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Krakow Poland (full information about city)

Krakow Poland

Krakow is the second important city in Poland after the capital city Warsaw. From a cultural point, Krakow is one of the significant cultural bases in Europe. This city is an old and historical city which has experienced lots of things during the years.

Krakow poland


A brief history of Krakow Poland

Krakow is one of the oldest city in Poland. The evidence shows that people have lived in this city since 2000 B.C.  This city was established in the 7th century. This city has always been one of the most notable cities in Poland since the 7th century. There have been many qualified educational centers in Krakow since that time. the city was the capital city of Poland from 1038 to 1569.

During world war II, Krakow was occupied by Third Reich’s army. Nazis tried to change Krakow to a German city, so they deported many Jews from this city. Many Jews were also prisoned or killed in this process. In 1945, Krakow was liberated by Soviet Union army. This was under the rules of the Soviet Union up to 1989. In 1978, Krakow has been located in UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. This city has the most visitors to compare with other regions in Poland. Fortunately, Krakow wasn’t suffered from the huge destructions during world war II. So, you can see many historical buildings and architecture from the past.



Krakow is the most important tourist destination in Poland. The tourism industry supports many local and small businesses in Poland and especially in this city. Furthermore, education is so important for people in Krakow and because of this, there have been many famous and well-known universities here from the past to the present. Technology has grown in Krakow in recent years. Unemployment is 5 percent in this city, less than the other parts of Poland. Because of this economic growth, the interests of investing has been increased in comparison with other parts of the country.


The climate in Krakow Poland

Krakow is a four-season city. It has a warm summer, but sometimes the weather is hot and humid in this season. In winter the weather is mild and cloudy most of the time, but sometimes it gets so cold. Air pollution is an important issue in winter.


Public transportation

There is expanded public transportation in Krakow. In this paragraph, this transportation system is introduced briefly. Trains, underground, and buses are the most important and useful public transportation in Krakow. Bicycle network is also extensive in Krakow. It covers many parts of the city and people can easily reach a different place by it.



Tourist attractions in Krakow

Krakow is extremely amazing. There are so many incredible sights in this city. Many people wish to visit all the beauties of eastern Europe in Krakow. the city deserves to be placed in every tourist’s list. Prices are more reasonable in comparison with other parts in Eastern Europe, this is so favorable for the tourists. Many of the tourist attractions are located in the old town of Krakow. This town has been a part of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE since 1978.


Krakow poland tourism


Cuisine and eating in Krakow

In this city, people have a large breakfast and a large dinner around the afternoon. They also have a light supper, but they don’t have lunch at all.
Cuisine in this city has been affected by central Europe’s cooking style which is called the Austro-Hungarian empire. To have various kinds of drinks, Krakow is a perfect place. There are dozens of pubs, bars, and street cafés in Krakow that attract many tourists every day.


Rynek Glowny

Rynek Glowny is also the main market square in Krakow. Undoubtedly, this market is one of its largest type in Europe. The architecture of this place is medieval and it was constructed in the 13th century. Rynek Glowny was one of the most important places for business in this city. Today, it is full of cafés, restaurants, tourist attractions, and vendors. One of the attractions of this old market is countless pigeons. There are also many carriages to transfer the tourists between different places with the old style. This market is one of the biggest of its type in Europe. It has been located in the old town of Krakow.


The Cloth Hall

This hall is located in the center of the main market square in this city. The Cloth Hall is a perfect place for buying a souvenir.


Kosciol Mariacki

This place is also named St. Mary Basilica. It is a religious building which stays at the top of all tourist attractions in Krakow. There are so many activities that you can do here. To enter this place, you should pay some money. The architecture is quiet eye-catching and valuable. To take photos extra money should be paid. There are 239 steps to reach the top. It is worth to spend a great time here.


Florianska street

One of the greatest places in the city is Florianska street. This street ends at the main market square. It has lots of amazing shops, convenience shops, and boutiques.


Florian’s gate and the Defence trail

This gate is located in the northern part of Florianska street. There is also an ancient medieval wall beside this gate which is called Defence trail. From the top of the wall, you can see an amazing view. The fee you should pay to visit this place is quiet cheap.



Barbican is a round fort outside the old city of Krakow. It’s amazing because of its striking architecture. Its architecture has a medieval style.


Wawel Cathedral and castle grounds

If you visit this place, you can find many incredible historic buildings, an old cathedral, and some iconic gardens. These grounds are very good to enjoy and take the rest. To visit here peacefully, it is better to come early in the morning. The castle opens at 6 o’clock.

The architecture of Wawel cathedral is like Westminster Abbey neighborhood in London, so tourists call it Poland’s Westminster Abbey. To visit the main building of the cathedral you don’t have to pay money. If you wish to visit some special parts you have to buy tickets.  There is also a Wawel museum in this spot. There are different historical items that you can see, enjoy, and learn.


Schindler’s list passage

If you have seen the movie Schindler’s list, it’s very good to visit this place in the city of Krakow. It seems that this spot has been neglected for many years, but it is worth visiting if you come to the city as a tourist.

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