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Ghent, Belgium – everything about chity

City of Ghent, Belgium

Why should we visit Ghent Belgium?

Ghent is a beautiful city in the heart of Belgium. Although the city is not so famous around the world, but it has lots of attractions. Visiting Ghent is a must for every tourist who is interested in discovering the beauties of the world. Unlike this city is so small, you can find different tourist attractions here. To visit this city completely you need more time than a short weekend. So plan to have a fairly long visit to Ghent and keep lots of memories in your mind.

the city is the second biggest city in East of Belgium and it has one of the biggest municipality in this country. This shows the importance of this city in Belgium. the city is famous because of the qualified universities. This city is also an important port in northern Europe. In 13th century, Ghent was one of the biggest and most populated cities in Europe.


That’s because the city has a rich history and there are lots of precious and ancient places here. Two important rivers, Scheldt and Leie, are in the city. In the beginning of 2019, Ghent population was around 265,000. It means Ghent is the fourth city in Belgium based on its population.


Ghent geographical location

this city is not too far from capital city of Belgium, Brussels. So, this city is a tourist attraction for many people who come to Brussels every year.


Public transportation in Ghent

this city of Belgium has an extensive public transportation system. This system is also diversified. Each person can use the suitable kind of public transportation system. Ghent is a port, so there is an expanded water network in this city.

There are also other ways of transporting such as rails and roads. The transportation system is highly developed.
One of the largest designated cycling area in Europe has been located in Ghent. There are 700 roads for bikes to go against the cars. The cycling road in Ghent is around 400 km long.




The history of City

Living near the rivers of Scheldt and Leie dates back to stone age and iron age. This shows that settlement in this region has a long history. The name of city comes from the old name Ganda which meant confluence. This word means a place that two rivers join together.

the city was suffered from two huge destruction during the world war I & II. This city was occupied by the Germans those days.


Festivals in Ghent

Ghent is also famous for well-known festivals. Many cultural and artistic festivals have been hold in Ghent every year. These events attract many tourists from all parts of the world to Ghent.


Climate and weather in Ghent

Temperature in this city is something between high and low. There is adequate rain fall every year in Ghent. this city is a port, so it has marine climate. The weather is totally mild. It’s a bit cold in winter.



Because of the good weather, there are many parks and green places in this city. There’s also a natural wild life reserve in Ghent. Its area is about 230 Hectares. A recreational area near this natural reserve, makes this place to a perfect area to have fun and relaxation.





There is a vast range of religious population in this city. There are large numbers of Atheists and Antagonists. There are also groups of Muslims, Buddhists and Eastern Orthodox in Ghent. Only 14 percent of city population is Muslim.


Night life in Ghent

One of the interesting things about this city, is its night life. There is a light plan in city which has been designed in 1998. This system has been designed in order not to waste energy. This system changes Ghent to a magical landscape contains amazing light and shadow together.

City of Ghent, Belgium

Having fun, walking on the street, riding boat through the city and many other activities in the evening seem so exciting.


Tourist attractions that everyone should visit in Ghent

Castle of Counts

This castle has been located in the heart of the city since 12th century. This was belonged to Count Filip, one of the rich people at that time. In 19th century, some historical records were approached in the castle.

The inside atmosphere of this fortress is so gloomy and dark. This castle is so incredible. Every person who comes to Ghent should visit Castle of Counts.


St. Bavo’s Cathedral

This old building is known as a religious art museum in Ghent. If you’re interested in history, you may enjoy visiting this amazing cathedral. St. Bavo’s cathedral has Gothic architecture. There are many art masterpieces from medieval era in the church.


House of Alijn

This building is a museum which gives visitors some information about people’s daily lives and custom in Ghent. It may look usual but that’s probably interesting for everyone.


City Pavilion

This city is one of the most amazing places in this city in which the modern architecture has been combined by the historical buildings. These buildings are made of wood or concrete and make incredible scenes to people’s eyes.


Kouter Flower Market

This market is a nice place to walk on Sundays. Gardening is a tradition in Ghent which dated back to centuries ago. A music band plays music with the 19th century style and champagne and oyster is sold in the corner of this flower market.


Entertainments in city

As it was mentioned, Ghent has a rich history. Furthermore, you can find lots of exciting activities to be amused here. One of the most important entertainment in this city, because of its geographical location, is water sports. Sailing, cruises, and water tours are done in different time of the year, especially in spring and summer.

Visitors can also enjoy the sunrise through the old and modern structure near the sea. Boats cross the river and pass the high and medieval buildings near the river.


Where to stay in city

There are various ranges of places from luxurious hotels to cheap hostels in Ghent that you can find according to your budget. It helps you to enjoy your trip very well.
In this article the city of Ghent has been introduced to people who wish to discover the attractions all over the world.

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