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Bologna in Italy (history, weather, tourism and …)

bologna italy

Bologna is a city in north of Italy. This city has the oldest university in the world. Bologna has been an urban area for centuries. This is the seventh most populated city in Italy. Bologna is famous for its history. Walking through the old buildings and breath the artistic atmosphere can be an incredible experience for every tourist who comes to Bologna.


History of Bologna

The first settlements in this region were seen in 1000 BC. The city was named Bononia after it was occupied by Romans. After Romans, the city has been dominated by Byzantin empire for a ling time. Bologna was under the rules of Germans for a while.

Up to 17th century Bologna was one of the most important centers of trade in the world. In 17th century this city confronted with a huge decline in economy and the center of the trade in Europe has been shifted to cities that were close to Atlantic. At that time, Bologna lost one third of its population during the Italian plague. That happened because the church had bad attitude toward people. The most important university in world lost most of its students and the silk trade, which was the most important business in Bologna, fell in danger. In the middle of 17th century some reforms have been done in order to stop the sever decline in population and economy. But these reforms were unsuccessful.

The process of decline has been continued up to second half of 18th century. In 1796 Napoleon entered Bologna, but he had a short domination on this city. In 1815 Bologna fell under the Pop’s government again and hard times continued for people who lived in this city. At that time the rate of unemployment was so high and many people lived in poverty. This caused the revolution in 1848, but the revolution was crashed by Pop’s forces again. Finally, the second war of Italian independence helped the city to be free from Pop’s striking rules.

World war II has affected Bologna extensively. This city was a strategic spot for Allied forces. It was an industrial hub and had and extensive rail network, so it was so important for the forces in the war. During the war, the city has been destroyed by the bombards. It caused a huge destruction on the historic parts of the city.



the city is located in northern Italy. It has subtropical and humid weather. The main rainfall happens in the spring and autumn.


Modern life in Bologna

Up to 19th century, there hasn’t been much construction in the city. So, it keeps its historical buildings. At that time, Bologna had one of the most artistic and historical scenes in Europe, unlike the huge destruction during the world war. Bologna developed during the Etruscan and Roman colony. The streets were pedestrianized and signs of urban life in Bologna has been disappeared at that era.



Bologna is a Metropolitan city. Its GDP was around 35 billion euros in 2017. The major part of the economy related to industrial activities. These activities are modern agriculture, zoo technical products, energy, machinery, and many other activities.

Furthermore, Bologna is famous for its packaging industry. The specialized machinery in this industry is so amazing. This city is also known for developed cooperatives between the farmers and workers who had huge struggles in 1800s.


Transportation in Bologna

Bologna has one of the busiest airports in Italy with around 8 million passengers a year. As it was mentioned before, the city has strategic location and its rail network is so extensive and useful. Each year, around 58 million passengers are transferred by this rail network. Bologna has also an expanded public transportation including buses, commuter trains, and trolley buses.


Cuisine in Bologna

Italians have had a great tastes and cooking style for a long time. Bolognese sauce is worldly famous and every day, it is cooked in many restaurants around the world. This sauce is served with pasta and it consists of meat, vegetable and some special spice. The cuisine is heavily affected by the location of the city near a rich valley. Meat and cheese are two major items in Bolognese cooking.


Tourist attractions in Bologna

Bologna with its all masterpieces, is so desiring for every tourist who comes to Italy. Different kinds of architectural styles are seen in Bologna, from medieval to renaissance.  Here we introduce some of these attractions to you.


Piazza Maggiore and Piazza del Nettuno

These two places are located in the heart of Bologna. This masterpiece was constructed in 16th century. These days, this monument and fountain is one of the most visited places in Italy which has been full of the voices and laughter every day.


Bologna is so short


It’s also favorable for walking tours, because the distance between Piazza Maggiore and Piazza del Nettuno and other important and historical places in Bologna is so short.


San Petronio (Basilica of St. Petronius)

The constructing of the building was started in 1390. It was supposed to be bigger than any other buildings in Italy, but this wish never came true. Furthermore, some parts remained incomplete. Some predicted designs for the church are kept in the museum at the back of the main building.


bologna italy


Portico di San Luca

Under the portici, there is a place for people to take a rest and protect themselves from the sun. it is also a good location for vendors to sell lots of different things. It has also historical importance. The place was built in 11th century. In 13th century some extra arcades were added to the main structure.




Archaeological museum

Because of the great historical importance of the city, visiting this museum is a must for everyone who visits Bologna. There is an amazing collection of pre historic things gathered from Bologna and its suburbs. There are also some collections from other countries such as Egypt and Greece here.




Oratory of Battuti

This place is located at the top of the church. There is a wealthy and rich collection of monuments, paintings, figures, and Baroque paintings here. There are also fifteen terracotta statues here which have been made in 16th century. The small room has also a great acoustics system, so, it is a great place to hold the musical programs.


Oratory of Battuti


How to have the most pleasure of Bologna

The first activity you should do in Bologna as a tourist is walking tour. It’s so common in this city, because lots of tourist attractions are placed in the heart of the city. The historical parts are concentrated in Bologna center.

Bicycle tour in Bologna is something that is usual in the historic parts. Visitors can enjoy watching different places on two-wheel vehicle. This can even more enjoyable than the walking tour. It’s fun and watching the rich history together. That makes it amazing for the tourists.

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