Agadir sights in Morocco (Top 6 Tourist Attractions)

Agadir is a coastal city in Morocco that you should visit. The meaning of Agadir in Arabic is grain store. Agadir is the capital of  Sous Massa, one of the southern province of Morocco.

The city has over two millions population and the most are from Berber race. This city was founded by the Portuguese in 1500 AD. Read about Agadir sights here.

Agadir sights

 It has a sad history, but today it is beautiful and spectacular. The city was completely destroyed during the earthquake of 1960.

Much of the city was destroyed and what was left was really unfortunate. But the Italian architecture, Coco Politzia rebuilt the city and created something magnificent. Although Agadir was rebuilt and its street and alleys prospered, the memory of 1960 earthquake and its dead remains forever in the city’s mind and history.

The main neighborhoods of the city include: Secteur Touristique, Nouveau Talborjt, Dakhla, L’Erac, Quartier Residentiel, Quartier Residentiel, Cité Suisse, Anza, Quartier Industriel, etc.

The beach, one of the best Agadir sights

As we said, Agadir is a seaside town and this makes it one of the most important recreational centers on the coast. Every year, many tourists from all over the world, especially Europe, visit the city with joy of Agadir Beach. Recently, the construction of a seaside promenade in the city has made the area a good destination for rafting.

The beach
On the beachfront, there are hotels and a range of amenities including a large number of cafés and restaurants, as well as rentable shades and mattresses.

Citadel of Agadir

The citadel of Agadir is the oldest in the city on a hill, a collection of castles built in 1541. Its long walls are side by side and you see scattered grasses around the ground. The area is barren and dry.

Of course, many of these castles have been destroyed and now their remains can be seen. Fortunately, part of this citadel has survived the earthquake and can still be seen part of its history.

There are two main reasons for visiting this area, firstly, that the structure is a wonderful example of ancient Arab architecture and secondly, the landscape you can see from this area is unique and very spectacular.

Traditional bathrooms, one of the best Agadir sights

You may have seen similar baths in Turkey before, but believe me, traditional Agadir baths have another appeal. These baths are rooted in the spirit of the city’s culture and are in keeping with the essence of civilization.

Traditional bathrooms, Agadir sights
All the tourists who travel to Morocco and Agadir have heard about these baths and are definitely taking the time to visit them. Bathing in the traditional baths of Agadir, is a unique experience and is linking ancient history and civilization to the present day.

The bathrooms are spacious and have a historic construction. The water ponds in these baths are filled with jasmine perfume, and the scent fills the aroma. Agadir also has many traditional baths, among them Argan Palace is one of the most famous and luxurious.

Traditional Markets or Souk Al Ahad

Traditional markets or Souk Al Ahad are thriving in this city. Especially Sunday markets are incredibly attractive and you will enjoy them tremendously.Traditional Markets or Souk Al Ahad, Agadir sights

In these markets, everything you can imagine is sold and area is always busy. You see people shopping in different pavilions, and even if you haven’t been to shopping before, the vibrant atmosphere of the bazar, make you shopping.

Here is one of the best places to buy souvenirs because prices are much cheaper and there is a high variety of goods. Remember to buy Moroccan spices in this traditional market. These spices have a special spicy taste and you should definitely try them.

Agadir sights :  Memorial Museum

As we said in 1960, a major earthquake struck the city and destroyed much of it. The Memoire d’Agadir Memorial Museum is a small, beautiful museum located a few streets away from the beach, in a quiet garden full of palm trees.

Agadir Memorial Museum

The museum is related to the history of the city, where you will find narratives from various times of Agadir. In various parts of the museum, you will find photos and pages of old newspapers.

Each of these images or newspapers is in fact documents of Agadir’s history and civilization. Of course, most of the museum’s focus is on earthquake events and bitterly narrates the events surrounding it.

Sous Massa National Park, one of the best Agadir sights

Sous Massa is located south of Agadir. Launched in 1991, the National Park is incredibly beautiful. The Moroccan structure of the park is quite visible and you can see the Arabian style of tree planting in different areas.

Sous Massa National Park, Agadir sights

The area of Sous Massa National Park reaches 33000 hectares. You will find sandy grounds in this park and there are various wetlands in some of them. One of the main sights of the park is the Oued Massa River, where various species of birds can be seen around.


Other tourist attractions of Agadir

Other tourist attractions of Agadir are Birds Valley, Medina, Oufella and etc. Don’t forget the nightlife in this city. In the city’s main squares, street vendors and young people are busy until the late hours.

In the northern part of the city, there is a river called Sue, which runs south to Casablanca. The river makes its way to the ocean and eventually flows there. One of the most important economic activities in Agadir is fishing and of course exporting.

This city is by the ocean and it is not surprising that most of its people are engaged in maritime activities. But another part of the population is also involved in the export of metals, and this source of income is good for themselves and Morocco. Agadir’s most important exports include cobalt, zinc, citrus and manganese.

The street are wide and the buildings are modern. In different parts of the city, you will find luxury hotels, restaurants and cafes which have completely European style. Not surprising, of course, because the builder of the city was an Italian.

Ultimately Agadir is a vibrant city where you will experience the spirit of life and modernity as you step into it.

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