Best sights of Rize in Turkey (Tourist Attractions)

One of Turkey’s most beautiful coastal cities is Rize. This city is located in the eastern part of the Black Sea. It is interesting to know that Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan was also born in this city. Follow us to fine the Best sights of Rize here.

Best sights of Rize

As well as several other Turkish politicians have come from this town, it seems we should consider Rize as the hometown of Turkish politics men.

Best sights of Rize

Located on the outskirts of the Black Sea, it can be extremely attractive to tourists and make traveling to the city more enjoyable.

In this city, everything seems to be at its peak, a mountain with a cool and pleasant climate, lush and unique nature, warm and kind people who are always happy and lively.

Best sights of Rize

Most people in the city are cultivating tea in the tea fields. They have sent this tea to other Turkish cities and are also involved in tea exports.
Another part of the Rize population is fishing in the Black Sea. Of course their incomes from fishing are good enough.

Firtina River, one of the Best sights of Rize

There are many rivers in this city and undoubtedly the river Firtina is one of the most beautiful rivers in the city.

This 2km river is a marvel of nature because it is composed of different rivers and on its way crosses attractive landscapes such as tea grounds and is suitable for exciting water sports.

Best sights of Rize

Many adventurers go to the river in summer and spring for boating and hiking. A river in the lush and pleasant valley of the climate, you will see a beautiful and historic bridge dating back to the early Ottoman period.

The storm valley

The Storm Valley, also known as the Fertina Valley, is home to one of the world’s hundred bird sanctuaries with unique landscapes and historic bridges.

The storm valley

There are plenty of waterfalls here you can spend hours playing. Numerous restaurants with indigenous cuisine also make tourists feel at ease.

Kachkar Mountain, one of the Best sights of Rize

Kachkar Mountain lies on the Black Sea east of Turkey. The highest peak of this mountain range is 3937 meters hight and the average height of the mountain range is about 3000 meters. Kachkar Mountain, with numerous lakes and steep rock cliffs, was designated as National Park in 1994.

Some of the animals species found in Kachkar, include goats, sea other, Lynx and wild cats. Hiking, camping and … are among the tourist activities in the area.

Kachkar Mountain, Best sights of Rize

Here you will find unique greenery. The houses are built on the slope of the foothills and their colorful roofs are visible from afar.
If you look at the mountain itself, the dense trees will glow in the form of green tones. The clouds are close to the ground at this point on the Black Sea, and most of the year the weather is foggy and very humid. If you look at the vegetation in the area, you will find a variety of mountain flowers and some rare medicinal plants.


Kachkar Mountain National Park

Kachkar Mountain National Park was established in year 1994. In addition to enjoying the natural scenery, in this national park you can climb the hills around the mountain lakes and experience excitement like snowboarding, sailing or skiing in vertical snow covered areas.

Kachkar Mountain National Park

In addition, camping is very common here and you will always find families that are drawn to nature. If you are not interested in spending time in the tent, you will have a more attractive option. You can also rent rural cabins with warm and cozy atmosphere.


Ayder, one of the Best sights of Rize

Aydar is a rural area in Rize, which the people of the region call the Turkish Alps. Here the trees are thick and dark green, and the waterfalls will never be watered down. Ayder has spectacular views and is one of the top spots of Rize tourism.


When winter arrives, the color of Ayder changes abruptly and becomes a unique ski resort. At this time of year, winter sports enthusiasts are flocking to the area.

Ayder is lined with lush hills with wooden houses. People are skilled pastry chefs and you should taste their pastries.

Around Ayder is a historical and fascinating castlr called Zikale. Zikale castle dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries and its height reaches 1130 meters.


Tea of Rize

Tea of Rize is well-known and can be said to be popular throughout Turkey. Tourist who come to the city, usually buy and carry Tea of Rize as souvenirs.

what more you know about this city, which we may miss to collect here?

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