

The statue has 5.47 meters height and stands on a 60 cm platform. Nearby you will find a row of beautiful houses that are somehow spectacular and will attract you. After all, some local markets are a little further away.


Bremen Town Hall

You should never miss seeing this hall. Bremen Town Hall is one of the most important examples of Gothic brick architecture in Europe.

If you love architecture, there are new ideas in the hall that you should use in your art and work. To the right of the hall are the Bremen Cathedral and the modern parliament building. The building is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites registered in Germany.

Bremen Town Hall

Other things to see include Bremen Musicians, Town Hall, Roland Statue, St Peters Cathedral, Schnoor Neighborhood, Cotton Exchange and Bremen Pit, as well as other sights to see why The city is on the list of top European cities to visit in 2017.



In this city, people pay great attention to cooking and indeed the art of cooking. You will taste all kinds of delicious food in Bremen restaurants. Especially the pastry is thriving among the people of the city and you will find unique pastries here.

Narrow flowered alleys and steep roofs form the architectural style of the city’s residential texture. Walking through these alleys and breathing the fresh air of the city, you will experience something amazing.


It is one of the best cities in Europe and it will be cheaper to travel than other German cities.

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