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12 tourist attractions of Alberta Canada

Alberta is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. Its two national parks are one of the oldest in the world and form part of the Alberta natural attractions.

Despite its rugged and beautiful geography, it has a high tourism capacity. In fact, at any time of the year and every season, Alberta is a perfect destination for all holidays. There are some great things outside of your residence in the province that are special all year round.

The beautiful nature of the province decorates the seasons well. Winter with snow, frozen lakes and ice skating, and in summer you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy nature and picnic with friends.

All in all, Alberta is an incredible province, a beautiful destination for great vacation experiences and truly one of Canada’s most amazing provinces. Now, the question is, where should we visit when traveling to this province?

Tourist attractions of Alberta

Alberta’s tourist attractions are as follows:

Medicine Lake

Medicine Lake is located in National Park and is often described as a collapsing lake with holes in the bottom. The floor cavities of this lake are actually one of its special features. It’s a perception of ruggedness and it’s very appealing.

Alberta Canada

The lake, one of the natural attractions of the province of Alberta, has two distinct characteristics, such that the lake appears to be filled with more rainwater than its capacity and is very deep and unlimited. It is also that it disappears through an underground system.


Banff National Park

Founded in 1885, Banff is one of the most beautiful national parks in the world and one of the natural attractions of the province of Alberta. It is Canada’s oldest national park and is located on the rugged peaks of Canada. With beautiful trails, lakes, forests and mountains this beautiful forest is a destination for nature lovers.

Alberta Canada

Basically, if you’re looking for a beautiful photo of Canada in Google, not just from Alberta, Banff National Park is definitely one of the search results in the first page.


Waterton Lakes National Park

The precious stones at the top of the park, the sparkling coconut lake and the hilltop castle look fantastic.

Waterton Lakes National Park

Although Banff and Jasper are often more popular, it seems that Waterton is forgotten by people, so if you’re looking to escape the crowds, Waterton is the place you must choose to visit it.


Jasper National Park

The amazing beauties of Jasper National Park in Alberta are complemented by dog sledding in Jasper and ice hockey in Edmonton. For many lovers of Jasper National Park, this nature is stunning and is a great place to visit. If you are looking for nature’s beauties, be sure to head to Jasper National Park.

Jasper National Park

Here you will find deep valleys running back and forth. Likewise, high and low waterfalls can be seen everywhere. Dark green forests and frozen white peaks are wonderful. It should be said that Jasper National Park is a vast field of labyrinthine nature with no end in sight.


Columbia Icefield

Columbia Ice is part of the Ice Park between Banff and Jasper. This huge iceberg is how vast that can covers an area like Vancouver’s all.


It is said to be the remnants of the last Ice Age and a large plateau (the largest piece of ice) that covers the feeding of eight glaciers.


Lake Louise

Lake Louise, with its extraordinarily beautiful hiking trails, offers one of the most beautiful tourist opportunities in Canada. The trails in this area with their screws bring something magical to your eyes. You can stop at the steep slopes of the way and look at the surrounding landscape.

Alberta in canada

Not very popular in previous years, but it has gradually become one of Alberta’s best and most attractive tourist destinations. Interesting and amazing scenery of Alberta’s beautiful nature surrounds the river. This beautiful river freezes in winter and is covered with a thick layer of snow and creates a wonderful and unique view for tourists. It should be noted that the Lewis River ski resort is one of Canada’s most famous and popular ski resorts.



Here’s one of Alberta’s oldest parts, which can be mysterious. There are many myths in the area that you will find fascinating to hear. The Red Deer Valley is where the meadows spread out behind one another.

The strange rocks and clouds that wander close to the ground have created an amazing picture here.



Lethbridge, located in the heart of Alberta’s Big Farm, is an old coal mining town and a good base for discovering the Oldman River Valley.

The golden meadows of the area promise the prospect of a kangaroo at any given moment, and it’s no wonder that there are cute rabbits that cheerfully skip away.


Lake Minnewanka

This lake is an ideal area full of activities located in the heart of Banff National Park. Lake Minnewanka is a great place for swimming, fishing, sailing and cruising.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology

At the Museum of Biology in the area, you can see amazing fossils of dinosaurs. These fossils are accompanied by complete descriptions.

This way you can get great information about dinosaur life, species, nutrition, life span and extinction, and so on. In addition, there are statues of dinosaurs of their real sizes that look amazing and exciting to visit. Especially visiting this section is great for children.

Moraine Lake

Louise Village is one of Alberta’s most spectacular villages, with its wonderful climate and vibrant nature, fascinating to any visitor.

In this village, you can visit Moraine Lake, which is 14 km from the center of the village. Next to the lake, you will find a fabulous hiking trail that would be perfect for cycling. As you walk along this path, the beautiful and eye-catching scenery around looks like a postcard.


West Edmonton Mall

The magnificent West Edmonton complex, in addition to its colorful shops, boasts an exciting water park, spectacular aquariums, live performances, theaters, shows and concerts. The complex has a variety of restaurants, which is a pleasant place for tourists.


In Alberta you will find endless nature amassed with colorful buildings and amusement centers. The people of Alberta are happy and lively and they respect the tourists a lot. Undoubtedly, Alberta is one of Canada’s most spectacular spots. If you are looking for a spectacular province in Canada, Alberta will be one of your options.

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